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V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.0
De V1.6.0.4 à V1.7.8.0

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Allow your customers to request a quote, messaging to settle the best price and get a customized offer. The perfect solution for turning requests into orders in just a few steps, that works perfectly for catalog mode or B2B shops!

Les plus de ce produit

insert_chart Facilite le commerce B2B
attach_money Propose une promotion adaptée à vos clients
Now with TRANSFORM A QUOTE TO AN ORDER feature built in!

Let’s settle a fact first: hiding a price or the cart, does not mean that sales are turned off!

This is the perfect tool for wholesalers, B2B type shops, niche webshops or market style e-businesses, who cannot or will not always allow direct purchases, or for some reason, a price and a buy now button are not possible to display. Or simply, to achieve full customer satisfaction, they just want to offer the possibility to bargain or get more info about a group of products.

Front Office Features:
  • Works perfectly in catalog mode
  • Mimics the shopping cart (adds a quote cart box in the header)
  • Present in the Quick-View window, too
  • animated “fly to cart effect” or confirmation pop-up
  • Module can be frozen: clients cannot submit new bargains, but they can access their quote history (much better than the complete module disable feature)
  • Displays quantity option for catalog mode shops
  • Saves colors, attributes and reference code for easy tracking
  • Creates a separate entry for clients in My account for easy access
  • Has an overview page where clients can change the quantity and delete a product 
  • Has a built-in messaging system for admin and client
  • Admin / owner can submit offers: reduction as amount or percentage or set a fixed price
  • Customers can download the quote in PDF format, if option enabled
  • If offer accepted, quote can be transformed into an order, with the reduction automatically generated
  • Multi-shop / multistore compatibility
  • Emails are sent to both user and shop owner
  • Admin can add / setup multiple email addresses to receive notification
  • Unique ID and Number is generated for each quote
  • Option to display only on selected categories
  • Or display only if product is not available for order
More than 30 Back Office options and Features:
  • enable/disable guest checkout,
  • turn off new bargains, but keep current ones (freeze module)
  • turn off display prices for all module related pages,
  • choose between fly to cart or pop-in confirmation,
  • enable submit now option if client is logged in (instant submit option),
  • enable transform to cart for clients (works even before quote submit)
  • make T&C required and attach an existing page,
  • turn off messaging,
  • display button on product page and/or on product list with multiple hooking options,
  • multiple filters: display module only in selected categories, display only if product is not available for order, display only if product is out of stock,
  • enable or disable the PDF option, with some personalized fields, which allows both client and admin to download the quote as a PDF file (always the latest version),
  • enable or disable detection of minimum quantity,
  • offer types than can be sent to clients: reduction in percentage, reduction as amount, set new fixed total for the whole quote,
  • categories filter etc.
The module works perfectly in catalog mode – even more, it’s an almost compulsory plug-in, it gets along completely with the default shopping cart, and you can even customize it to appear only in selected categories or next to the products which can’t be ordered on-line.
Don’t forget: successful bargaining is one of the foundations of good business; it ensures that both parties are content, and a happy customer can easily turn into a returning customer!
This is how it happens:
Similarly to the buying process, the customers place the products they are interested in into a virtual quote cart, and after filling out some text fields, they ask the owner of the store for a quote. If sending is successful, both of them receive a notification, and a built-in messaging system also allows them to chat and to haggle. If both parties are content with the offer, the owner freezes the bargaining, which is transformed into an order, and the discount is deducted automatically as well.

What you get if you purchase this module?
+ This is one of the first quotation modules available for Prestashop, tailored to our client needs
+ Awesome Support! We have superhero status with more than 8 years Prestashop experience
+ PDF Documentation included
+ Online full feature documentation included
+ multiple translations included out of the box

Ce que vos clients aimeront

The possibility to ask details about certain products, to bargain via the built-in messaging system, and agree on the offer, which can easily be transformed into an order, since the final price was suggested and agreed by them too!

They can get a personalized offer and receive discounts on bulk order.


To install the Ask for a Quote module, please follow these steps:

  • Login to your Back Office if you have not already done so.
  • Go to the Modules tab.
  • Click the text which says, "Add a new module”
  • Click the "Browse..." button next to the Module File field
  • Select the file which you downloaded from Prestashop Addons or our website. It should be called "".
  • Click the "Upload this module" button.
  • You should see the "Ask for a Quote" module in the list of modules. Click the "Install" button next to this module to install the module.
  • Configure it to your needs.
  • Dedicated tab is automatically added under "Orders"

Or Drag and Drop the downloaded ZIP file into the dedicated area in your Back office!



