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Sample Product | Try Before Purchase

Sample Product | Try Before Purchase Module

Developed by Webkul
Best seller
V1.6.0.V4 - 8.0.0
From V1.6.0.4 to V8.0.0


Boost customer satisfaction and increase conversions by offering product samples in your store. Let customers order samples before buying the actual product. You can choose to charge for product samples or offer them for free.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Provides a product suitable to your customers' needs
1. MultiShop
Prestashop Sample Product module is MultiShop compatible.

2. Offer Sample Products
Let your customers try the product before purchase which helps them know about the product's quality and make them feel more confident.

3. Price of Sample Product
PrestaShop Sample Product extension enables you to associate samples with your standard and virtual products. And can charge in different ways for sample products. So, it allows you to set the price of a sample product in five different ways.
  • Product Standard Price - Charge the actual price of the product for its sample.
  • Deduct Fix Amount from Product Price - Set the custom amount to be deducted from the product's actual selling price. The price of the sample product will be product price minus custom amount.
  • A percentage of product price - Set a fixed percentage of the product price that you would like to charge for the sample product.
  • Custom Price - Set the custom price that a customer needs to pay to purchase the sample product.
  • Free: Provide the sample product for free to try the product.

4. Bulk Assign
Assign the sample product in bulk by searching the product by product’s name, category, brand, and supplier.

5. Set Weight and Carriers
This extension allows admin to set the weight of the sample product as not everyone wants to offer samples of products in the same quantity they are offering in its standard product. Also, set the particular carrier to ship the sample products.

6. Global Sample
Configure the global sample settings to offer a sample on all the products in the catalog.

7. Guest Users
Allow guest users to buy the sample product on your store.

8. Sample Quantity
Set the maximum quantity of the sample product a user can buy in a single cart.

What your customers will like

  • Customers get a chance to try the products and experience them before deciding to buy.
  • Gain the confidence of customers by letting them check the product's quality prior to purchase. 
  • Enhance customer satisfaction.


  • Go to the back office-> modules -> Upload a module
  • Upload zip file of ‘Sample Product’
  • The module will automatically get installed on your Prestashop


Note: "In case of any discrepancy, the functionalities/features of the module written in the English language will be final"

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V1.6.0.4 - V8.0.0

Compatibility MultiShop 

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V 5.3.0

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Additional Information & Product Tab


  • The module is multi-shop compatible.
  • Provide a sample of your existing products to customers.
  • Customers can try a product before purchasing it.
  • Admin can allow/restrict the guest users to buy sample products.
  • Either define a price for your sample products or offer free samples.
  • Limit the number of samples a customer can purchase.
  • Choose to show or hide the quantity selector for the sample product.
  • Assign weight and carriers to the sample products.
  • Assign sample products in bulk.
  • Admin can choose to follow the particular settings or global settings while enabling the offering sample for a particular product.
  • Customize the text and the background color of the ‘buy sample’ button.
  • Now, customers can order samples of any combination of the product.
  • Configure global settings to offer a sample of all the products in the catalog.
  • Enable/disable tax on the purchase of a sample product.
  • Offer samples for virtual products too.
  • Upload another file for a sample virtual product for preview.
  • The main product can not be added while its sample is already in the cart.
  • A new label to notify sample products will show in the cart.
  • Buyers can even choose the quantity of sample products.


Q. Do I need to configure all products one by one?
A: No, you can enable and configure global sample settings which will provide a sample for all products.

Q: Can I exclude individual product from global sample settings?
A: Yes, you can choose to disable sample or define unique sample settings on a particular product.

Q: Global sample settings apply to all products, what happens if I assign different sample settings to some products from bulk assign page?
A: The global settings will be ignored and bulk settings will apply on these products.

Q: What is the effect of setting different weight for sample product?
A: The weight is used to determine shipping cost for carriers having weight based ranges. So in this case, the shipping cost will differ for sample and standard version of this product.

Q. Is it possible to purchase a sample and standard version of the same product together?
A: The general answer is no, you cannot purchase a sample and standard version of the same product or combination. However, you can purchase a sample of one combination and standard of other combination of the same product together.

Q. Does purchasing sample product affect standard product quantity?
A: This is configurable setting in the module. You can enable/disable to update the stock if the sample is ordered.

Q: Is it multi shop compatible?
A: Yes, the module supports the multi shop feature of PrestaShop. 
Q: Samples are chargeable or one can offer for free?
A: It totally depends on how admin wants it. The admin can charge for product samples or he can also offer them for free. 
Q: Can we apply sample functionality to all the products of catalog in one go?
A: Yes, you can do the same with the help of this module.
Q: Is it possible to offer samples for virtual products?
A: Yes, you can offer a sample functionality for your virtual products too.   

Q: How the customer would know if the product is available for the sample?
A: On the product page, the customer will see a button to buy sample of that product. 
Q: Can guest users also buy sample product?
A: The admin can allow/restrict the guest users to buy sample product.  
Q: Is a sample of any particular combination of a product can be purchased?
A: The customers can order sample of any combination of the product. 
Q: How can we distinguish sample product from other products in the cart?
A: A new label to notify sample product will show in cart. 


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What's New in Version 5.3.0(11/23/2022)

  • PrestaShop 8 compatible
  • Now can select different carriers for sample products
  • Now bulk assign sample settings to products
  • Fixed sample details in order details page
  • Correct order carriers in admin order details page
  • Now can select different weight for sample products

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