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Live Chat and Ticketing System

Live Chat and Ticketing System Module

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Prestashop live chat and ticketing system (helpdesk) module that allows you to chat with 1000+ customers at the same time and provides convenient customer support channels to communicate with your customers easily and boost your sales.

What this product does for you


Customer relations Improve customer relations

An innovative 2-in-1online chat and helpdesk module for Prestashop which can significantly improve your customer support service. Live Chat and Ticketing System not only brings the greatest chatting experience for every user but also helps you gather and manage the support tickets sent by your customers.

This module works smoothly on any devices, only require minimum service resource but still provides all necessary features you expect from a chat and helpdesk module. It deserves to be one of the most excellent support and online chat modules for Prestashop!

What makes Live Chat and Ticketing System different?
  • 2-in-1 customer support service module for Prestashop: offers both live chat and ticketing system.
  • User-driven interface, smooth chat on mobile devices
  • Excellent performance, allow you to chat with 1000+ customers stably at the same time with minimum server resource
  • Highest security layer implemented
  • Easily manage your online store departments and staffs. The supporter can transfer their support conversation to related departments and decline the waiting time of customers
  • Huge number of exclusive features such as: visual interface editor, multi online statuses (online, offline, busy, invisible), social login, chat history, Chatbot (auto-reply), sound and email notification, display message sending status (Sent, Delivered, Seen, Writing), custom chat fields, rate support, chat history (for both customer and shop operator), emotion icons and many more!
  • Multi-shop supported
  • And finally “Pay once but use forever!” Protect your customer privacy. No monthly fee (or annual fee) required

Let’s discover all the features in details
1. 2-in-1 Prestashop live chat and helpdesk module

The live chat feature allows you to directly chatting with your customers on your website and encourages them to buy your products. It’s quick, convenient and customers love it because it’s faster than any other digital service channel.
On the other hand, ticketing feature (support ticket system) enables customers to contact you through tickets even if your chat is not available. Our Prestashop chat and helpdesk module can allow a customer to select the department to send ticket, which will help them get quick, accurate and helpful answers in a short amount of time.

2. User-driven interface
This online chat and helpdesk module interface is specially designed to make it looks attractive to customers and staffs with great frontend and backend interface.

Front-end design:
  • Our chat and ticketing system module provides beautiful frontend chat box which can be fully customized from backend with color picker and custom text. Customers can maximize/minimize, hide/show or close frontend chat box.
  • Chat box is carefully optimized for mobile devices. It brings the greatest experience to customers when they chat with you on your website with a smartphone or a tablet on their hand.
  • You can create unlimited number of ticket forms, customize form fields to gather the necessary information from your customers. All ticket forms have clean design and your customers will only need a few moments to fill and send their support ticket.

Back-end design:
  • Backend provides side conversation list and multi chat boxes that can appear on any page in backend helps you easily chat with many customers at the same time while still doing your other work with backend. 
  • All useful features (such as block a chat, end chat, free GEOlocation service, delete chat, turn on captcha protection, view user info, hide/show chat…) are integrated directly on chat boxes, allows operator easily control the chat with any customer when chatting with them.

3. Excellent performance

Live Chat and Ticketing Systemis smartly programmed to reduce the use of server resource as well as client web browser memory as much as we can. The idea of this is to focus on the most active chats first! Or give active chats most resource and fast communication speed (Active chats are chat sessions that are both customer and operator are active) and try to turn off in-active chats or give in-active chats less treatment (lower chat speed). This great idea helps this module becomes a Prestashop online chat module with the best performance. We have tested and it’s ensured that you can chat with 1000+ customers at the same time with minimum server resource!

4. Security layers

You often get spam with other live chat modules, right? Forget spam now with Live Chat and Ticketing System!
This module is implemented with multi-security layers which help you enable different security levels for your chat to get rid of spam and attackers. It’s programmed to automatically filter spam messages or fake chat sessions trying to create by web auto-fill robots.
Our online chat and helpdesk module also provides captcha protection layer which can be enabled in specific situations (can be set by operator) to avoid spam messages. Captcha can also be automatically enabled if the system detects spam actions from customers.

5. Premium exclusive features
  • Visual interface editor: This feature helps you easily design your frontend chat box for each online status, you can quickly customize the chat box to suit your website (change colors, text, chat box size…). You can see the changes in real-time from module backend without having to go to frontend. 
  • Online statuses: This module supports 4 online statuses (online, busy, invisible, offline), this is a unique feature that you can only find in our Prestashop chat module, this allows you to decide your status that customer will see on the frontend (like what is offered on common chat platforms such as Yahoo, Skype, Facebook…) 
  • Message delivery status: This great feature allows both operator and customer see delivery status of their message (Sent, Delivered, Seen, and Writing), this makes conversation more interactive and keeps customer continues the chat. 
  • Support ticket system: With our module, you can quickly create help desk tickets for IT, support and other departments of your business. For each ticket, you can set up its status, SEO options, notification email and priority level. You can also include related departments to help solve a ticket. Our Prestashop chat and helpdesk module will power up your customer support service! 
  • Department and staff management: Live Chat and Ticketing System helps you easily add and manage the staffs and departments. You can allow supporters to transfer their conversation to another staff/department and enable supporters to see past messages from customer. 
  • Social login: your customers can easily start a chat session with the social login feature. Our live chat and helpdesk module for Prestashop is now supporting the most popular social networks: Facebook, Google and Twitter login. 
  • Chat history: All your chat conversations are stored in this module. It allows your staffs to review answers and discover where your support needs improvement. The chat history is enabled on both front office and back office.  
  • Chatbot (Auto-reply) and pre-made messages: Are you tired of replying to customer with the same messages in the same situations? With Chatbot feature, you set up a set of answers which will be automatically replied to the customer in a pre-defined order. Pre-made messages help you quickly reply to the same questions in one click without having to retype the answers. 
  • Rate support chat and ticket: Customer can rate operator for their support chat and ticket in 5 levels (terrible, acceptable, fairly good, good, and excellent). This feature is useful for operator (or manager) to collect customer feedback and improve their service.

