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Ask for a Quote (devis) Module

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PrestaShop v1.4.0.0 - v1.6.0.9
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Add the possibility for visitors and clients to ask and submit quotes regarding any product, and bargain for the best price. Recommended for catalog mode enabled shops (not mandatory)!

Merchant Benefits

FACT: hiding a price does not mean that sales are turned off!
With this module you can easely transform visitors into buyers, by letting them submit quotes and bargain for a good price. Specially if they want to purchase a whole lot of your goods!
Remember, if the final price is their price (agreed by you), will automatically give them an "i won" feeling, and a happy visitor, is most certainly a buyer!
If this is what you're after, this is the module you need: squeeze out the maximum from your shop and product presentation website with a quotation and price bargain module!



Front office features
  • users can ask price details about products
  • My Quotes is added to My Account list
  • Quotes sidebox - aka "Quotes Cart"
  • animated add to quote cart effect
  • quantity is also saved (even when Presta is in catalog mode)
  • attributes, colors and reference is also saved
  • email is sent to both client and admin with quote details
  • client and admin can bargain on price
  • quotes have statuses: agreed or not agreed (set by admin)
  • one page login / register (just as one page checkout) with fast register (OPC)
  • module is PrestaShop 1.5 compatible
  • module is Prestabox compatible (install with and easy ZIP upload)
  • added category permission (quote button is present only in selected categories)
  • guest checkout option
  • added terms and conditions
  • quantity change on overview page
  • header cart block for one column design theme compatibility
  • instant submit option for logged in clients
  • bargain email alerts for both client and admin
  • module is responsive under Prestashop 1.6
  • NEW: added quote groups with total original and bargain price calculation
  • NEW: quote group naming and message to seller at submit page
Back office options
  • separate menupoint under Orders tab is automatically added
  • admin can also bargain on the price
  • Quote status can be set as "Agreed" if sides agree (client cannot bargain anymore)
  • Fast checkout can be enabled / disabled
  • Guest checkout can be enabled / disabled
  • Terms and Conditions can be filled in multilanguage format and can be set as mandatory or not
  • category management
  • bargain option can be toggled (enabled / disabled)
  • NEW: multiple and custom receiver email addresses can be set

Customer Benefits

Your clients have the possibility to ask details about certain products. The process is very similar to the normal "Add to cart - Submit order" one, but obviously there is no checkout involved.
They can bargain a price for their choosen products, and this increases the chances of purchase, since the final price was suggested and agreed by them too!

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PrestaShop v1.4.0.0 - v1.6.0.9






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