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V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.8
De la V1.7.0.0 a la V1.7.8.8


This plug-in allows your store's customer to ask questions about products. Both the admin and other users can answer them: A useful tool that turns users' doubts into useful information for other users and encourages completing the purchase.

Lo que este módulo hace por ti

headset Mejora la relación con el cliente
  •     Admin can also post the question and answers from the backend.
  •       Edit/Delete questions and answers.
  •       Set the minimum characters required to post a questions/answers.
  •       Set the maximum characters required to post a questions/answers.
  •       Enable/Disable the automatic approval of questions and answers.
  •       Option to enable/disable questions and answers with a single click.
  •       Admin can view list of products for which the customers have posted questions and answers.
  •       View number of questions posted for the Products.
  •       View number of answers posted for the questions.
  •       The Admin can set the email address that will receive the email.
  •       Configure on which events email notifications will be sent to admin and customers.
  •       Admin can allow/disallow the customer to report abuse for an answer.
  •       Admin can allow/disallow the customer to like/dislike for an answer.
  •       Easy to use.
  •       Easy to configure. 

Qué les gustará a tus clientes

  •     Your customers will be able to quickly to find the question interesting them and also to ask the question.
  •     Customers can ask queries regarding the product and get all their doubts cleared.
  •     Customer can view all the questions and answer that have been posted for a product.
  •     Provide quick information to help customers make a purchasing decision.
  •     User-friendly layout holds the customers attention.
  •     Improve your customer’s experience.
  •     When customer’s visit product page and has some questions to solve, want to ask quick and easy. So this module helps to get it done.
  •     They will have one link in every product.
  •     Very simple and easy to use for customers. And effective to keep them happy. 


Step 1: Upload the module zip to backed.
Step 2: Install the module and configure the module accordingly
Step 3: In frontend, Customer can see '' Ask a question'' button at product page.
Step 4: Customer can easily add a question/answer on a product.
Step 5: Admin can add/edit/delete question and answer.


Why do you need this module in your web shop ?

This Module manages and controls all the questions in one separate tab. As a merchant, you need a system where questions and subsequent discussions are easily managed. With this module, you can manage all communication in one place and see if you have new questions to answer and check everything at a glance.
Often times, a customer interested in a product feels lazy in the question because he has to find out how to communicate. Usually, the most common reason is that you have to go to other pages of the website and fill out surveys (inconvenient and time consuming).

With the module we encourage customers to ask their questions easily and quickly:

There are many benefits in using Prestashop Q&A plug-in.

Consumer Confidence and More Sales – Getting answers about your ecommerce products can boost consumer confidence. Needed to influence them (in a good way) and make a sale.

Convert Pre-Sales into sales - The more customers feel safe about what they are going to buy and the quicker they will purchase. Research states that users read buyers’ feedback and reviews before purchasing a product. In this way, they can both solve their doubts and discover new important pre-sale information about the items they are interest in.

Self-sufficient System – Offer your Customer a way to interact with asking and answering questions with PrestaShop Q&A plug in. The perfect way to have a self-sufficient system in which everyone gets what they need and is always more positive about what they are going to buy.

Customer Point of View - Put yourself in your potential customers' shoes: everything they know about the product is represented by an image and some description lines, and they cannot personally verify details, or request more information to a salesperson as it would be a real store. How many questions would they ask before hitting the buy button, and how frustrated they would be of buying blindly!

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V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.8

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V 7.0.0

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Presta World

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  •       Allow Admin to Submit / Filter / Order / Edit / Delete Question
  •       Allow Customer to submit question and answer.
  •       Offers email notification
  •       Sending emails to seller and customer.
  •       Instant search by keywords
  •       Seller has a history of all conversations and products questioned.
  •       Enable / disable automatic question and answer approval.
  •       Uplift the conversion rate and revenue
  •       Convert visitors into customers


Our guarantees:
  •     We were permitted with “superhero” understanding stage & we were able to attain this with lesser response time and the quality service.
  •     We intend to provide 100% pride to our clients with their buy.
  •     We can additionally help you with set up and configuration of the module in case if it’s required.
  •     We will customize the module according to your requirement. You can contact us for a quote.
  •     We might actually appreciate your 5-Star rating and comments about our modules & aid. It enables us with the development of new modules and improvement of the already evolved modules.
  •     If you have any doubts or queries concerning our module, please send us a message. We would be extra than happy to assist you.

Lo nuevo en la versión 7.0.0(05/03/2021)

  • Initial version

Soporte y actualizaciones

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  • Evoluciones y nuevas funcionalidades
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