6. Detailed statistic chart

Besides the traffic statistic charts on dashboard, our live chat and helpdesk module also offers to you a separate chat statistic diagram. You can keep track of the number of support conversations on a specific time range and the ratio between received and replied messages.    

7. Multi-shop support

Online chat support is necessary for any e-commerce website, it’s also more important to big e-commerce websites which are enabled with multi-shop feature (an excellent feature offered by Prestashop open source software). We understand this important need, so we make this module fully compatible with Prestashop multi-shop mode.

8. “Pay once but use forever!”

Our module is one-time fee module, it’s installed on your server as a standard Prestashop module and gives you full control of your customer discussions as well as protect your customer information and your important discussions with customers from being known by a third party.


1. Chat features

  • Visual chat box editor
  • Custom color (color picker)
  • Custom text and button label
  • Mood text
  • Shop logo, customer avatar, operator avatar
  • Custom chat box width
  • Custom online statuses: Online, busy, invisible, offline
  • Message delivery status: Sent, Delivered, Seen, Writing
  • Custom chat box fields
  • Chatbot (auto-reply)
  • Pre-made messages
  • Display restrictions: restrict chat box to appear on specific page, specific customer groups
  • Display support links block on anywhere using custom hook
  • Search chat history
  • Archived chats
  • Manually end chat or delete conversations
  • Allow customer and operator to edit their past messages
  • New message count (both front-end and back-end)
  • Allow operator to send attach files to customer
  • Setup maximum upload file size
  • Setup maximum number of files that customer can upload per conversation

2. Ticketing features

  • SEO optimized ticket form
  • Custom ticket form fields
  • Email notification for ticket arriving and ticket submitting
  • Allow customers to attach file and select a department before submitting ticket
  • Set up ticket priority
  • Captcha protection for ticket 

3. Departments and staffs management

  • Add, edit and delete a department
  • Select staffs to take part in a department
  • Edit staff information
  • Allow supporter to transfer their conversation to another department
  • Allow supporter to see past messages from customer
  • Set up reset department time: customer can re-select department after this time range

4. Performance

  • Auto-optimize performance (focus on active chats)
  • Custom refresh speed for front-end
  • Custom refresh speed for back-end
  • Auto-optimize refresh speed
  • Auto end chat when in-active

5. Security

  • Tight data validation to protect system from SQL injection attack 
  • Auto-protect from spams
  • Auto captcha and manual captcha
  • 3 captcha types (colorful, basic, complex)

6. Other features

  • Notification: email and sound
  • Social login
  • Detailed statistic charts
  • Rating support chat and ticket
  • IP blacklist
  • Clean-up (clean up your chat database)
  • And many more other awesome features

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  • This module allows you to fully comply with the GDPR/LOPD Cookies Section . Display a responsive and custom warning banner and disable cookies when users enter your website until you obtain their consent.

  • Take legal precautions when selling alcohol, tobacco or other products; check your visitors’ age with a popup window as soon as they reach your store. Retailers of certain product categories are obliged to check their customers’ age before confirming an order. This module is ideal to help you take these precautions automatically at the beginning of their journey and avoid selling certain pr



  • Fully open sources, no hidden codes
  • Detailed guide of how to install and use the module is attached
  • Highly compatible with any Prestashop website (even the site uses custom theme and custom modules)
  • Free support for module installation
  • 24/7 online support for any problems getting when install or use this module on your website

What your customers will like

Live Chat and Ticketing Systemis an essential module that you need to install on your website to improve your customer support service as well as boost your sales by directly chatting with your customer on your website, receiving their support tickets and encouraging them to buy your products. Customers can start a conversation anytime when surfing your website.

You customers will easily contact you when they need with this Prestashop chat and helpdesk module, all past messages are saved in customer account to ensure both operator and customer can review their past messages whenever they need.


  • Contact us anytime if you see any problems with this module or you have ideas for us that would help us improve this module and make it more useful. We appreciate all your feedback.
  • Please leave us a positive feedback of 5 stars for the module and share it on your social network accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…). It would help us a lot in promoting this awesome module to more valued customers.

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This module is compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation

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Fantastic module and fantastic support. Is not my first payd ticket system module so I definitely change my customer support system to this module. Is cool to have chat and ticket support in same module, 1 module for all support for customers, and with lot of cool features, dashboard... Simply brilliant!

Iban V. - 03/19/2019

Great product and customer support. Keep it up!

Senzo D. - 07/22/2018

Thank you for the product is super good, i love it and your tech support is excelent too Thank you Will purchase from you again

Johans V. - 03/20/2018

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1. Login your website back-end
2. Navigate to “Modules & services”
3. Click on “Upload a module” to upload and install Live Chat and Ticketing System
4. You’re all done. Enjoy the awesome Prestashop chat and helpdesk module!

What's New in Version 2.0.3(03/15/2019)

  • Module improvement
  • Login to chat by Twitter account

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  • Compatibility v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.5.2

  • Version 2.0.3 (03/15/2019)

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