Necessary update of your password on PrestaShop Addons


You are currently the holder of an Addons account created from your Paypal account, which allows you to connect to our marketplace.

In order to increase security and simplicity, we are implementing a single authentication system. Therefore, signing in with PayPal won’t be possible on our marketplace, from April 2nd on. Read morearrow_right_alt

To continue to access your personal space on PrestaShop Addons, we simply invite you to reset your password as of now by clicking on the link below.

You will receive a new password allowing you to directly sign in to your Addons account, without using PayPal. Once logged in, you will be able to change this password in your personal space.

Your Addons account will not be affected in any way by this development.

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Submit and validate my products

How can I develop products for the PrestaShop Addons marketplace?

Several guides are available to help you develop themes and modules for PrestaShop:

  • The official PrestaShop documentation, which provides a Developer Guide.

  • First and foremost, you need a seller account. Head to Addons and create an account, then open your seller space!

    From there, you can create your first product page and add a ZIP with your product. To help you get your product online as quickly as possible, follow the recommendations in our Seller Guide about the validation of product pages.

What steps are involved in the product creation process?

The creation of new products consists of three steps:

  • 1st step: technical validation by our validator. Before being verified by our technical team, your ZIP must be scanned by our validator:If your product complies with our recommendations, you can submit it to our technical team right from your seller account;If our validator requests some changes, make the necessary modifications and resubmit the product to him/her until the generated report is positive.

  • 2nd step: writing a product page from your seller space. Your product page is important as it is the first contact you will have with merchants. Our Seller Guide offers some advice to optimize your product page and helps you quickly validate your page. We strongly encourage you to read it before creating your page!

  • 3rd step: submit your ZIP to our technical team. You will enter into direct contact with a PrestaShop developer, who will manually verify your product's code before giving feedback. You can contact him/her directly from your inbox.

Once your product has been created, the ZIP and the product page's content are updated separately—you can change one without modifying the other!

Who validates my products?

Your product's ZIP is reviewed by the technical team and the product page is proofread by our marketing team.

If you have any questions, you can easily get in touch with the person handling your product via the e-mail you receive indicating the status of your product.

What can I modify on my product pages without submitting and validating my module/theme?

From the product page on your Addons vendor account, you can modify:

  • price

  • each module's icon

  • the activation of Option Zen and its price.

None of these changes require confirmation from our team.

How can I find out the reasons my module/theme was not validated?

You will automatically receive an e-mail after each validation rejection, whether it is for marketing or technical reasons.

If you require more information, please contact us using the “contact us” button right in the e-mail. It will redirect you to a contact form specifically for module/theme rejection.

How can I list a free product on the Marketplace?

Currently, only our Industry Partners can list free modules. Find out more about our Industry Partner Program here.

What license should I choose for the sale of my products on PrestaShop Addons?

Since PrestaShop was developed under an OSL license, modules must be developed in open source under an AFL license, the only license compatible with the OSL license.

I've updated a visual for my product and it's not showing. What should I do?

When you are loading a new product visual from our Seller Account, it may sometimes take a little time before you see it. We invite you to clean your cache so that the visual is displayed correctly. The change is well taken into account and visible for our team.

My products on the marketplace

Where can I find my modules/themes on PrestaShop Addons?

Every seller has a page dedicated to his/her products. You can see this page directly via your Addons Seller Account by clicking on "Catalogue" in the Product section.

I don't see my module/theme on the marketplace anymore. What happened?

This might be because you're viewing products for a country where your module is not available. Try selecting the appropriate country or language (upper right corner) on the PrestaShop Addons.

If you still don't see your module, it may have been temporarily deactivated. We send emails when a module is deactivated with the reason why, so please check your inbox.

Feel free to reach out to us via our contact form if you need more information.

How can I sell a pack of modules on the Addons Marketplace?

This feature is currently only available if you have at least 5 products. Please note that the same product can't be in several packs. Also, your seller status needs to be Captain or Superhero in order to create a pack

Business Care Subscription - Customer service & support

What is the 'Business Care' subscription?

Since July 1st 2021, the 'Business Care' subscription is available on the Addons marketplace and sold as a subscription with the purchase of an Addon (modules, themes, email templates, packs and bundles included).

Thanks to this subscription, your customers will be able to benefit from :

  • Access to all minor and major updates offered by the vendor

  • Access to compatibility updates with any new version of the software, whether major (e.g. PrestaShop 1.7) or minor (e.g. PrestaShop 1.7.7). Corrective versions are excluded (eg.g

  • Unlimited support as soon as the subscription is active (questions on how to use the product and how to solve technical issues)

NB: 'Business Care' does not include specific customized developments for the Customer or his/her store.

