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Pour plus de sécurité et de simplicité, nous avons mis en place un système d'authentification unique. La connexion via PayPal ne sera plus possible à partir du 2 avril. En savoir plusarrow_right_alt

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Un nouveau mot de passe vous sera envoyé, il vous permettra de vous connecter directement à votre compte Addons, sans passer par Paypal. Une fois connecté, vous pourrez modifier ce mot de passe depuis votre espace client.

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V1.3.0.0 - V1.7.8.8
De V1.3.0.0 à V1.7.8.8


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A better way to talk with customers
With Help Scout you can share email inboxes with your team, live chat with visitors, and create self-service content — all in one place.

Les plus de ce produit

headset Améliore la relation client
Deliver instant answers
Keep your customers in the flow by embedding help articles right on your website. With Beacon, they never have to leave the page to find an answer.

Connect with customers
Solve a problem or close a sale in real-time with chat. If no one is available, customers are seamlessly routed to email without confusion.

Manage your team
Measure what matters with Help Scout’s easy-to-use reports. You can filter, export, and drilldown on the data in a couple clicks.

Connect the tools you already use
Explore 50+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Our extensive developer tools might also strike your fancy.

Ce que vos clients aimeront



  • Download the module from your account
  • Go to your shop's dashboard
  • Go to Modules
  • Click Add Module and select the archive you've downloaded from your computer
  • Install the module
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    V1.3.0.0 - V1.7.8.8

    Version du module / thème

    V 1.0.2

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    Service Client


    50+ Apps & integrations STANDARD
    Connect Help Scout to other web services your business depends on

    75+ keyboard shortcuts
    No mouse required! Help Scout can be used almost entirely via keyboard

    Advanced formatting
    Our editor makes it easy to add bold, italics, links or lists to your replies and notes

    Bend Help Scout to your will using OAuth and these read/write endpoints

    Quickly delegate a conversation to another User when you need help

    Attach files
    Attach files of up to 10mb to any outgoing messages

    Auto Bcc
    Great for use with a CRM, setup Auto Bcc to copy all your replies to another system

    Auto reply
    Create a confirmation message that is sent to customers as soon as their email is received

    Browser notifications
    Receive instant notifications in Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

    Bulk actions
    When viewing a folder, select up to 50 conversations and you can act on them all at once

    Offer live chat to your customers by installing Beacon on your website

    Collision detection
    Real-time alert when people are viewing or replying to the same conversation

    CSV Export
    Perform custom analysis by exporting your reporting data to a CSV or Excel file

    Custom Apps STANDARD
    Quick way for developers to pull customer data from a third party source into the sidebar

    Custom Fields PLUS
    Set up or require fields to store custom data for each conversation

    Customer profiles
    Profiles are auto-populated, editable and include all previous history

    Desktop Notifications
    Get notified of conversation activity with desktop browser notifications supported on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

    Edit/hide threads
    Any conversation thread can be edited or hidden from the customer (like a note)

    Email forwarding
    Need to involve a third party in a thread? You can forward it to them just like an email

    Email signatures
    Add a personalized HTML signature to every reply

    Email templates
    Plain looks like a normal email and Fancy is more designy

    Follow Conversations
    Get email notifications for replies or notes on any conversation

    Google Apps STANDARD
    Import Users from your account, send emails via Gmail

    iOS App
    Check in on your mailboxes, manage conversations, and collaborate with your team on your iPad or iPhone.

    HubSpot Integration PLUS
    Bring contextual information on your customers, straight to Help Scout

    IP Restrictions COMPANY
    Limit access to your Help Scout account to users connecting from a predefined list of IP address ranges or individual IPs

    Jira Integration PLUS
    Create a new Jira issue from a Help Scout conversation

    Mailbox permissions
    Mailboxes can be restricted to specific Users

    Merge conversations
    Easily merge multiple conversations from the same customer into one

    Multiple mailboxes STANDARD
    Manage email for multiple brands, sites or departments all in one place

    No email branding
    A personal touch is important, so there are no links to Help Scout on your outbound emails

    Private communication between Users that is not visible to the customer

    Office hours STANDARD
    Filter reports and activate the auto reply based on your operating hours

    Open tracking
    When a customer views your most recent message, it will be denoted in Help Scout

    Outgoing SMTP settings
    We can send emails on your behalf or use your custom SMTP credentials

    Phone conversations
    When a customer calls in, the details of the call can quickly be logged to their profile

