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Android Mobile App Builder

moduł Android Mobile App Builder

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Get your own PrestaShop Android Mobile App for your eCommerce website& let your users purchase on the app. No monthly subscription or hidden fee involved. Easy to setup and configure. Go native & start targeting mobile audience.

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Developing native PrestaShop Android App is a lot easier now than it seems!

The PrestaShop Android Mobile App Builder is the most advanced & automated solution designed to provide you flawless apps in 1-2 days. Catering to worldwide mobile shoppers & enhancing the revenue of your store depends on the fact that whether you own an Android app or not.
The Android Mobile App Builder for PrestaShop is a perfect no-code mobile app solution which eases the app development & management for you. Instead of relying on other developers, get complete app control into your hands & let the world shop with your app. The conversion & user retention rate of mobile apps is way high as compared to a desktop website. Providing an intuitive Android app interface enhances user shopping experience & closes more sales for you. The mobile apps with PrestaShop Android App Maker are fully tested under experts & professional supervision.
-------------------> Why PrestaShop Android App Builder? <-------------------
The numerous benefits with your Android apps are the reasons why you should choose this native mobile app solution. See for yourself:
** One-time Payment **
The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker for Android offers an affordable one-time payment. No hidden charges or monthly subscriptions are involved with this addon.
** Complete Admin Panel Access **
The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder offers an admin panel with a pair of mobile apps. The complete app functioning lies into the hands of store admin.
** Highly Customizable **
The Mobile App Creator for PrestaShop is fully customizable to all sorts of custom changes & module integration.
** Free 3-months Support **
The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator for Android offers 3-months of free of cost support. Any issue with your mobile app (if happens) during this period is on us
** Budget-friendly Price **
The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder comes with a budget friendly price range. You can get an amazing Android app at a fair price.
-------------> Process to develop a PrestaShop Android App <----------------
Step 1: Purchase PrestaShop Android Mobile App Builder & install the zip file on your store.
Step 2: Share all your Android app specifications & requirements through our pre-requisites form.
Step 3: Get developed APKfile & publish the same on the Google Play Store.
Note: If you face any issues while publishing an Android app on Google Play Store, we are 24*7 available for all sorts of assistance
--------------> Your PrestaShop Android App impact sales <----------------
** Increased User Engagement **
Your PrestaShop Mobile App Maker for Android targets worldwide Android device users & takes your store straight to their pockets. Thus, it engages more users to your store & enhances sales.
** Low Cart Abandonment **
Shopping with a desktop browser is a quite old stream. The Android Shopping App for your PrestaShop website offers an easier & intuitive experience to the users & ensures successful orders.
** Easy Branding & Promotion **
The PrestaShop Android App is the perfect tool to brand & promote your store products & deals. Getting instant user attention is so seamless with eCommerce mobile app.