What kind of service do I have to provide with the 'Business Care' subscription?

In order to ensure the quality of the Business Care service’, we have updated the rules for the performance of Addons Marketplace vendors, regarding the provision of technical support and Addons updates.

Thus, by offering his products on the Addons Marketplace, the seller undertakes to provide the service proposed by the 'Business Care' offer by:

1) The compatibility of its Addons with each new version of the software:

  • whether they are major or minor (e.g. PrestaShop 1.7), within a maximal period of 6 months after the date of its release.

  • Corrective versions are excluded (e.g

2) Unlimited Technical support as soon as the subscription is active (questions on how to use the product and how to solve technical issues).
The first response time must be less than 1 working day*.

*Working days = Monday to Friday. Regardless of public holidays.

It is agreed that the reply to be given to customers must be personalized and provide a satisfactory answer. Automatic answers are not considered valid.

In case of non-compliance with these obligations, PrestaShop may take certain measures and sanctions. For more information, we invite you to read the answer to our question:

What happens if I do not comply with the obligations of the 'Business Care' subscription?

What are the 'Business Care' subscription's main features?

  • The first annual fee is paid when the Addon is purchased

  • The duration of the subscription is 12 months from the date of purchase of the Addon

  • The subscription is paid annually and not by monthly direct debit

  • The subscription is tacitly renewable

  • Without obligation, cancellation is possible without notice. The subscription will end once the current subscription expires. The year started is due.

  • Reactivation of the subscription is possible at any time, even several years after the expiry date. The subscription can be taken out by former customers without time limit.

Is the 'Business Care' subscription mandatory with the purchase of the Addons?

Yes the 'Business Care' subscription is inseparable from the purchase of the Addon. So it is not possible to buy an Addon on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace without an associated subscription.

Can I choose whether or not to activate the 'Business Care' subscription?

As mentioned above, your clients will need a 'Business Care' subscription in addition to their Addons.
Any Addon without an active 'Business Care' subscription cannot be put online on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace.

How much does the 'Business Care' subscription cost?

The annual subscription fee is 40% of the price of Addon alone at the time of purchase (modules, themes, email templates, packs and bundles included).
Addon price changes will only affect future subscriptions. Customers who have already taken out a 'Business Care' subscription prior to the Addon price change will continue to pay the same amount as on their first bill.

Example: On 13 February 2025, the price of Addon "X" will be increased from €49.99 to €79.99. Nicolas' 'Business Care' subscription fee will be frozen at €20.00 for the following year.

Can a customer deactivate the subscription automatic renewal?

If a customer does not want the 'Business Care' subscription to be automatically renewed, then he can deactivate the automatic renewal option from his customer account in the "Support & Update" tab.
If he changes his mind, he can reactivate this option while the subscription is still active.

Can a customer cancel his subscription?

Yes. Customers can cancel their 'Business Care' subscription at anytime without notice. However, it will end on the expiry date of the current subscription.

Example: On 1 July 2021, your customer, Nicolas, buys Addon "X" - including the 'Business Care' subscription.
On 31 October 2021, he wishes to cancel his subscription. The cancellation will be effective on June 30, 2022. So from 31 October 2021 to 30 June 2022, he will continue to enjoy all the benefits of the ‘Business Care’ subscription.

Can a customer reactivate their ‘Business Care’ subscription?

Yes. The ‘Business Care’ subscription can be reactivated at any time by your customer via his/her PrestaShop Addons account, even if the subscription is no longer active.

However, the new subscription fee will include a 30% surcharge on the Addon price. This surcharge is only applicable when you re-subscribe.

  1 july 2021 31 october 2021 30 june 2022 6 january 2024 6 january 2025
  Purchase the addon Cancellation request End of subscription Re-susbscription Automatic renewal
Addon price 49.99 € 49.99 € 49.99 € 49.99 € 49.99 €
Applied rate 'Business Care'* 40 % - - 70 % 40 %
Amount in € 20.00 € - - 34.99 € 20.00 €
Amount to be paid by Nicolas 69.99 € 0 € 0 € 34.99 € 20.00 €

Example: On January 6, 2024, Nicolas wants to access a major update for Addon "X". He can re-subscribe to the 'Business Care' offer from his PrestaShop Addons customer account. However, since his 'Business Care' subscription ended on 30 June 2022, following his cancellation request, he will have to pay 40% + an additional cost of 30% of the price of the associated Addon to benefit from the 'Business Care' subscription.

What are my customers' rights when their subscription expires or is cancelled?

The customer remains the owner of their license and continues to use their Addon with complete freedom. However, he/she may be refused any support request and will no longer be able to benefit from new updates to the Addon, whether major or minor.

