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Listing my products on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace

Where can I find my modules/themes on PrestaShop Addons?

Every contributor has a page dedicated to his/her products. You can see this page directly via your Addons Seller Account by clicking on "My Products" in the Product page.

I don't see my module/theme on the marketplace anymore. What happened?

This might be because you're viewing products for a country where your module is not available. Try selecting the appropriate country or language (upper right corner) on the PrestaShop Addons.

If you still don't see your module, it may have been temporarily deactivated. We send emails when a module is deactivated with the reason why, so please check your inbox.

Feel free to reach out to us via our contact form if you need more information.

How do the ratings and comments work?

Ratings will be visible to everyone who views your module on the Addons Store.

Customer comments are sent directly to the module developer to help you improve your customer's experience.

On the Addons Marketplace, the product's average rating is only visible after the product has received at least 3 ratings. The average rating is kept current and only takes into account ratings from the last 6 months. The number of votes visible on the product sheet takes into account all module votes received since it was submitted to the Addons store.

The more ratings your module has, the more likely people will be to purchase your module, as opposed to a module that has no reviews. For this reason, we incentivize Addons Marketplace customers to leave reviews on the products they purchase- each time someone leaves a review on a product, we provide them a coupon code valid for 15 days which gives them 5% off their purchase of a module developed by PrestaShop. We encourage you to reach out to your clients and mention this discount so they leave ratings! You can mention this in your module documentation as well.

I received a bad products rating, nonetheless the customer did not even contact me to explain the problem

When a customer gives a rating less or equal to 3 (out of 5), you will receive an email through which you can contact the customer. Following your discussion, he/she may change the rating, if he wishes. So use this opportunity to make a good impression.

How can I list a free product on the Marketplace?

Currently, only our Industry Partners can list free modules. Find out more about our Industry Partner Program here.

Product Sales

How can I sell a pack of modules on the Addons Marketplace?

This feature is currently only available to our Agency Partners. Find out more about our Agency Partner Program here.

Are there other ways for me to market my module?

We periodically select modules to be promoted on our Newsletter, Home page, and within the PrestaShop Back-Office. This is done on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Addons team to make sure we provide an excellent experience for our Addons Marketplace customers and software users. To apply to be considered for this, please fill out our contact form.

Which license can I choose to sell my products on PrestaShop Addons?

Our software is developed under OSL (open software license), so modules should be developed under the open source AFL license, which is the only one compatible with the OSL.

Offering a paid-for after-sales service

What is Option Zen?

Option Zen is extended support for a product sold on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace. It applies to a single product and includes both support and updates for the product concerned.

Option Zen includes two services for the 12 months after buying the product:

- after-sales support during the period covered by the option,
- the major updates for the module.
- Zen option guarantees a maximum response time of 3 working days

Option Zen is available at a reduced price when the product is purchased.
It can also be purchased during the 12 months following product purchase, from the customer account.

What is the difference between Option Zen and Essential Support?

Essential Support is available for each module and theme sold on the PrestaShop Addons marketplace. It includes technical support for the product and minor updates for 90 days after purchasing the product.
Option Zen, however, is a paid service in addition to Essential Support. It includes technical support extended up to 12 months after the purchase date and also gives access to minor and major updates.

Does Option Zen replace the Serenity Option?

Option Zen replaces the Serenity Option.
Since launching Option Zen, it is no longer possible to offer the Serenity Option. However, all Serenity Options sold since the launch of Option Zen must be honored until they expire (12 or 24 months) and in the conditions the customer accepted when purchasing.

What makes Option Zen different from the Serenity Option or from unlimited support?

By putting a time limit on support, Option Zen limits your customers' rights as well as your obligations to them to a period of one year. This way, the support service is clearer and better defined for everyone.

Under what conditions can I offer Option Zen?

