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Online Store Analysis Package

Online Store Analysis Package

Opracował iPresta


This service provides you with a report containing design & interface, technical & functional as well as a general SEO overview. 


Please read the notes bellow before purchasing this package:
  • We need to have access to your Back-Office and hosting panel
  • You can ask us to analyze your Google Webmaster’s account of your store too
  • This package only provides you with the analysis report and it doesn’t include technical/non-technical issues and bugs fixing or search engine optimization services to solve existing problems
  • You can keep in touch with our experts to use our technical services to help you fix bugs and solve existing issues (for a fee)
  • The analysis report will be ready in 3 to 5 working days (Saturdays to Thursdays excluding Iranian holidays)
  • If you need other analysis services to be included in your report, you can ask us before placing your order
  • The report would be in PDF format in standard A4 printable paper size including detailed images, stats and charts inside it. 

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Ostatnia aktualizacja


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Kompatybilne wersje PrestaShop

V1.6.0.14 - V1.7.0.0

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V 1

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Audyt i optymalizacja sklepu internetowego


Almost all success e-commerce store around the world regularly analyze their store in different situations. Most of them have web analysts inside their companies, who are responsible for reviewing the website in different situations in different aspects such as technical issues, visibility matters, SEO, etc and provide a report including stats and charts (as well as possible solutions to issues). As it’s hard and sometimes expensive to have a web analyst inside your team, and also you may need analysis report in regular durations, iPresta is offering this  analysis package in order for you to save time and money, and get a full detailed report from your  store.

Step one – Visibility overview, how your shop looks like
No doubt, one of the most important facts in boosting your sales is how your store looks like, the colors and graphic you use, and the compatibility on mobile and tablet devices. Your store’s interface is the first thing customers see. So visibility issues, inappropriate graphic contents and non-standard elements can easily impact your bounce rate.
The iPresta’s experts will analyze your store’s visibility issues and graphical contents in-depth to provide you with a detailed report of strengths and weakness points including images, stats and charts inside it. It contains store’s color combination, graphical contents, banners, slideshows, ads, images and their quality, etc. 

Step two – Technical and functionality overview
After we have checked your store’s visibility issues, we'll move on to technical and functionality facts. Our highly skilled experts will overview your website technically and test it in different situations and devices to find possible errors and warning. Also we check your website speed, size, and issues on different pages.

Step three – Registration, placing an order, and purchase process overview
A lot of shop owners claim that their online store is in a good situation visually and technically, but,the visitor-to- customer conversion rate is still decreasing. In most cases, after checking the speed and visibility facts, we find out that the registration, order placement, and purchasing process is not standard, takes a lot of time or causes confusion and therefore prevents the visitors to continue placing their
We’ll help you check this process to see how long it takes for visitors and how you can improve it.

Step four – General SEO overview
Almost all webmasters have heard about SEO. The word SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. Unlike what most webmasters think, SEO is not just placing heading tags, meta titles and meta descriptions in your website. It’s a science consisting of different standard parts. Our expert will overview your store’s general SEO situation for these different parts and provide you a report including recommendations to improve your position in search engines. We can also analyze your Google Webmaster’s report if needed.

Detailed analysis report
The iPresta’s experts will analyze your store very carefully to provide you a detailed reliable report. For each step, our experts analyze your store in-depth to include all necessary information and details inside your report. They describe each step with appropriate explanation and related images of issues and strengths points to make it easy-to- understand for you.

Easy to understand report
Not only the report would be highly professional, but it would also be easy to read and understand for the shop owners to prevent confusion. As they might not be able to understand technical and SEO definitions easily, we try to use more common definitions, so it’s never been easier to understand a technical report! 

Statistics and charts included
The most interesting and effective part of the report is the stats and charts of overviews and comparisons. You can easily view your store’s status in different situations and compare it with related standards. Analyzing these stats and charts would be very helpful to find strengths and weakness points of your store.

The expert will give a score to your shop for each step based on different facts. The scores are available at the end of each step inside your report and you can check how your website is performing on each part.

Strengths points included aside weakness ones
We believe that not only you need to know about your website’s weakness points to be removed, but you should also find the strong ones on which to focus on. 

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