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XML Feeds Pro

Модуль XML Feeds Pro

Разработал Community developer
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This module export products into xml files. You can share your database with other persons. Compatible with Google, Facebook, Siroop, Skroutz, Xikixi, Fruugo, Hansabay and others.

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Конверсии Стимулирование B2B-торговли

This "XML Feeds Pro" module generates “Prestashop” products and categories xml feeds.  
With this module you can share your database with other persons. If your database is big, you can enable cache, split to smaller feeds.
You can show only this fields, which you wish.
You need just select fields and enter a name (or leave default).
If the data is confidential you can add password on your xml feed. If you are using a system of affiliates, you can track connections in statistics page (ip address, affiliate name, date).
Also using affiliate systems can provide different prices to different users.
You only need to enter the formula for calculating the price (ex. Price - 15 or Price + (Price * 19 / 100)).
There is the option to display products only from selected categories (select from categories tree).
By default our module has compatibility with Google Shopping (Merchant Center), Facebook Marketing API, Siroop, Skroutz, Xikixi, Fruugo and Hansabay. Of course, if you want you can always change the settings by yourself.


  • Export products to an XML file
  • Export categories to an XML file
  • Enable / Disable xml feeds
  • Enable / Disable cache
  • Add a password on the xml feed
  • Enable / Disable fields
  • Change field names
  • Drop html tags
  • Add cdata
  • Show elements in one line or use xml branch
  • Add elements in xml file header and footer
  • Add extra lines to an XML file
  • Download xml feed
  • Export all Products/Categories or only enabled
  • Get connections statistics
  • Select active products categories
  • Create an unlimited feeds
  • Add an affiliate prices
  • Category tree (Man > Tops > T-shirts)
  • XML feed from CRON or URL
  • Enable / Disable export only active or in stock products
  • cronjob (crontab)
  • Compatible with Google Shopping (Merchant Center)
  • Compatible with Facebook Marketing API 
  • Compatible with Skroutz
  • Compatible with Siroop
  • Compatible with Xikixi
  • Compatible with Fruugo
  • Compatible with Hansabay
  • Filter by price, category, supplier, manufacture or your custom product list
  • Crontab (cronjob)
  • Insert Google categories
  • Export product Attributes (separately or grouped) and Features
  • Split products by combinations

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Добавить "XML Feeds Pro" в корзину вместе с:

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  • Только для Facebook. Модуль для максимально эффективного отслеживания конверсий. Отслеживание всех событий (оформление заказов, регистрации, просмотр ключевых страниц...), Индивидуально настроенные аудитории, Динамическа


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The installation of module is very simple. Login to Prestashop admin panel, click on “Modules” tab. Then click “Add a new module” link and upload “XML Feeds Pro” module. After this just click “Install” button and it is done.

Что нового в версии 2.5.15(2018-05-13)

  • Split products by combinations
  • Compatible with Siroop
  • Compatible with Fruugo

О разработчике

Community developer

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  • Разработано Top Developer
  • Документация включена
  • Совместимость v1.2.0.0 - v1.7.4.0

  • Версия 2.5.15 (2018-05-13)

  • Доступно на en

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