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V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.6
De V1.6.0.4 à V1.7.8.6

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Retargeting offers a vast array of automated and fully personalized services as Facebook and Google Ads, personalized emails, SMS, pop-ups and on-site product recommendations based on machine learning.

Les plus de ce produit

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All-in-One marketing platform for your e-commerce

We know how difficult it is for you to handle marketing activities for your business and have great results. Our mission is to make e-commerce easy for you and your customers.

With one easy-to-use app, you will be able to strengthen your marketing strategy and reach your goals in no time.
With Retargeting Biz, online shops get 100% automated ads, up to 15% better Conversion Rate, up to 20% better Average Order Value (AOV) and time spent on the website, and up to 100% higher sales.

The key benefits for online stores that implement the Retargeting Bis solution are closely linked to marketing campaign automation and personalisation, centralised marketing channel management, quickly and simply by means of a single platform, as well as resource optimisation.

On the one hand, human resources are enhanced because of the lesser time spent on setting up and managing marketing campaigns; less graphic design and content are needed. On the other hand, financial resources are brought to full potential since ads are automated and the use of personalised content improves Conversion Rate, Retention Rate, and Average Order Value. Moreover, personalised content gives website visitors and subscribers a more useful and beautiful user experience. Products:

Dynamic Ads - Everything you need to launch effective Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads that make people buy your products. No marketing training is required! With automatic product catalog creation and update, image resizing, animated ads, Bounce & Buyers exclusion & real-time optimisation, the Dynamic Ads have up to 54% better performance compared to ads created and optimised manually.

Triggered emails – Optimise your conversion rate and create a sense of urgency that makes customers act now with behavioural campaigns. With over 15 scenarios and access to a variety of marketing channels such as personalised emails, behavioural pop-ups, push notifications, and SMS campaigns, the Retargeting Campaigns give you everything you need to run professional marketing campaigns and increase your online store’s conversion rate!

Dynamic Newsletter – Get fully personalised content in your smart automated newsletter. Are you ready to relax and watch visitors happily returning to you and converting? We have the perfect combo! Automated newsletters with personalised content for unique customer experiences. Because we know how much you value your clients.

SMS - Reach your customers wherever they are!
Emails can go unread for days and phone calls can go unanswered for hours. But text messages are read almost immediately after they’re sent. In fact, about 98% of SMS messages are opened within 3 minutes after receiving them.

Recommendation Engine - Personalise your online shop for each customer. Our Artificial Intelligence displays customers the content they are interested in. With over 12 placements including Homepage banners, Homepage, Thank you Page, Product page and many more, your clients will get the products they want and you make more money.

Each type of message can be customised by you, to better suit every need that you might have. The setup process is very easy, needing only to set up the rules and message templates once, while the rest will be done automatically by Retargeting.

Pop-ups act as professional salespersons. They tap visitors on their shoulders and ask if they can be of any assistance. They are effective because they eliminate distractions and provide users with last-chance offers.

Multi testing and Analytics

If you are passionate about A/B testing, Retargeting offers a comprehensive multi testing feature, where you can test any number of message versions that you want. You can make and test multiple message modifications at the same time, in order to determine a winning version based on live results. You can then choose the winning version either manually or you can let the platform make the choice based on the results.

Retargeting has also an integrated dashboard that gives you access to key metrics related to your retargeting campaigns. You can easily track the performance of your campaigns and compare the results with your website traffic, from one unified dashboard.


Retargeting was launched in 2013, is currently used by 3000+ stores worldwide, and has already achieved some incredible results. The success stories can be read here:


Retargeting offers various monthly subscription packages that vary in value based on the products the user chooses and the monthly session of the online store.