  Cancelled subscription Active subscription
Modules, themes, mail templates, packs and bundles X X
Access to minor and major updates X
Access to compatibility updates with new major or minor versions of PrestaShop software (excluding patches) X
Unlimited support
Maximum response time: 1 working day*

What impact do promotions have on the 'Business Care' subscription?

Any type of discount applied to the Addon price (price promotions, discount code, etc.) will automatically be applied to the Addon + ‘Business Care’ subscription total.

The discount on the subscription price will only apply to the purchase of the Addon including the 'Business Care' subscription, not to the annual renewal.

  1 july 2021 1 july 2022
  Purchased the Addon Automatic subscription renewal
Shopping cart discount code (50%) -24.99 € for the addon
-10.00 € on the subscription
Not applicable
Cost of the Addon / calculation 49.99 € -24.99 € 49.99 €
Applied rate 'Business Care'

40 % 40 %
Amount in € 20.00€ 10.00€ 20.00€
Amount to be paid by Nicolas - Excl. VAT 34.99 € 20.00 €

Example: Nicolas has a 50% discount code on his shopping cart. He buys Addon "Y" for €49.99. His discount allows him to purchase the 'Business Care' subscription for €10.00 instead of €20.00.

However, this discount will not be valid the following year when renewing his 'Business Care' subscription.
Promotions will impact the ‘Business Care’ commission in the same way as the Addon commission currently does.

What commissions will be applied when selling the 'Business Care' subscription?

Unlike Addon commissions, 'Business Care' commissions will not be progressively reduced. The distribution will be the same for all sellers: 60% for the seller and 40% for PrestaShop.

For sales from the back office, the commission split will always be 50/50 on the initial product price.

What happens if I do not comply with the obligations of the 'Business Care' subscription?

Here are the actions that will be taken by PrestaShop in case of non-compliance with the obligations required by the 'Business Care' subscription, as presented in the question ‘What kind of service do I have to provide with the 'Business Care' subscription?’

1) Addons will not compatible with the latest available versions of PrestaShop software

Time limit for not updating the Addon after:

A minor update
A major update
Actions entreprises
1 month 3 months The seller receives a notification from PrestaShop inviting them to update his/her Addon to make it compatible with the latest version of the PrestaShop software.
2 months 4 months The seller receives a second reminder. In the event that the user fails to take action within the given time limit, he/she is warned of a possible temporary suspension of his/her Addon.
6 months 6 months The seller is notified of the immediate application of the temporary suspension of his/her Addon.

2) Failure to meet the response time for technical support:

Time limit for no reply to a message received after:

Deadline Actions Taken
1 working day The seller receives a notification from PrestaShop inviting them to contact his/her customer
3 working days The seller receives a second reminder. In the event that the user fails to take action within the given time limit, he/she is warned of a possible temporary suspension of his/her Addon
1 week The seller receives a third reminder. In the event that the user fails to take action within the given time limit, he/she is warned of a possible temporary suspension of his/her Addon
2 weeks The seller is notified of the immediate application of the temporary suspension of their Addon.
If requested, the customer is also eligible for a refund of his/her ‘Business Care’ subscription without the necessary agreement of the seller

NB : All of the above rules apply without exception to all sellers in the Addons Marketplace, including PrestaShop S.A.

What are the consequences if an Addon is deactivated?

In case of a temporary suspension, the product sheet of your Addon will no longer be available on the marketplace. However, the Business Care subscription will still be active. Your customers can contact you for technical support or download the latest versions of the Addon.

If the Addon is part of a bundle of products, the bundle will also be deactivated.

In case of a permanent deactivation, your products will no longer be sold on the marketplace. All current Business Care subscriptions will be considered cancelled and the tacit renewal will be automatically cancelled for your customers.

What can I do if an Addon is deactivated?

If the Addon is deactivated because it is not compatible with PrestaShop software, you must submit an updated version of your Addon for technical validation. You will also have to submit your Addon's product sheet for marketing validation so that it can be put back online on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace.

If the Addon is deactivated because you have not responded to your customer, you should contact our team via the help Center.

Customer Orders and Refunds

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are mainly a result of PayPal litigations or rejected bank payments.
If you frequently receive requests for refunds, we suggest that you improve your product sheet by making sure the content is accurate and clearly specify the functionality the module or theme provides.
Check our Terms and Conditions for Sellers for more information.

How can I make a refund?

Reimbursements are accepted within 6 months of the purchase date. Do you want to make a repayment? When you answer a customer, click on the $ icon that appears to the right of your message, select the reimbursement reason in the list, and send your message. The merchant and PrestaShop customer service will receive your agreement for reimbursement of the order.

My client can't download my product even though they received an invoice.

