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PrestaShop Integration Fund FAQ

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What is the Integration Fund?

The Integration Fund is a $ 1.000.000 outstanding Program rewarding a selected bunch of developers by awarding them funding to develop high-quality local modules for PrestaShop.

Who can apply to the Integration Fund?

Anyone! Current Addons contributors as well as new contributors are welcome to apply to our Integration Fund.

What types of modules can be submitted?

We are specifically looking to fund local modules all over the world. The following categories are our priorities:

  • Payment

  • Shipping & Logistics

  • Marketplaces

  • Administration (ie. local ERP)

However, we are open to any opportunity. Do not hesitate to suggest what you think can be useful to make our merchants' success.

What are the conditions for a project to be selected by the Fund?

  • The module is local, i.e. specific to a localized market and available in a precise list of countries

  • The module is missing on PrestaShop Addons

  • The module makes life easier for our merchants and their customers

What is the application and selection process?

To be selected by the Fund, you need to have an Addons Seller account. You can create your account here. If you already have an Addons Seller account, we encourage you to use this account to apply to the Fund. We will get in touch with you via your Seller account to discuss and assess your project.

For a project to be selected, we agree on functional and technical specificities as well as the amount of the funding corresponding to the project. Then it is over to you to develop your module in 90 days max. Afterwards, your module goes through the validation process of PrestaShop Addons.

The funding is awarded after a 45-day period of online presence of the module on PrestaShop Addons. During this time, we will ensure you deliver the right support and customer service experience we expect from our contributors.

Right after this period, if everything goes well as it should, you receive the funding and the revenues from sales.

Where can I find guidelines to develop my module?

You may find several resources to help you develop a module that fits well to our software and requirements.

  • The Developer Guide on PrestaShop Addons

    • Log in with your contributor account

      • Seller Account

        • Products

          • New Module

            • Developer Guide

  • 4 code templates of modules on PrestaShop Validator

    • Log in with your contributor account

      • Seller Account

        • Module Generator

          • Generic Module

          • Payment Module

          • Shipping Module

          • Service Module

  • Proceed to a first check of your module's code through the PrestaShop Validator before submitting your module to our validation team.

Is the validation process different?

The validation steps are the same, but we will be more demanding in terms of technical, functional and marketing quality as we will value this work through the payment of the funding.

What is the contributor's revenue model?

The Integration Fund gives contributors access to a new revenue model in 2 steps:

1. The funding

Its amount will depend on the level of complexity and the category of the module. We will make sure to award the fairest funding amounts on a case-by-case basis.

2. The share on module sales

The contributor receives 30% of the revenues on the module's sales until the total of PrestaShop's commissions reaches the amount of the awarded funding, then 70% on all following sales.

How do I collect my funding (financial advance)?

In your seller account, a new button called "Integration Fund Advance" will appear under the “Balance” button. Click on that new button to claim the collection of the funding. You collect this funding granted by the Integration Fund without sending an invoice.

No invoice is needed because it is an advance (money that is granted and paid back as the module generates sales) and not a remuneration. The advance is not a payment. As an invoice is only needed when a payment takes place, no invoice is needed.

The accounting regularization is updated and made visible on each invoice of module sales (see below).

How do I collect the payout for the sales of my module?

In your seller account, a new button called "Integration Fund Cashable Balance" will appear under the “Cashable Balance” button. Click on that new button to claim the collection of the payout for the sales of your funded module(s).

When you hit the “Send Request” button, the corresponding invoice is automatically generated and you can download it from your seller account.

Why has my application been refused?

We will always answer to tell a contributor why the project has been refused.

The best projects will be selected on the sole discretion of PrestaShop, who will evaluate the projects proposed according to several criteria. If your application is refused, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Such a module already exists

  • Such a module is already in development

  • The module is outside the scope of the Integration Fund

Can I submit a theme via the Integration Fund?

No you can't. The Integration Fund is 100% dedicated to helping contributors develop local modules.

Integration Fund Rules

For more information on the Integration Fund, you can read the Integration Fund Rules.