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Knowband - Advance Promotion Manager

Knowband - Advance Promotion Manager Module

Developed by Knowband
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Manage the promotional deals of your site effectively and boost the shopping experience for the customers.

What this product does for you


Conversion rate Help manage your promotions

Offering personalized discounts is one of the ways to boost the chances of conversions. The attractive discounts and free gifts offered above a certain order value can encourage the customers to buy more items. Prestashop Advance Promotion Manager Addon is one easiest way to provide and manage promotional deals to the online shoppers.
The Prestashop store owners can now ensure effortless conversions with the help of Prestashop promotion manager module. The feature-rich admin interface of the Prestashop addon makes it easier for the e-merchants to manage the deals and promotions for the site. This is what the Prestashop module can do for you.
  • In order to increase the cart value of the site, the admin needs to offer discounts and free gifts. This Prestashop deal manager addon makes it easier for the store admin to manage the promotional deals of the site.
  • It can effortlessly turn your store visitors into paying lead by luring them to the checkout page with discounts and other offers.
  • By boosting the user experience, the Prestashop admin can ensure repeat shopping. The customer retention can effortlessly boost the revenue of the site.
  • The admin can set the rules for the promotional rules with the help of Prestashop eCommerce promotion manager module.
  • Create any deal and promotion which you have on your mind, for example:
1. “Buy X Get Y Free”:
For example, you can create rules like "Buy 2 products, get the 1 product free". This offers your customers to buy 2 products and get 1 free product. You can specify the free product in the admin panel.
2. "Buy X Items & Get Free Shipping":
For example, you can create rules like "Buy 1 (or 2 or 3, etc.) products and get Free Shipping". In this, the customers get the free shipping for specific no of products or more.
3. "Buy X Items of a Product & Get Y% Discount":
For example, you can create rules like "Buy 3 products & Get 20% discount'. You can also offer this feature for a specific category and specific product. The customer can buy more from your shop because people like to buy a product for less money or with offers.
4. "Buy  X Items of a Product & Get Y Discount":
If you offer the discount price of any product to a fixed value like "Buy 4 or more Product & Get $100 Discount" or "All Products Get additional $50 Discount!". These type of promotions are attracting the customer to your Prestashop store.
5. "Get X% Discount on Y Cart Total":
For example "Get 50% discount on 999€ Cart Total".
6. "Get X Discount on Y Cart Total ":
For example: "Get $20 discount on $200 Cart Total".


  • Prestashop promotion manager addon allows the admin to create multiple promotional rules on the Prestashop site. 
  • The admin can even set the priority of the deals and the same will be displayed in the front-end as per the position fixed from the back-end.
  • The Prestashop store admin can create N number of promotional offers and set their rules. All this can be done from the automated interface of the Prestashop addon
  • The store owner can fix the discount amount, percentage and can even select the products to be given as a free gift.
  • The admin gets to set the validity duration of the offer.
  • The Prestashop modules offer an option to set the minimum cart value or a minimum number of products for availing the offer. This can motivate the customers to add more items to their carts.
  • The admin can even restrict a certain customer group from availing the offer.
  • The e-merchants can compute the promotion and its rule on the selected category. They can even exclude a particular product or category from the deal computation.
  • Making it easier for the merchants to set the cart rules for each offer, the Prestashop Advance Promotional Manager Module makes it easier for the store admin to provide the offerings as per their requirement.
  • The Prestashop extension offers multi-lingual, multi-store and multi-currency support.
  • The Prestashop promotion manager module even offers SSL compatibility and support the SEO-friendly URL.

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What your customers will like

  • With alluring promotional offers, the online shoppers can now shop at pocket-friendly prices at your site.
  • The promotional deal is displayed on the checkout page and the discount is automatically deducted from the order amount of the customers with the help of the Prestashop extension.

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What's New in Version 1.0.1(05/31/2018)

  • [FIX] Minor Bug Fixes

About the developer, Knowband


Our team of skilled and experienced developers has been working on Prestashop for more than 8 years. Velocity has been developing plugins under the brand name of Knowband for over 3 years and has more than 50 Plugins for Prestashop.

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  • Developed by a Top Developer
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.6.0.4 - v1.6.1.20

  • Version 1.0.1 (05/31/2018)

  • Available in en bg cs de el es fi fr hu it nl pl pt ro ru sk sv

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