This happens when we are waiting for additional identification from this client to verify that the order is not fraudulent. As soon as the customer provides us identification in the form of an ID, they will be able to download the product.

My Seller Account

What is the commission rate applied?

PrestaShop applies a degressive commission according to the turnover realized with the sale of your Addons and update Services.

Here is the summary table of the commission rates applied according to the turnover levels reached:

Turnover levels of sales

% received Sellers

% received Premium Sellers

























The calculation of the percentage is calculated over the 6 months preceding the current month. If you reach a new level during the month, your commission rate decreases on the 1st of the following month.

In order to reach the next level even faster, actions are available in the PROMOTE tab in your seller account.

Premium Sellers shall receive a margin 10% higher than the Classic Percentage received by Sellers. If you would like to know more about the Premium Seller status, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

How can I collect the payout for the sales of my products?

Go to your Seller account, click on the amount of your sales at the top of the page, then click on the "Cashable Balance", this is the amount you can collect from your sales, based on 2 conditions:

  • The sales need to be at least 45 days old.

  • The overall amount of the Cashable Balance needs to be higher than €100.

If these conditions are not met, the "Cashable Balance" will be €0 and you’ll need to wait a bit before you can collect your payout.
The overall amount of your sales is shown on the "Balance" (left block of the same page).
You can only receive your money after you send us an invoice.

I would like to change my Addons Seller Account currency.

All transactions (sales and payments) are made in the EUR currency and can’t be changed.

I don’t receive emails regarding my seller account anymore.

Please check to see if they are going to your Spam folder, and double check your Seller account to ensure that there are no typos in the email address.

If this doesn’t work, your email address may have been blocked by our emails router. In this case, you can either change you seller account email address, or reach out to us via the contact form so we can contact our emails router.

I have been banned from PrestaShop Addons. What happened?

Accounts are banned when they infringe one or more rules from our General Terms of Sales.
Your products won’t be available for purchase and you cannot submit new products for sale, but you should still continue to provide support to customers who have already purchased your products. Sellers who fail to provide support will have their products refunded to the client and will not receive their payout.

Bans can be permanent or temporary. We encourage you to review the Terms and Conditions for Sellers to be aware of the types of activity that can cause accounts to become banned.

Badges, statuses and opinions on my product pages

How is the rating system for products sold on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace managed?

As of 3 May 2021, our partner "Avis vérifiés" will manage the collection and publication of reviews to guarantee their authenticity and transparency.

All scores awarded prior to the implementation of this new rating system will be retained and taken into account in the calculation of the average displayed on your product sheets.

However, only comments collected after the new rating system goes online will be displayed on your product sheets.

To find out more, please consult the Avis Vérifiés Terms and Conditions of Use

Who can rate my products?

Your customers will be able to rate your modules, themes or services from the moment they purchase them (if paid) or download them (if free) from the PrestaShop Addons marketplace.

How can my customers rate my products?

Your customers have two ways of reviewing your products: from their customer account, or via a form sent by email inviting them to leave their opinion:

  • Access the form in your client account: in the "Reviews" tab > " Write a review". User can give his opinion from 10 days after his order or download.

  • Accessing the form via the ‘Verified Reviews’ e-mail: received by the user 10 days after the purchase or download.

What criteria should my clients note?

The rating system is simplified for your customers. A single score from 1 to 5 to evaluate your modules, themes and services, and thats it!

Where can I find all my opinions?

In your seller's account in the "Customer Reviews" area, you will find the comments left on your products. You can identify the customers who gave you the ratings by the associated order number for each notification submission.

Are all my reviews published?

If your product's rating is equal to or higher than 3 out of 5, it is considered as positive. The review is therefore automatically published on your product page and visible to all users of the PrestaShop Addons marketplace.

Conversely, if the score received is less than 3 out of 5, you will automatically receive an e-mail notification informing you of this. Negative reviews are temporarily blocked in a 7-day moderation SAS by our partner 'Avis vérifiés'. These reviews will not be published on your product pages until the end of this period, unless your customers wish to change this rating, or your request to report to 'Avis Vérifiés' is accepted.

In the event that the 7-day moderation SAS is opened for a negative review you have obtained, any further reviews you receive, whether negative or positive, will only be published at the end of this period.

To find out more about the grounds and procedures for reporting, see our questions:

Finally, in the event that anything offensive is found in the comment left by your customer, the publication of the review will be automatically blocked.

If your customer's account has been set up in French, the moderation period for negative reviews is 7 days instead of 30. Positive reviews will be published within 24 hours, unless a moderation period is in progress. In which case, your positive reviews will be published at the end of the period.

A customer has left me a review, but I can't identify them on my product page, why?

This means that your customer has requested that their review be published anonymously. However, in your seller's account, in the 'Reviews' tab, you can find the information that allows you to identify them using to their first name, their order number and their purchase date.

