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RM Infinite Scroll

RM Infinite Scroll Module

Developed by Community developer

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Improve the time visitors spent on your web site, replacing the pagination by a powerful infinite scrolling, and maximize your conversion rate ! Available on all products pages and on your blog pages !

What this product does for you


Conversion rate Promote impulse buying

With RM Infinite Scroll module your customers remain on all pages of products list (categories, brands, suppliers, best sellers, new products, promotions ...) through an infinite scrolling, wich maximize the chances that they make a purchase. The more clicks it takes, the less chance there is to realize a sale !

The module is available on all products pages, and on blog pages (list and single) !

The module is compatible with the module "Blocklayered" !


RM Infinite Scrolling has been developed with in mind recommendations of SEO expert for e-business, server optimization and web marketing.
That's why RM Infinite Scrolling was thought to improve your conversion rate, and the number of sales.

When your customers arrive on a products list page, RM Infinite Scroll will preload next products, in order to optimize resources. Once your guests arrive at the bottom of the page, the following products are displayed and header of your page and the url will be update to represent the page that you are currently viewing. In addition, a call is made to Google Analytics for tracking different product pages viewed, while your customers remain on the same page !

Frequently bought together

Add "RM Infinite Scroll" to your cart along with:

  • Allows to display combinations/variations of a product in a table. In so doing each column corresponds to an attribute (for example: color, size). The module also allows to filter combinations by attributes. The table is displayed on a product page.

  • Set custom number of orders, invoices, delivery slips and credit slips.Customize the format of invoice number, order number that they are in line with your accounting. 



The module is compatible with the default theme of PrestaShop and can be adapted to all themes thanks to the CSS selectors present in the configuration.

What your customers will like

RM Infinite Scroll allows your customers to see all your products without having to click on a boring pagination. This will increase the desire to purchase, because your customers will always see more products !

When customer reached the bottom of the page and when there is no more results to display (products or blog posts), a button appears which allow your customers to go back on top of page in a single click.

In settings, you can activate a button for displaying next results. Cela peut laisser un peu plus de liberté à l'utilisateur et lui permettre d'atteindre le pied de page. This brings a little more freedom for your customers and allow them to reach the footer.


Be careful, some specific themes or developments (on the list of products or blog) may require a more advanced configuration.

Support and updates

You automatically get 3 months of support for this product.

For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product.

Make sure this product runs well on your store for 12 months with Option Zen!

With Option Zen, you get access to ALL updates for the product for one year following purchase. Support from the product developer is available by email to answer all your technical and feature-related questions.

What is Option Zen?

Option Zen includes two services:

  • Unlimited after-sales support during the period covered by the option
  • Access to all updates for the product during the period

Option Zen is available at a discount when purchasing this product, but, if you miss out, you can also buy it via your customer account later. It is valid up to one year following the date of purchase of your product. The earlier you buy it, the longer you can enjoy it!

What does it include?

The following are included in Option Zen:

  • questions about using the module/theme;
  • solving technical problems related to the module/theme;
  • access to all module/theme updates.

The following services are not included in Option Zen:

  • customization and special development;
  • installing and updating the module/theme;
  • solving problems concerning third-party services, hosting, the server, or the PrestaShop software.


Use the add module forms on your administration to upload the module and start using RM Infinite Scroll.

What's New in Version 2.1.10(11/02/2018)

  • Fix: resolve some fixes

About the developer

Community developer

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  • Compatibility v1.5.1.0 - v1.7.5.0

  • Version 2.1.10 (11/02/2018)

  • Available in en fr

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