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ZoodPay Buy Now Pay Later

ZoodPay Buy Now Pay Later Module

V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.0
From V1.7.0.0 to V1.7.8.0


ZoodPay is a Buy Now, Pay Later solution which allows buyers in the Silk Road countries to defer their payments, with no interest at all.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Offer installment payment to your customers
One of the biggest issues online retailers face is the dreaded shopping basket paralysis. In fact, a Smart Insights report found that global mobile conversion averages less than two percent for online shopping (ref). Such realities put the pressure on BNPL providers to make the onboarding and payment process as simple and stress-free as possible, but they also present an opportunity. Below are listed some of the key benefits of using the BNPL paymentsfor the merchants:

  • Increase of the average order value. Buy Now Pay Later offers a tempting incentive for customers to popanother item into their basket. Shoppers that may have usually stretchedshopping over several months are now purchasing multiple items in oneorder. 
  • Increase of the conversion rate. A recent study carried out by InternetRetailing has shown that 56% of shopperswould buy more online if there was more variation in payment options available.Alongside having that flexibility when it comes to payments, customers can alsoutilise “try before you buy”.
  • Increase of repeated purchases. BNPL provides a positive purchase experience which is so important to customer retention - these positive experiences mean they will come back again and again. In addition, once they know a merchant offers a BNPL option, they will come back to the same merchant for their next big purchase instead of working to find another store.
  • Increase of new customers. Customers who tried BNPL at the merchant shop and were satisfied, tend to speak with mates and share findings. A customer satisfied by exceptional services is the most efficient and cost-savvy tool for attracting new customers.
  • Reduced costs.Most of BNPL companies offer joined marketing campaigns with merchants or promote the merchant on their webpage what allows the merchant to decrease marketing costs and attract more customers.Using BNPL allows toreduce returns – BNPL customers are less willing to return purchases.
  • Zero financial risk. The BNPLprovider is collecting the purchase amount from the customer within couple of months and takes all the risk of that process whilethe merchant receivesa full payment very fast.
  • What your customers will like

    Customers like the concept of Buy Now Pay Later as it gives them the flexibility to manage their finances, regardless of income level. It is a convenient add-on to debit cards and traditional forms of credit, which allows for postponed payment, spend tracking, and budgeting support. Customers canpostpone full payment or pay in parts and plan their finances accordingly. BNPL operates like a cash management tool for themand at no extra costs, if used properly. 
    BNPL allows consumers to receive goods and services upfront without the need for a separate credit product. 
    Majority of BNPL companies propose deferred payment for the purchase without any interest or fees and this is one of the most important benefits for their customers. 
    BNPL offers a frictionless checkout: minimal information is requested to be provided by the customers and an instant real-time decision is provided if the purchase is approved. Once customers have used BNPL, their details are automatically stored, making purchases thereafter as convenient and seamless as possible. 
    Most BNPL solutions have put some safeguards in place to prevent overspending and promote responsible purchasing. Unlike traditional credit cards, BNPL solutions try to avoid extensive debt accumulated by consumers who can’t afford their purchases. It may be driven with a more accurate scoring at the sign-up processbut also through freezing accounts for customers who fail to make a payment on their current purchases, so they are unable to make further purchases preventing them from getting into a debt spiral. There are also spending limits in place for customers to ensure they are only spending within their reasonable means. 
    BNPL creates a competition to the traditional lending products which might lead to finance companies to consider decreasing their interest ratesand thus resulting in ending products becoming cheaper for customers.


    Admin Configuration

    In the left sidebar, Navigate to Modules > Modules Manager.
    Find ZoodPay Module
    Click the Configure
    Set Merchant Key as received from the ZoodPay Business Team.
    Set Merchant Secret Key as received from the ZoodPay Business Team.
    Set Merchant Salt Key as received from the ZoodPay Business Team.
    Set API URL as received from the ZoodPay Business Team.
    Select Market Code Based on your Country.
    Select Language Code Based on your Preference.
    Click Save Changes.
    Verify API Health
    • Click on the API HealthCheck, to verify the API HEALTH
    • Click Fetch Configuration

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    V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.0

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    V 1.0.1

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    Payment by Card or Wallet


    • Sandbox Testing
    Use sandbox credentials to make API requests and create transactions and Familiarize yourself with the Transaction Flow of ZoodPay.

    • Refund
    Refunds are available through the ZoodPay Module Configuration.

    What's New in Version 1.0.1(08/10/2021)

    • Minor bug fixed

    Support and updates

    At the time of purchase, your Business Care subscription for your first year is automatically included, then tacitly renewed at the end of the period.

    You can cancel your subscription at any time, before the end of the current period.

    Services included in your subscription:

    • Security updates
    • Compatibility updates
    • Developments and upcoming features
    • Unlimited support

    Want more details? Check out the most frequently asked questions about Business Care.

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