Can I talk to a customer who has left me a review?

If your customer has left a negative review of your product, a new thread will automatically open. You will then be able to discuss with him/her from the 'Messages' tab, in order to understand the reasons that led them to leave you this review, and possibly find a solution adapted to their problem.

This message will then be identified with a 'Avis vérifiés' tag to make it easier to find you. You can also filter your messages in relation to the ratings received.

If your customer has left a positive review and you wish to respond, simply click on 'Send a message' from the review block. A thread will be created and will then open in the 'Messages' tab.

Please note: We strongly discourage the communication of sensitive/private data via this thread, as it will evolve and become fully public in a future version of the rating system.

I received a bad review. What do I do?

Don't panic, you can contact the customer who left you this review from your seller account in the 'Reviews' or 'Messages' tab. Keep in mind that the customer's online store is their main tool and they may be stressed about the problem they are having with your product. Whatever the tone of the message, remain professional and diplomatic. Do not hesitate to offer your services to help them find the best solution!

If the overall score is less than 3, this review will not be published immediately. Indeed, a 'moderation SAS' of 7 days will be carried out in order to give you the necessary time to discuss with your customer, so that they can eventually modify their review.

At the end of these 7 days, the review will be published and visible on the your module or theme's product sheet. However, you will still be able to discuss the matter with your customer and even to report the review to the 'Avis vérifiés' platform.

To find out more about the grounds and procedures for reporting, see our questions:

Can I delete a review?

No, you cannot delete a review that one of your customers has left you. However, you can report a review to have it removed by our partner Avis Vérifiés.

To find out more about the grounds and procedures for reporting, see our questions:

My client is willing to change their review. How do we go about it?

You must report to the Avis Vérifiés platform. To do this, go to your seller's account and click on the 'Reviews' tab or the 'Messages' tab in the discussion thread, click on 'Report review' and select the reason: 'The rated company has intervened in the processing of the dispute, and the reviewer would like to update it.

Your customer will receive a new form by email to fill in to rate your product again. The score will then be published on your product page.

How does the reporting process work?

Do you feel that the review you have been given is inappropriate? You can report it to the 'Avis vérifiés' platform after having contacted your customer at least once.

Simply click on 'Report a review' from the 'Customer reviews' tab or from the thread in the 'Messages' tab in your PrestaShop Addons seller account. You will then need to select the reason for signalling this review and, in some cases, provide as much evidence as possible. Your request will then be sent to the Avis vérifiés platform.

The Avis vérifiés platform will then consider the request for reporting. If it is rejected, you will receive an email notifying you of this fact, and the notice review will be or remain published. If accepted, the review in question will be removed or its publication will be blocked.

I received a bad rating for one of my products, I contacted my customer to understand the reasons for the rating, but they have not answered me. What do I do?

Your customer will automatically receive an email notification that you have sent them a message following the rating of your product. They are free to choose whether to respond or not.

If they respond, then you can start a discussion with them to find a solution to their problem. If they do not respond, then their review will be published 7 days after they submit their rating. However, if you feel that the review should be reported, you can choose the appropriate reason by clicking on 'Report Review' in your seller account under the 'Review' tab or in the thread under the 'Messages' tab.

Don't get disheartened, every review, even the negative ones, are good to take on board to help you improve in the future!

Product Sales

Are there other ways for me to market my module?

We periodically select modules to be promoted on our Newsletter, Home page, and within the PrestaShop Back-Office. This is done on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Addons team to make sure we provide an excellent experience for our Addons Marketplace customers and software users. To apply to be considered for this, please fill out our contact form.

Which license can I choose to sell my products on PrestaShop Addons?

Our software is developed under OSL (open software license), so modules should be developed under the open source AFL license, which is the only one compatible with the OSL.

Skill level required for my products

What does the Skill level badge correspond to?

The skill level indicates to your customers the technical level required to install and use your module, theme or e-mail template.

Che cos'è il livello di competenza?

Esistono 3 livelli di competenza:

  • Facile: prodotti di base che chiunque può configurare facilmente,

  • Intermedio: il prodotto richiede una configurazione minima per funzionare normalmente,

  • Avanzato: il prodotto richiede una configurazione complessa.

Every monday, the skill level of your product is calculated depending on your customers' votes.

The goal of the badge is to inform your customers and reassure them upon purchase. Since skill level is defined by your product's users, your potential customers will be reassured when making a purchase. That way, you can avoid reimbursement requests related to the required level of configuration for your product.

How a level of competency is assigned?

The skill level is not defined by PrestaShop but by the product’s users themselves.