Currently, only Captain and Superhero contributors can offer an Option Zen for all of their modules and themes.
Should you lose your Captain or Superhero status, Option Zen is automatically deactivated for all of your products.
Even if you can no longer offer Option Zen for sale because of your status, you must provide technical support for all customers who signed up for this option.

At what price can I offer Option Zen?

Prices are between 15% and 80% of your module or theme's price. If your customer purchases Option Zen when buying a module or theme, they will have a discount that encourages them to sign up for it.

How do customers know that I offer Option Zen?

When adding a product to their cart, a pop-up window is displayed offering them Option Zen.

How do customers know that I offer Option Zen?

Do they have to buy it only when they buy the module/theme?

It is preferred that your customers sign up for Option Zen when they buy your product in order to get a better price.
They can still sign up from their customer account during the 12 months following their product purchase. Remember that if a customer buys Option Zen 10 months after buying their product, for example, they will only have access to technical support for 2 months at Option Zen's usual price (no discount will be offered for this type of case).

For the moment, customers cannot renew Option Zen. If, however, a customer wants to have access to updates after their Option ends, you can invite them to purchase a license for your module with Option Zen.

What does Option Zen include?

The following are included in Option Zen:

  • questions about using the module

  • solving technical problems related to the module and theme

What does Option Zen not include?

  • customization and specific development

  • installing the module

  • solving problems concerning third-party services, hosting, the server, or the PrestaShop software.

If a customer contacts you after the end of the 90 days of free support, you must help them if their technical problem is due to a minor update of your product.
However, if your module and/or theme was not installed or tested in the 90 days following purchase and the customer contacts you for a technical problem, they must then sign up for Option Zen so that you can offer them technical support.

How do I know if a customer has signed up for Option Zen?

This information is included in the header of the message that the customer sends:

How do I know if a customer has signed up for Option Zen?

Where can my customers sign up for Option Zen?

Your customers can sign up for Option Zen directly in their customer account, in the corresponding sub-tab of the "Support and updates" tab.

Where can my customers sign up for Option Zen?

What happens if the module was refunded?

The customer will no longer have access to Option Zen and cannot sign up for it.

Option Zen can be refunded if the product is refunded in the 2 months following purchase of the product, as stated in the T&Cs.

When can I propose Option Zen?

A retailer contacts you for a technical problem with a product even though they bought it over 90 days ago and without Option Zen? Help them by sending them an email inviting them to sign up for this option! Simply direct them to their customer account, the "Support and updates" tab and the corresponding sub-tab (Expired) to purchase the option.

Additionally, outside of any Option Zen and Essential Support, here are some typical examples for which you should offer free technical support:

  • the customer contacts you after a minor update for your product: when updating it, an error occurred, you should help them. This type of error is covered free-of-charge as part of basic support included in all modules and themes,

  • the customer contacts you within the 90 days of support but solving their problem takes longer than expected.

If my status does not allow me to offer Option Zen and one of my customers contacts me after 90 days, am I no longer obligated to solve their problem?

Indeed, after 90 days you no longer offer free support. However, in certain cases, you will need to extend your support after 90 days:

  • The customer contacts you after a minor update for your module: when updating it, an error occurred, you should help them.Indeed, this type of error is covered free-of-charge as part of basic support included in all modules and themes,

  • the customer contacts you within the 90 days of support but solving their problem takes longer than expected.

Customer Orders and Refunds

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are mainly a result of PayPal litigations or rejected bank payments.
If you frequently receive requests for refunds, we suggest that you improve your product sheet by making sure the content is accurate and clearly specify the functionality the module or theme provides.
Check our Terms and Conditions for Contributors for more information.

My client can't download my product even though they received an invoice.

This happens when we are waiting for additional identification from this client to verify that the order is not fraudulent. As soon as the customer provides us identification in the form of an ID, they will be able to download the product.
Customers might also contact you because the module does not appear instantaneously in the "Downloads" section of their accounts. In this case, simply ask tell them to wait a few moments, to allow time for our system to link the purchase of the customers' accounts to the products they have purchased.