Does it work in Catalog mode?
Yes, our module works perfectly in catalog mode, but please note that in catalog mode, all order related features are turned off by Prestashop, so the „transform a quote to order” functionality will not be available.
May I try it before I buy it?
You cannot install it on your localhost or test server, but there is a demo website set up just for this purpose, accessible directly from the sales page of the module, from where you can access both front and back office. Be free to test all functionality.
Anyway, since you are reading this, we presume you already purchased it!
Can I run this on more than one website?
The short answer is: no. When you download the module, you must enter the URL of the Prestashop install where you intend to use the product. Of course, our module does not have any tracer of spy script, so it will install and work on other websites, but please note, that you will lose all your support and refund rights in this case.
If you want to buy 5 or more licenses, please contact us and we can discuss about a discount!
Is the module compatible with my theme?
Hard to say. If your theme is derived from the default Prestashop theme, and has not been altered or edited too deeply, then it will work for sure as it inherits the basic Prestashop classes and formatting. However, if your theme was built from scratch, and it’s missing some core Prestashop hooks, fonts and scripts, then it might breake or look bad and must be adapted to your theme. If this is the case, please contact us and we will guide and help you!
Is it safe to upgrade the module?
From the submitted quotes point of view: yes, it is, as we provide an upgrade script for each new version. The best is to connect to your Addons account directly from your Back office, and you will be notified when a new version is out.
From the applied changes and edit’s point of view: if they were done right, then yes. This means, that all changes and customizations should be done with file overrides in your theme directory, instead of direct original file editing, as this gets overwritten in the upgrade process.
Does the module work with products out of stock?
Yes, it does. Ask for a Quote doesn't care about the stock of products, because no actual order is taking place. However, the transform a quote to order feature might brake if the products or not available, but this is also due to the shop owner, since if he accepted / offered a discount, he/she should have the stock ready for order.
Does the module work if price is zero?
Yes, it does. Of course, if this case, you should hide zero prices, because clients could feel uncomfortable to receive a much higher offer from the owner for a product that had zero as price. If you need help with this, you can contact us after purchase and we can implement this for you upon agreement.
Is it possible to allow some goods to be sold online and for other, the customer must ask for a quote to receive prices?
Yes. The module allows the button to appear only in the case of products that are not available for order. On the customize page, you must activate this option (filter by product status) and, for any product for which you want to enable this feature, in your Back office, on its edit page, you must uncheck the "Available for order" option.

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Versions de PrestaShop compatibles

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.0

Compatibilité multiboutique 

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Version du module / thème

V 5.4.0

Nombre de téléchargements

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  • Users can ask price details about all products, even non-orderable ones
  • Absolute ease and intuitive as it mimics the shopping cart
  • My Quotes is added to My Account shortlist for easy access
  • The Quotes cart is present in the header
  • Animated Add to quote cart effect or confirmation pop-up
  • They can name their quotes and even submit a message with it
  • They can change quantity on the overview page and enter huge numbers too
  • They can ask to be contacted via telephone and give a specific number
  • Logged in clients have the instant submit option in their cart and popup
  • One page login / register (just as one page checkout) with fast register (OPC)
  • They receive email confirmation after submit
  • They can reject offers
  • If they accept the offer, the quote can be transformed into an order and the discount is automatically deducted as well!!!

As it inherits Prestashop styles, the module is responsive (if the mother-theme is bootstrap based), so bargains can be submitted from mobile, too.


The module was tested with an unmodified version of PrestaShop 1.7 and on the default theme.
Version 5 works only under Prestashop 1.7. For Prestashop 1.6, please download version 4. If you need a version for Prestashop 1.5 or 1.4, please get in contact with us after purchase.

Nouveautés de la version 5.4.0(14/04/2021)

  • New: widget compatibility
  • New: Ability to choose status when transform quote to order in BO
  • New: add check for customer address delivery
  • Lot's of bugfixes

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Conformité RGPD

Ce module est conforme au Réglement européen sur la Protection des Données Personnelles.

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