  1. To display a skill level on your product sheet, the number of votes has to be superior or equal to 10.

  2. A customer can vote only if he has bought or downloaded (free modules) the product.

  3. Customers vote at the same time as they rate your product.

The skill level displayed on a product sheet corresponds to the level with the highest number of votes except in the following specific cases:

  • Particular case 1: equality between 3 levels


Number of votes

it %













When votes are distributed equally between 3 badges (33%), the badge displays an Intermediate level. Customers can see the voting pattern on mouse-hover.

  • Particular case 2: equality between 2 levels


Number of votes














In case of equality between two levels, we attribute the highest one. In this example, the badge displays an Intermediate level. Customers can see the voting pattern on mouse-hover.

Expertise Ranking

What does the expertise ladder correspond to?

The Expertise Addons scale is a set of statuses corresponding to criteria for customer satisfaction.

Expertise Ranking

Every Monday, your status is calculated based on these criteria. Seniority and rankings are based on your entire PrestaShop Addons seller history. In contrast, the support quality is calculated over the last 6 months. Your status does not take into account changes that occur the week prior to the calculation of status (as you may not have enough time to answer your last support questions).

What is it for?

To get an optimal customer satisfaction, we aim above all to highlight the quality of our catalog and services that we offer.
The expertise ranking serves both as a trust and experience indicator to our customers and also as guidelines for our sellers.

On your seller account dashboard, you can see the areas for improvement to climb the ranks to become Conqueror, Captain or even Superhero.
For now, the status is only displayed in the seller account; in January 2016, your status will be displayed on your products sheets and customers can use layered navigation to filter products by seller status.
To sum it up, the expertise ranking is the opportunity for you to:

  • Highlight your products in our catalog;

  • Showcase your dedication to customers and gain competitive advantage;

  • Multiply your sales because merchants will know they can trust you!

What is "Support quality?"

Support quality takes into consideration the following:

  • Response rate: it is important for customers to get a response to their questions. Of course we take into account that the seller cannot always have the last word; therefore, you won't be penalized if you don't answer the last customer's email, when they may be thanking you without asking more!

  • Tempo medio di risposta;

  • Support rating by the customer who rates both the speed of your reply and its quality.

Create promotional codes for your customers

Do you want to reward your loyal customers, apologise for a specific reason, convince them to buy an additional module? If yes, these codes are for you. Here is all the info on its features and how it works.

What is a promo code?

A promo code is a special code which enables you to give all of your customers, or specific customer(s), a promotion on one of your products for a given period of time - up to one month.

Where can I create a promo code?

You can create your promo codes directly in your seller account, in the "Promote" tab - under "Promotions" tab

How do I create a code ?

Simply click on "Create your promo code" in the "Promotions" tab.

Then fill out the form to set up your code before creating it.

  • Code name

  • The description of its creation

  • Promotion amount (Up to 30%)

  • The applicable product(s)

  • For all customers, or a specific customer, depending on your choice

  • Total number of uses (limited to 20 uses / code)

  • Number of code uses per customer (limited to 2 uses / customer)

  • Start and end date (limited to 1 month)

All these points will be summarised in the message sent directly to your customer, as well as in the promotional code tracking history table.

Important: when a code is created, it can't be modified later.

Who can create promotion codes?

These codes are accessible to all online businesses, to enable you to enhance your online catalogue and reinforce customer loyalty, regardless of your business size, product, or seniority.

How long is a code valid for?

Codes may be valid for up to 1 month. You can modify this validity period on the settings page in your seller account.

What are the conditions associated with the creation of these codes?

A set of 20 codes will be made available to each seller over a 30-day rolling period.
Your codes will be resupplied as you go along, according to the number already created.
Customers will be able to use these codes for up to one month following their creation.
They will be commissioned: 40% / 60% distribution.
These promotional codes will not be applicable to your Zen pack and Zen option products.
You will be able to create several codes for the same product.

Can I create a code for a customer who has not yet purchased my module?

Yes, you can create a promo code to encourage new customers to buy your product, as part of your pre-sales exchanges.:

Will my customer be able to use the same code several times?

Your customers will be able to use their code up to 2 times. You can limit their use even further if you wish.

Can I apply a code to my entire catalogue?

This feature has not yet been developed. You can directly assign a code to a product in your catalogue. The promo code cannot be applied to a Zen pack or Zen option product.

How can customer use their code?

Once your customer has received their promo code, they will be able to select the associated product in your catalogue and add this code when completing their order in their shopping cart. Each customer will be able to use their assigned code up to 2 times. Once they have entered their code, the promotion amount will be applied to the price of the product concerned, and the shopping cart amount will be updated automatically.

Who should I contact if i have a problem with a promo code?

You can contact us via the Addons contact form.

How to track the activity of your codes?