My Seller Account

I would like to change my Addons Seller Account currency.

All transactions (sales and payments) are made in the EUR currency and can’t be changed.

I don’t receive emails regarding my seller account anymore.

Please check to see if they are going to your Spam folder, and double check your Seller account to ensure that there are no typos in the email address.

If this doesn’t work, your email address may have been blocked by our emails router. In this case, you can either change you seller account email address, or reach out to us via the contact form so we can contact our emails router.

I have been banned from PrestaShop Addons. What happened?

Accounts are banned when they infringe one or more rules from our General Terms of Sales.
Your products won’t be available for purchase and you cannot submit new products for sale, but you should still continue to provide support to customers who have already purchased your products. Contributors who fail to provide support will have their products refunded to the client and will not receive their payout.

Bans can be permanent or temporary. We encourage you to review the Terms and Conditions for Contributors to be aware of the types of activity that can cause accounts to become banned.

What changes can I make that does not require my product to be reviewed again?

You can change the price or the icon of all your modules easily from the Product Page of your Addons Seller account. None of these changes need to be approved by our team.

Why hasn’t my module/theme been approved?

You automatically receive a message each time your product or product sheet has not been approved.
If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us directly from the “contact us” button on the email you received. This button will send your request directly to the appropriate department and will expedite the process.

How can I collect the payout for the sales of my products?

Go to your Seller account, click on the amount of your sales at the top of the page, then click on the "Cashable Balance", this is the amount you can collect from your sales, based on 2 conditions:

  • The sales need to be at least 45 days old.

  • The overall amount of the Cashable Balance needs to be higher than €100.

If these conditions are not met, the "Cashable Balance" will be €0 and you’ll need to wait a bit before you can collect your payout.

The overall amount of your sales is shown on the "Balance" (left block of the same page).

You can only receive your money after you send us an invoice.

Expertise Ranking

What is it?

The Expertise Addons scale is a set of statuses corresponding to criteria for customer satisfaction.

Expertise Ranking

Every Monday, your status is calculated based on these criteria. Seniority and rankings are based on your entire PrestaShop Addons seller history. In contrast, the support quality is calculated over the last 6 months. Your status does not take into account changes that occur the week prior to the calculation of status (as you may not have enough time to answer your last support questions).

What is it for?

To get an optimal customer satisfaction, we aim above all to highlight the quality of our catalog and services that we offer.
The expertise ranking serves both as a trust and experience indicator to our customers and also as guidelines for our contributors.

On your seller account dashboard, you can see the areas for improvement to climb the ranks to become Conqueror, Captain or even Superhero.
For now, the status is only displayed in the seller account; in January 2016, your status will be displayed on your products sheets and customers can use layered navigation to filter products by seller status.
To sum it up, the expertise ranking is the opportunity for you to:

  • Highlight your products in our catalog;

  • Showcase your dedication to customers and gain competitive advantage;

  • Multiply your sales because merchants will know they can trust you!

What is "Support quality?"

Support quality takes into consideration the following:

  • Response rate: it is important for customers to get a response to their questions. Of course we take into account that the seller cannot always have the last word; therefore, you won't be penalized if you don't answer the last customer's email, when they may be thanking you without asking more!

  • Average response time;

  • Support rating by the customer who rates both the speed of your reply and its quality.

Products’ Skill Level

What is it about?

The skill level indicates to your customers the technical level required to install and use your module, theme or e-mail template.

¿Qué es el nivel de competencia?

Hay 3 niveles de competencia:

  • Fácil de usar: un producto básico que todo el mundo puede configurar fácilmente.

  • Intermedio: el producto requiere una configuración mínima para funcionar con normalidad.

  • Avanzado: el producto requiere una configuración más compleja.

Every monday, the skill level of your product is calculated depending on your customers’ votes.

