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E-commerce tips from our experts

E-commerce tips from our experts

Be inspired by the best practices in e-commerce!
See the tips used by e-retailers throughout the world to optimize their traffic, conversions, and their customers' average carts and to build loyalty easily.
To help you adapt these best practices to your store, we've concocted a selection of modules for each tip.

See your sales take off!

Tips to increase your visibility

Optimize your search rankings

Optimize your search rankings

How to increase your traffic by 25% with search engine optimization

Grain de café, France's largest website that sells rare and vintage world coffees was looking to get the word out about its products and encourage sales.

Their actions were based on 3 pillars:

  • Optimizing SEO to appear within Google's top results
  • Identifying the most profitable products and entering them into price comparison websites
  • Exporting their store onto Facebook to increase visibility

The result: 25% increase in traffic, 10% more revenue from price comparison websites and 6% growth in their conversion rate!

Now it's your turn, get started on the right moves to increase your website's traffic and sales.

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Put your products on price comparison sites (Google Shopping)

Put your products on price comparison sites (Google Shopping)

Increase your click-through rate by 30% using Google Shopping

Made in Design, a furniture and interior design store, wanted to increase its product visibility using the Google Shopping price comparison engine, to get more high-quality traffic.
Made in Design's strategy: listing their products on the Google Shopping price comparison engine, optimizing product flow by enriching product titles, using customizable fields, and improving segmentation.
The result: In just one month, the site saw remarkable performance improvements: a 300% increase in page views, a 30% increase in click-through rate, and an incredible 300% improvement in the conversion rate.
Now it's your turn to boost your traffic using price comparison engines and Google Shopping!

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Sell on marketplaces

Sell on marketplaces

How to Increase Your Revenue by 250% in Just 2 Weeks

Aponeo, a German store, specializes in pharmaceutical products. They wanted to increase brand recognition and attract new customers in order to increase sales.
Their solution: offering their products on the eBay and Amazon marketplaces in order to take advantage of their 8 to 14 million monthly visitors.

The result: in just 2 weeks, their store had a 250% increase in revenue.

Looking for visibility? Don't wait another minute: synchronize your catalog with marketplaces!

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Tips to increase your conversion rate

Make creating an account easier

Make creating an account easier

Customer account: boost your conversion rate by 36%, a site that lets users create tickets for events, found that the need to fill out a registration form to create a customer account led to a high cart abandonment rate.

Why? Well, 40% of online users actually prefer creating an account through a social network to creating a new account. So, Ticketprinting decided to let users sign up via Facebook, Google+ and Yahoo.

The result : A significant reduction in order abandonment, a 36% increase in the conversion rate for users connected via these networks, and a rise in customer loyalty.

Usability is the key to profitability: make it easier for your customers to register with your store.

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Optimize the product page

Optimize the product page

Product page: how to increase your revenue by 176%

Like many e-sellers, Cousette, an online fabric store, was confronted with the fact that a majority of their customers wanted to see, touch, and try the product before buying.

Their solution? Offer the best product preview possible to reassure customers and increase sales.

Here are the optimizations that Cousette made to their product pages:

  • 2 visuals minimum for each product
  • a zoom for each product
  • a description of the material, weight, size, washing instructions, etc.

and all of it on an entirely responsive website to win over mobile visitors.

The results:

  • +77% more visits to the store thanks to responsive design
  • +176% more revenue thanks to product page optimizations

... Now it's your turn!

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Offer a variety of delivery methods and free delivery (for orders over a certain amount)

Offer a variety of delivery methods and free delivery (for orders over a certain amount)

How to increase your conversions by 44%

daFlores, a Columbian flower delivery website for thirty countries, faces a high rate of cart abandonment. To take care of this problem, they have begun to analyze purchasing habits based on customer surveys, feedback and Google Analytics data.
Their strategy to confirm sales is to:

  • offer clients express delivery (same-day) with a timer indicating the time left to place an order to encourage clients to confirm their order
  • offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount
  • display reassuring information on the entire website, as well as on the purchasing funnel, such as the number of Facebook fans, a live chat, a survey to record customer needs and different payment methods.

The results:

  • A 27% increase in sales thanks to a shipping discount,
  • and a 44% increase in the conversion rate.

Discover fast and easy tips to ensure a strong conversion rate increase!

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Reassure visitors to convert them into customers

Reassure visitors to convert them into customers

The super-simple tip to increase your conversions by 20%

Candy, the American candy store, found this fast and easy-to-implement tip to quickly increase its conversions: put in place information signals about payment security.
To optimize visibility for all customers, the label is placed in different locations on the site:

  • Under the homepage's menu
  • In the footer
  • In each step of the purchasing process

The results:

  • A 20% increase in the conversion rate
  • +10% in average order value
  • and a 10% decrease in the bounce rate.

All reassuring elements are important to your site and should be emphasized. In addition to payment labels, also think about displaying the delivery methods and services you offer.

See our low-priced modules to maximize profitability!

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Adapt your promotions to your customers

Adapt your promotions to your customers

Boost your conversion rate by personalizing your promotions

Building customer loyalty costs 5 times less at Howards Storage World (a home furnishings store) than acquiring a new customer.

For their new promotion, they chose segmentation by loyalty, customized promotions to incentivize different customer profiles, and personalized communication. They emailed 1,500 coupons that were tailored to each customer's profile to trigger purchasing and increase average cart size.

The result: A 14% increase in converted coupons, a 37% increase in average cart size and €250,000 in additional sales. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Now it's your turn: create the offers that your customers want, build their loyalty, and watch your average cart size skyrocket!

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Tips to increase average cart size

Suggest additional products

Suggest additional products

How to increase your average cart size by 27% with suggestions

Furniture supplier Oka has a large number of references and wants to show more products to each visitor to increase sales and average cart size.

Their solution: show product recommendations in different places:

  • On the home page (best sellers, selection of products based on navigation history)
  • On product pages (products other customers purchased and those from a higher range)
  • In the basket pop-up (suggestions for related products)

The results:

  • A 27% increase in average cart size, 86% more time spent on the site,
  • 141% more products viewed and a conversion rate increased by 86% for customers who clicked on a recommendation

The PrestaShop Addons Awards was the occasion for us to select the best modules for you to increase your average cart size, take advantage of it!

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Offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount

Offer free shipping for orders over a certain amount

Average cart value: 3 secrets for 16% more, a British beauty products store, shares three secrets they used to increase their average cart size:

  • Free shipping – for orders over a set amount Expert tip: Display the remaining amount customers need to qualify for free shipping.
  • Cross selling - suggest three complementary or popular products on the product page.
  • Additional products - On the order summary page, suggest other complementary products or even those in a higher range, customers can add before finalizing the purchase. Offer them at a promotional price, to encourage their purchase.

The results for their eCommerce site: a 16% increase in average cart values and a 116% increase in products viewed. Now it's your turn! Get ready for 2016 by and increasing your average cart size!

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