Your "Promo Codes" tab includes a table which enables you to track your promo codes, and see how they have been activated and used by your customers. You will find all the information concerning your created promo codes and their settings. You will also be able to activate and deactivate them as you wish, until their expiry date.

The csv export

Located at the top right of your promo code history table (the Promotions tab in you Seller account), this export will allow you to retrieve, in the form of a file, all the promo codes you have created, as well as their associated parameters.

Promoting products

Programming product sales

The Sale tool lets you apply a discount to your products in order to increase sales. You have a 21-day credit for each of your products, from January 1 to December 31 of each year. Unused sales will not be transferred to the following year. Be sure to use all your credit before the end of the year!

Showcasing products with Adservices

How can I book an ad?
Go to the booking space where more instructions await! Select the time frame (week) for when you want to push your product; country(ies) listed in your product sheet will be automatically selected. We will provide more options as this program grows!

Where is my product displayed?

Your product is displayed at the top of the category corresponding to your product (it is defined upon product validation, according to the description of your product and the keywords you have entered). Your product is thus set apart from the rest of the page, through its larger format on the one hand, and an "\Advertisement\" notice on the other.

What is displayed?

Depending on reservations, your visibility will take up either a half-column next to another product in the same category, or an entire column width. The displayed items correspond to those which are already visible today in the product list: the product name, icon, or cover screenshot (if it is a theme) or its short description (if it is a module), rating, and price.

What is displayed?

Your ad appears above the sorting bar for the products listed on that page. Your product is differentiated from the rest of the page, first its size is larger than the products, second it will be denoted by a "Advertisement" heading.

Depending on the number of ads reserved, your ad will either be displayed on half the column width (next to another product in the same category) or across the entire column width. Elements shown correspond to those already visible today in the list of products: Product name, logo or screenshot (for templates), short description (for modules), rating and price.

I want to target my ad to specific countries.

Countries offered are automatically populated based on the information on your product sheet. We will offer more targeted advertising in the future.

How far in advance can I book an Ad Space?

The booking calendar is made available quarterly and one month in advance. Do not forget to check regularly to see if new week ranges are available for sale!

What are the prices?

To promote your product for a week in a front row category costs €150 if your product is only visible in some countries and €200 if is visible worldwide. This pricing is likely to evolve with the addition of new features to the existing service.

How can I showcase my modules/themes in PrestaShop Addons newsletters, on the marketplace home page, and in the PrestaShop Back Office?

The selection of products showcased on the Addons home page and in the PrestaShop Back Office is done on a case-by-case basis according to several criteria. This is done the same way as with showcasing in the PrestaShop Addons Newsletter, but your product must also correspond to one of the subjects set out for in the newsletter. For example, if you offer several modules on PrestaShop Addons which sell very regularly, have high ratings, and for which you offer support on a very regular basis, you can make a request to us via the contact form.


French Law to combat fraud (Article 88, NF525 Certification)

In order to combat VAT fraud related to the use of software enabling the concealment of revenue, the 2016 French finance law has instated a requirement for merchants and other professionals subject to VAT to register customer payments using a certified accounting or cash register system, starting on January 1, 2018.

To learn more about the implications of this law on your modules, consult our dedicated FAQ

Respecting third-party rights when publishing a module on the Addons Marketplace

I received a notification saying that my theme/module violates the rights of a third party. What must I do?

  • Case 1: PrestaShop sent you the notification that it received from a rights holder

    In this case, you will first be asked to contact the person who originally sent the notification to discuss the matter.

    If no agreement is reached between the parties within a reasonable time, and if third-party rights have clearly been violated, PrestaShop will suspend the disputed theme/module.

  • Case 2: You received a notification directly from the holder of the rights

    You must immediately inform PrestaShop so that we may dereference the disputed theme/module.

As a reminder, when you accept our General Terms and Conditions you guarantee that your themes/modules “are not in violation of or conflict with any copyright, patent, brand or any other intellectual property right belonging to a third party”. Please take note of this and, if necessary, contact the holder of the rights before publishing your themes/modules on our Marketplace.

I noticed on the theme/module Marketplace that a third party has been using a brand which belongs to me. What must I do?

As host, PrestaShop in principle does not check whether distinctive signs are used legitimately on the Addons marketplace.

You could also notify PrestaShop of the existence of the litigious content under the conditions specified by the law. If the notification is sent in due form and the content is clearly illegal, PrestaShop will dereference the disputed theme or module from its Marketplace.

Please note: reporting content or activity as illegal with the intention of having it withdrawn or its circulation ceased, despite being aware that this information is incorrect, is liable to one year's imprisonment and a fine of €15,000.