--------------------> Customizable Home Screen Layout <-----------------------
Alluring Color & Font Choices: The PrestaShop Mobile App Maker for Android offers alluring color & font options to choose from. You can offer theme, background, button color of your app to enhance look & feel of your app.
Customizable Home Screen: Your Android App would be open to all sorts of configuration & customization. The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder offers the following attributes to design the home screen of your app:
  • Top Categories
  • Square, Sliding & Grid Banner
  • Square, Sliding & Grid Products
  • Countdown Timer Banner
  • Recently Viewed Products
All the above-listed elements can be used to craft & save various theme&festival based home screen layouts. Also, the positioning of various elements can be altered just by drag & drop.
Brand Recognition: Showcasing your store logo on the header of the Android app will popularize your store among the mobile user base.
-------------------------->Uncluttered User Interface <----------------------------
Seamless Product & Category Screens: The PrestaShop Mobile App for Android come up with well-crafted product & category screens which makes eCommerce shopping app fun for users. The products are listed with proper image & description & category screens have both grid & listing view.
Multiple Filtering & Sorting Options: Various filter & sort options based on price, color, size etc. are available on the category screen of PrestaShop Mobile App Maker. The online shopper gets desired products among a long list of products.
Quick Login Options: Various login options in your app makes the user authentication easier. The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator for Android offers Google, Facebook, OTP & Fingerprint login options.
Voice Search: The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator offers an advanced voice search option in the Android app to make product search more facile.
Swipe Product Browsing: The PrestaShop Android App allows the users to browse your app products just by swiping right & left on the product screen.
Multi-lingual & RTL Support: Various multi-lingual & RTL (Right To Left) languages are supported on PrestaShop Mobile Apps as well. This allows you to expand the reach of your online business worldwide.
Tablet & Mobile Support: The eCommerce Android app for PrestaShop support multiple screen-sizes which make them work flawlessly on all sorts of handheld devices like tablet, smartphone, iPad & iPhone.
----------------------------> Seamless Shopping <----------------------------------
Multiple Payment Method Support: All sorts of payment methods available on your website are supported on the Android app.
Other Payment Method Integration: Various other native payment methods can also be integrated into the PrestaShop Mobile App over a small fee. By default, COD & PayPal payment options are already available in the Android app.
Multiple Shipping Methods Support: All sorts of shipping methods running on your online website are supported on the PrestaShop eCommerce Mobile App.
Simplified Checkout: The checkout process of PrestaShop Mobile App is a single-screen & as simple as it could be. The app users can easily create order through your app.
-------------------------> Enhanced User Experience <-----------------------------
24*7 Live Chat Support: The PrestaShop Mobile App Creator for Android comes up with two live seller-buyer chat options with Zopim (Zendesk)& WhatsApp. The app users can directly ask the store admin & get their issues resolved without any hassle.
Real-time Order Tracking: The Android App for PrestaShop offers real-time order tracking option through which all the previous orders can be tracked.
------------------------> Easy Inventory Management <--------------------------
Real-time Web-store Sync: The PrestaShop Mobile App Builder offers 100% sync between your store &Android app. Every change/update in the website inventory gets reverted immediately on the mobile app.
Automatic Inventory Management: The online store admin need not manage the store & app inventory separately. With PrestaShop Mobile App Creator for Android, all sorts of website changes are reverted on the mobile app in real-time.  
---------------------------> Easy Promotion Options <-----------------------------
Unlimited Push Notifications: The PrestaShop Android Mobile App Maker offers personalized push notification tool in mobile apps. The Mobile App Maker addon provides both automated& manual notifications to market & promote your app products.
Coupons & Vouchers Support: All sorts of coupons & vouchers available on your website are fully supported on the PrestaShop Android App.
Gamified E-mail Subscription Pop-Up: A gamified & interactive e-mail subscription pop-up is displayed on the Android app. But, this functionality will work, only if you install PrestaShop Spin & Win module on your store. 
Social Sharing: The PrestaShop Android App Creator allows social sharing of products on multiple social platforms. The Android app users can share your products on different social platforms among family members & friends.
----------------> Multi-vendor Marketplace Compatibility <--------------------
This PrestaShop Mobile App Maker for Android is fully compatible with the multi-vendor marketplace. The developed Android App is capable of bringing the entire marketplace if you are using PrestaShop Multi-vendor Marketplace on your store. You need not to develop other apps for the job.
Check this link to view our Demo app:

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In case of any assistance needed with the plugin/module please feel free to contact us. Our SuperHero Certified Support Team is always there to take care of your problems and provide you with the best of the solutions.

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  • Extremely User friendly and intuitive
  • Easy order placement
  • Inbuilt Facebook and Google Login option
  • Voice search feature
  • Quick Navigation
  • Facebook and Google Login option availability
  • Simple and easy to use interface

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Step 1. Once you purchase this module, download, install and enable the module on your store. This module enables communication between your mobile app and store.
Step 2. Contact us from and share below requested details so that we can give generate your Android app (APK file) and can share it with you.
a. Splash image (1280x1920 png)
b. App icon (512x512 png)
c. Theme color (Blue, Orange, Green, Black)
d. Website URL
e. Website Name
f. Desired social login option name out of Facebook and Google.
STEP 3. After receiving above requested information we will share an APK file with you, which you can post on your "Google Play Store" account so that your customers can download your app.
NOTE: In case of social login, before we generate APK file for you, you also need to share an APP ID with us. To generate this APP id we will share a hash key with you along with all instructions. Usually it takes around half an hour to create an APP id.

Co nowego w wersji 2.1.0(16.05.2019)

  • [FIX] Minor Bug Fixes

O wydawcy, Knowband


Our team of skilled and experienced developers has been working on Prestashop for more than 8 years. Velocity has been developing plugins under the brand name of Knowband for over 3 years and has more than 50 Plugins for Prestashop.

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  • Kompatybilność PrestaShop v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.5.2

  • Wersja 2.1.0 (16.05.2019)

  • Wymagana subskrypcja zewnętrznej usługi Tak

  • Dostępne w języku en ar bg cs de el es fi fr hu it nl pl pt ro ru sk sv tr uk

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