    Push Notifications
    Instant notification on your mobile device of Help Scout activity

    Salesforce Integration PLUS
    Pulls in customer activity details from Salesforce to Help Scout

    SAML Single Sign-on COMPANY
    Sign in to Help Scout with your company’s SSO credentials using any SAML-compatible identity provider

    Satisfaction ratings STANDARD
    Customers rate their support experience and you can view results in the reports

    Saved replies
    AKA canned responses, insert these in two clicks to answer common questions

    Search all your data, add advanced filters and perform bulk actions all in one step

    Spam filtering
    Incoming emails are run through a spam filter that learns from your actions

    Use tags to categorize conversations, monitor trends and trigger Workflows

    Teams PLUS
    Assign conversations and monitor Reporting based on a group of Users

    Traffic cop
    A form of collision detection that prevents duplicate replies

    Two-factor authentication
    Set up two-factor authentication (2FA) using a mobile device and either an authenticator app or SMS text message.

    User permissions
    You can choose whether to give Users access to more advanced management features

    Voicemail integration
    Help Scout can parse incoming voicemails from 50+ different providers

    Webhooks STANDARD
    Instant notification of activity in Help Scout

    Workflows STANDARD
    Filter emails, create custom folders and automate actions

    Includes everything you need to customize the experience and fully integrate Docs

    Collision detection
    You'll be notified instantly when someone else is editing an article

    Custom domain
    Point any domain or sub-domain to your Docs site for branding control

    Design/CSS control
    Own the look and feel of your site with various settings and your own custom CSS

    Help desk integration
    Search Docs when viewing a conversation and insert a link without leaving the page

    Mobile friendly
    Docs sites work on any device so customers find what they need wherever they are

    Multi-language translation
    Translate English words in your site to another language

    Multiple sites STANDARD
    Each plan comes with at least one site and you can add more for $20/month/site.

    Private collections STANDARD
    Enables you to create an internal knowledge base only for Help Scout users

    Related articles
    Add related articles to any resource in a few clicks

    Revision history
    Access and restore previous versions of an article quickly

    Lightning fast search enables customers to find what they need in seconds

    Customize your URL slug, add keywords and enjoy an auto-generated sitemap.xml file.

    Your site will be served over SSL for no additional charge.

    Unlimited data STANDARD
    Docs can handle all the collections and articles you can throw at it

    Article Suggestions
    Suggest Docs articles depending on the page URL

    Beacon builder
    Update your Beacon settings instantly without touching code

    Custom Fields PLUS
    Prefill fields or allow customers to update them for you

    Customer profile data
    Use the identify method to pass valuable customer data to the sidebar

    Javascript API
    Customize and control your Beacon with code

    Support another language or match to your voice and tone

    Secure mode
    Authenticate your customers without requiring a login

    Support history
    Customers can access their support history and reply in Beacon

    Engage people on your website

    Mobile SDKs
    Add Beacon to your native iOS or Android app

    Advanced filters
    Filter reporting data by conversation type, mailbox, tag or folder

    Access all metrics and reports for your company via Reporting API endpoints

    Conversation drill downs
    When a metric represents a group of conversations, click to see all the specifics

    Date comparisons STANDARD
    Compare report metrics to the previous time period or another custom date range

    Export to CSV or XLSX STANDARD
    Export your data for additional analysis alongside your other business data

    Office Hours filtering
    Adjust response and resolution times to exclude hours out of office

    All reports have a beautiful printer-friendly layout

    User-specific reporting
    See all key metrics and activity for a specific User on a single page

    Views STANDARD
    Views allow you to save a set of filtering conditions and re-visit the report at any time.

    Email notifications
    Granular control over when you would like Help Scout to notify you of account activity

    Email Traffic Cop
    Steps in to prevent duplicate replies from going to the customer

    Forward in conversations
    Forward email from your personal inbox to create a support conversation

    Update conversations remotely
    Update conversations without logging in using simple @ commands

    99.99% uptime
    We understand how important reliability is to your business

    GDPR compliance
    Help Scout complies with the EU's data protection laws

    HIPAA compliance
    Storing protected health information (PHI) is A-OK in Help Scout

    Independently Tested
    We contract with security researchers and pen testers to discover security vulnerabilities

    PCI compliance (Level 1)
    Payment information is stored and processed securely

    SSL & TLS (email) encryption
    Bank-level security protects all your company data

    Privacy Shield and Safe Harbor compliant
    Adhering to the industry standard best practices with regard to your privacy


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