What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will come into effect on May 25th aims at unifying regulations related to data privacy policies in the European Union. This text reinforces people’s rights and imposes a new accountability logic on entities involved by requiring them to take the necessary, appropriate measures to ensure a suitable level of security when processing personal data.

For more information, you can read our GDPR white paper here.

Who is concerned?

GDPR is intended to apply to all processing of personal data, whether automated or manual. Processing of data is defined as an operation or set of operations carried out and applied to personal data or data sets (e.g. Collection, storage, modification, extraction, viewing, use, communication, destruction, etc.).
Personal data comprises all information relating to a natural person and enabling that person to be directly or indirectly identified (E.g. full name, email address, IP address, telephone number, location data, consumer habits, etc.).

The regulation concerns not only any European company, but also any company located outside this territory but processing personal data of European citizens.

What does it mean for the merchants’ customers?

The main requirements of this law include:

  • The right to access their personal data

  • The right to data portability

  • The right to obtain rectification and/or erasure of their personal data

  • The right to give and withdraw consent

What does it mean for PrestaShop merchants?

Merchants must ensure that their shops allow their customers to exercise all their rights in terms of the processing of personal data. E-merchants must therefore allow their customers:

  • to be informed of the collection and the purposes of the use of their data

  • to be able, when necessary, to give and withdraw their consent to the collection and processing of their personal data

  • to have access to them and to be able to obtain their portability and, in some cases, oppose their treatment and obtain their erasure

E-merchants must also:

  • Collect only the data necessary and relevant to the commercial purpose of the shop

  • Inform clients of data collection and their rights

  • Implement all technical and organizational measures to demonstrate that their practices comply with the GDPR

What does it mean for PrestaShop modules developers?

You, sellers, are likely to be affected by this regulation, since the products you sell on Addons are very likely to fulfill the conditions of application of the RGPD, namely:

  • Your products (modules, themes, email templates) collect personal data like identity, email address, IP address, telephone number, location data, consumption habits, etc.

  • The users of your products are located on the territory of the European Union, ie your products are listed on at least one of the EU countries.

What is PrestaShop doing to help you comply with GDPR?

In addition to the work being done to ensure our own compliance, PrestaShop developed new features to help both merchants and module developers comply with the main regulation’s requirements:

  • For the merchants’ customers:

    • The right to access their personal data

    • The right to data portability

    • The right to obtain rectification and/or erasure of their personal data

    • The right to give and withdraw consent

  • For the merchants, the obligation to keep a record of processing activities (especially for access, consent and erasure)

More precisely, the Official GDPR Compliance by PrestaShop Module brings those new features, available for 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7 versions. It should have no impact on the core software and should be compatible with most themes (custom ones included).

Our objective for this module is to handle customers’ personal data collected by the PrestaShop software, native modules and also community modules installed on PrestaShop stores. As a module developer, it will require some work on your side, but our module will bring the necessary tools to make updates easier :)

This module will provide new features for both store merchants and their customers and tools for modules’ developers to help them update their module for GDPR.

For more information, you can read our dedicated article on Build.

When will the RGPD module be available and which versions will it be compliant with?

The Official GDPR Compliance by PrestaShop Module is:

  • provided for free in all 1.7 versions;

  • available as a paid plugin on the Addons PrestaShop marketplace for 1.5 and 1.6 versions.

Are my products concerned?

Your products are affected by the law if:

  • They collect personal data (any information relating to a natural person that directly or indirectly enables him to be identified): identity, email address, IP address, phone number, localization, consumption habits, etc.

  • They collect personal data if you selected EU countries when listing your products on PrestaShop Addons, these products should be compliant.

What must I do to make my products comply with the law?

PrestaShop has been working for several months to make not only the software compatible, but also to ensure that you can make the products sold in the marketplace. PrestaShop is working on a 1.5 to 1.7 RGPD module that will provide new hooks to:

  • Register your module with the Official GDPR Compliance by PrestaShop Module,

  • Display user consent checkboxes,

  • Delete customer personal data,

  • Export personal data.

To know everything about you how to make your module compliant with PrestaShop’s Official GDPR Compliance Module, read our dedicated Build article.

How do merchants know which modules comply with the law?

In the section "Legal provisions" of each of your products, we invite you to declare:

  • If your product is not concerned (if it does not collect any personal data)

  • If it is concerned and conforms to the RGPD

  • If it is concerned and not in conformity.

The Addons marketplace’s customers will be able to recognize all the products conforming to the RGPD or not concerned by this one and to buy them with total peace of mind!

Caution: As a seller, you are solely responsible for the information provided to PrestaShop and merchants regarding the collection of personal data by your products. As such, you are liable for damages caused by false or misleading information delivered to the Merchant regarding your Addons.

This feature will be available in the first half of May.