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DeepMarkit Module

Developed by Community developer
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Create highly customizable on-site & off-site prize based promotions, including email collection displays, gamified displays & social promotions – a complete customer acquisition toolkit

What this product does for you


Conversion rate Encourage visitors to complete purchases

Customizable Tools

Editable Text Fields
All text fields are editable to support multiple languages

Email Collection Displays
On-site email collection & lead capture displays, designed to deliver rewards & drive conversion

Gamified Displays
On-site slide-outs that stimulate visitor engagement with games & deliver promotional offers, collect leads & boost conversion

Social Media Promotions
Off-site promotions for social media ads & posts that engage & drive traffic to your site while rewarding visitors for participating

Helping Merchants:
Create Traffic - Brand Awareness, Increase Customer Base, & Grow Your Business
Convert Traffic - Collect Leads, Convert Leads into Customers, & Influence Purchase Intent
Engage Visitors - Engage, Entertain, & Retain Visitor Attention
Learn From Traffic - Define Your Audience, Improve Products & User Interface, & Collect Data


Premium Display Types
Keep your marketing fresh & your customers happy with a variety of display types

Social Media Campaigns
Run off-site social media campaigns in your posts or ads with a variety of games
Create traffic, collect more leads & grow your business!

CASH Club Sweepstakes
All email sign-ups are entered into a cash draw, a $100 winner is selected monthly. The merchant whose entrant wins, also wins $100 – all paid by DeepMarkit

Rewards & Incentives
Give away coupons, discounts, & physical prizes
Customizable probability of winning & quantity of prizes

Game Selection
15 Customizable games – make it yours by adding your logo, choosing a game theme & lots more!

Exit Intent & Triggers
Establish when your displays appear – time delay, exit intent or page specific
Or add a clickable tab to launch the display

Prize Types
Encourage increased participation in your promotions with Instant Win, Draw, & Everyone Wins prizes

Easilycreate & run highly targeted campaigns using our scheduling feature
Different campaigns – different days, weeks or months.

Change colors, fonts, themes, & messaging
Design everything to match your website

Custom Data Collection
Learn more about your visitors with highly customizable data collection fields

Gain valuable insights into your audience & the use & results of your campaigns

Responsive on All Devices
Your campaigns will look great & work seamlessly on all devices

White Labeling
We need to brand our stuff too! With the premium plan, you can change that – we won’t be offended


Pricing Plans

Free - Try our app before you subscribe

PremiumUS $15 per Month
Unlimited Campaigns
Unlimited Email Collection
Unlimited Impressions
Gamified Slide Outs 3 Games
Smart Triggers
Email Integrations
Digital Prizes
Pop-ups, Slide-outs & Banners
Social Media Campaigns
Draw & Physical Prizes
12 Premium Games
Custom Data Collection
White Label

What your customers will like

Stay up to date with your favourite stores and websites
Earn rewards via providing emails to merchants
Personalized marketing - Marketing will be more personalized due to collection of data from visitor.
$100 Cash prize for customers who win 50/50 CASH Club Sweepstake
Discounts and exclusive deals


Legal compliance

GDPR compliance

This module is compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation


What's New in Version 1.0.0(10/17/2018)

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  • Compatibility v1.3.0.0 - v1.6.1.24

  • Version 1.0.0 (10/17/2018)

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