Ce que vos clients aimeront

  • A single unified platform for all your marketing efforts
  • No technical skill required for Facebook Pixel and Product Catalog integration
  • No technical skill required for Remarketing Tag and Product Feed integration
  • Use Machine Learning and proprietary optimization scripts
  • Reduce repetitive tasks with the help of automation
  • Automatically Profile and Segment users according to behavior and placement in the sales funnel
  • Deliver personalized recommendation to each user
  • Get better-targeted ads campaigns, with a lower CPA
  • Bounce audience excluded automatically from your Google and Facebook Ads
  • Enjoy higher quality/relevance score on your Google and Facebook Ads
  • Automatically created and updated keywords on Google Search based on website index
  • Automatically defined negative keywords based on cost and conversion rate on Google Search Ads
  • Ads optimized automatically for the best time of day, location, device, gender, age, browser


To use Retargeting with your Prestashop store you will need a Retargeting account. You can make an account here:
The extension’s settings are available via Modules > Analytics and Stats > Retargeting Tracker > Configure.
Setup Domain API Key
Go to your Retargeting Account ->
Navigate to Settings > Docs & API
Select & copy Retargeting API Key
Go to your Prestashop Store Admin Panel > Modules > Analytics and Stats > Retargeting Tracker > Configure
Paste Retargeting API Key
Click Save
Setup Discount API Key
Go to your Retargeting Account ->
Navigate to Settings > Docs & API and copy API Key
Select & copy API Key
Go to your Prestashop Store Admin Panel > Modules > Analytics and Stats > Retargeting Tracker > Configure
Paste Domain API Key
Click Save
Setup Help Pages
Go to your Prestashop Store Admin Panel > Modules > Analytics and Stats > Retargeting Tracker > Configure
Select all Help pages of the site (e.g. Contact, FAQ, Help, How to Order?)
Click Save
There are no Retargeting Tracker extensions under my Modules > Analytics and Stats.
Clear the store cache, browser cookies, and logout then login again.

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V 1.0.5

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Google Dynamic Ads
Create automated, personalized Google display and search ads. Activate now with a daily budget starting with 5 EUR/Campaign.
• up to 57% better click-through rate
• up to 30% lower cost per acquisition
• up to 20X increase in revenue
Campaigns type:
• Dynamic Search Ads
• Remarketing for Dynamic Search Ads
• Abandoned Cart Remarketing
• Visitors Remarketing
• Similar Audiences
• Trending Now
• Smart Shopping Ads
• Shopping Ads
• Remarketing Shopping Ads

Facebook and Instagram Dynamic Ads
Create automated, personalized Facebook & Instagram dynamic ads. Activate now with a daily budget starting with 5 EUR/Campaign.
• up to 57% better click-through rate
• up to 40% lower cost-per-acquisition
Campaigns type:
• Visitors Remarketing
• Abandoned Cart Remarketing
• Custom Targeting
• Buyer Lookalike Targeting
• E-mail List Engagement
• Page Engagement
• Trending Now
• Collection Ads
• Facebook & Instagram Stories
• Cross-Sell

Personalized Emails
Target website visitors according to their distinct interests.
Metrics - Avg. Open Rate - 22.18%, Avg. CTR - 28.11%, Avg. CVR - 5.61%.
Campaigns type:
• Cart Abandonment
• Cart Abandonment Similar Products
• Product Follow-up
• Category Follow-up
• Bounce Follow-up
• Cross-sell
• Price Alert
• Inactivity
• Tell a Friend
• Dynamic Subscription
• Social Sale
• FAQ & Help
• Happy Birthday
• Wishlist

Behavioral Pop-ups
For first-time visitors or unknown users.
Metrics - Avg. CTR - 6.31%, Avg. CVR - 13.64%.
Campaigns type:
• Cart Abandonment on exit intent
• Product Recommender
• Newsletter Subscription

Push Notifications
Metrics - Avg. CTR - 1.03%, Avg. CVR - 1.9%.
Individual Push Notifications
• Cart Abandonment
• Product Follow-up
• Category Follow-up
• Bounce Follow-up
• Cross-sell
• Inactivity
• Price Alert

Recommendation Engine
AI for website personalization in real-time. See below which pages of the store can be personalized. Currently in BETA.
• Homepage
• Category Page
• Product Page
• Cart Page
• Search Page
• Out-of-stock Page
• 404 Page
• Thank you page

Nouveautés de la version 1.0.5(01/10/2021)

  • php 7.1 bug fixing

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