What’s the point?

The purpose of skill levels is to better inform customers and reassure them in the purchase process: as this skill level is defined by users themselves, your potential customers get an additional reinsurance item when they buy your product… the best way to decrease your refund requests due to the potential complexity of your product.

How a level of competency is assigned?

The skill level is not defined by PrestaShop but by the product’s users themselves.

  1. To display a skill level on your product sheet, the number of votes has to be superior or equal to 10.

  2. A customer can vote only if he has bought or downloaded (free modules) the product.

  3. Customers vote at the same time as they rate your product.

The skill level displayed on a product sheet corresponds to the level with the highest number of votes except in the following specific cases:

  • Particular case 1: equality between 3 levels


Number of votes


Fácil de usar












When votes are distributed equally between 3 badges (33%), the badge displays an Intermediate level. Customers can see the voting pattern on mouse-hover.

  • Particular case 2: equality between 2 levels


Number of votes


Fácil de usar












In case of equality between two levels, we attribute the highest one. In this example, the badge displays an Intermediate level. Customers can see the voting pattern on mouse-hover.



What is PrestaTrust?

PrestaTrust is the first Trust Label for PrestaShop modules.

PrestaTrust is not a Digital Rights Management (DRM) tool: no coding or encryption of modules, no blocking the installation of a module.

PrestaTrust is a tool which guarantees the traceability of a module’s life cycle: submission, updates and sales.

Their traceability is based on the blockchain Ethereum. This securely confirms the authentication of the module and its sales.

This means you can:

  • Ensure real trust with your customers;

  • Save time by only providing after-sales service on purchased licenses;

  • Increase visibility by adding the PrestaTrust badge on product pages.

Which products does PrestaTrust apply to?

For now, only modules that are available at a fee and 1.7 compatible can use the PrestaTrust option.

How can I get the PrestaTrust badge?

How can I get the PrestaTrust badge?

To get the benefits of PrestaTrust for your modules, it’s very simple:

Go to the PrestaTrust tab of your contributor account, create a PrestaTrust account and follow the instructions!

To be certified, your modules must:

  1. Be 1.7 compatible;

  2. Be updated according to the instructions provided. This update will be subject to a technical validation by our team, like all theme or module updates.

Once it is validated, the badge will automatically be displayed on your product page.

How can I get the PrestaTrust badge?

How much does the PrestaShop option cost?

To get the certification you must agree to pay an extra 0.8% commission on each sale of a PrestaTrusted module.

This commission is 0.7% for module designer partners.

Boost my products with the AdService

How can I book an ad?

Go to the booking space where more instructions await! Select the time frame (week) for when you want to push your product; country(ies) listed in your product sheet will be automatically selected. We will provide more options as this program grows!

Where is my product displayed?

Your product is displayed at the top of the category of your choosing when you purchase the ad. For now, the default category is the one that best fits your product based on the keywords provided on your product sheet. We will offer new display options soon!

What is displayed?

Your ad appears above the sorting bar for the products listed on that page. Your product is differentiated from the rest of the page, first its size is larger than the products, second it will be denoted by a "Advertisement" heading.

What is displayed?

Depending on the number of ads reserved, your ad will either be displayed on half the column width (next to another product in the same category) or across the entire column width. Elements shown correspond to those already visible today in the list of products: Product name, logo or screenshot (for templates), short description (for modules), rating and price.

I want to target my ad to specific countries.

Countries offered are automatically populated based on the information on your product sheet. We will offer more targeted advertising in the future.

How far in advance can I book an Ad Space?

The booking calendar is made available quarterly and one month in advance. Do not forget to check regularly to see if new week ranges are available for sale!

What are the prices?

To promote your product for a week in a front row category costs €150 if your product is only visible in some countries and €200 if is visible worldwide. This pricing is likely to evolve with the addition of new features to the existing service.

I cannot book an Ad Space.

Contact us!