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Icecat integration

Módulo Icecat integration

Desarrollado por Community developer

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This module allows you to import specification, description, features, images for your products from the Open and Full Icecat catalog.

Qué te aporta este producto


Productividad Te ayuda a ganar tiempo


Productividad Optimiza la gestión de tu catálogo

Icecat catalog contains information for consumer electronics, office equipment, home appliances, software and much more.
  • Automatical datasheet import
  • Fast catalog fill-in, 10 times faster than manual input
  • Multilingual product information
  • Automatic meta data generation
  • Package or product weight and deminsions
  • Linking of related products
  • Preview data before import
  • Search by brand and manufacturer number or barcode
  • All data saved in Prestashop's database, manage any part of information in your back office.
  • No module's subscription fees


Products datasheet can be imported in 2 ways:
1) Manualy
2) Automatically on new product insertion. If you use any kind of products import tool/script your products will be updated with datasheet from Icecat, if found.
  • All you need is a brand and a manufacturer number
  • Data import configuration
3) Update existing products running regular cron job


Comprados juntos habitualmente

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  • This module updates automatically and regularly the exchange rates of your shop.It thus allows you to propose to your customers the right prices for each currency they use. 

  • Compatible with E-Invoice. This module allows you to export datas from PrestaShop to Italian's management software: EasyFatt by Danea.


Qué les gustará a tus clientes

Your visitors will see quality, standardizing products description. Enabling import of features you will be able to offer to your customers layered navigation filters and products compare function. That will raise your store's overall attraction.


Module does not import new products in bulk by itself. But module updates newly imported products from your dropshipper or supplier
Module does not give access to any of Icecat catalogs by itself. You must have valid Icecat's credentials to have access to one of Icecat catalogs.

Soporte y actualizaciones

Disfruta automáticamente de tres meses de asistencia técnica para este producto.

Después de comprar, disfrutarás durante 90 días de asistencia técnica y funcional, así como de acceso a las actualizaciones disponibles para este producto.

Lo nuevo en la versión 3.2.4(19/10/2018)

  • name length fix

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Community developer

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  • 3 meses de soporte gratuito (Más información)
  • Desarrollado por un desarrollador destacado
  • Documentación incluída
  • Compatibilidad v1.5.1.0 - v1.7.5.1

  • Versión 3.2.4 (19/10/2018)

  • Requiere suscripción en servicio externo

  • Disponible en en

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