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Etsy Marketplace Integration

Etsy Marketplace Integration Module

Developed by Knowband
Best seller
V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8
From V1.6.0.4 to V1.7.8.8


PrestaShop Etsy Marketplace Integration module is the easiest way to connect your Prestashop store to the popular Etsy Marketplace. You can manage your Etsy product listings and orders from your PrestaShop store itself.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Increase the visibility of your products on a marketplace
Etsy PrestaShop Integration module is a perfect solution for the Prestashop store owners who also want to sell on the Etsy marketplace in parallel to their online store. While selling your products on two different platforms, you need not manage your PrestaShop store and Etsy shop separately. With the help of the Prestashop Etsy Integration addon, you can now manage it from your Prestashop store itself. The PrestaShop Etsy Integration extension allows you to sync the product listings with your Etsy with great ease.  

Sync Products with ease: The Etsy connector module allows the store admin to list products from the PrestaShop store to the Etsy shop in simple steps. There is no need to add the products manually that saves the time of the admin. 

Sync Inventory: The admin can manage the inventory on the Etsy shop without any additional efforts. Product inventory will be in sync with the PrestaShop store via API integration. 

Bulk uploading of the products: The admin can upload or sync the products to the Etsy shop in bulk. The admin needs to create a profile to sync products in bulk.

Price Management: The admin has the option to sync the products to Etsy at a special price. Admin can list products at a higher or lower price on Etsy in comparison to the PrestaShop store. 

[New] Image Size: Admin can select the desired image size to sync to Etsy.

[New] Alter Quantity: Admin can set the maximum quantity that will be synced to products on Etsy.

Size Chart sync: In case products need sizing details then the admin can also sync the size chart to the Etsy shop. The Etsy Connector module allows the admin to sync the size chart as an image. 

Shipping Templates: The admin can create the shipping templates and sync them to the Etsy shop. The module easily syncs all the shipping templates from the module interface to the Etsy shop. 

Store Carrier Mapping option: The store admin can map the Etsy shop orders to the PrestaShop store carriers. 

Sync order tracking number: The admin can sync the tracking number to the Etsy order so that customers can track the order using the tracking number.  

Order Management: Etsy Integration Module allows the store admin to sync the Etsy shop orders to the PrestaShop store and the admin can process the orders from the PrestaShop store itself. 

Order Status Sync: The Etsy Marketplace Integration module also offers the order sync option so that the order status can be updated from the PrestaShop store to the Etsy shop. 

Product Listing Status: The admin can check the status of all the listed products from the Product Listing Tab of the Etsy Marketplace Connector module. The admin can delete the products from the Product Listing tan and these products will get inactive on Etsy shop.

Sales report: The admin can view the Daily/Monthly/Yearly sales from the sales report tab of the Etsy PrestaShop Connector module. 

Product Sales Report: The admin can check the sales report for the individual products from the PrestaShop Etsy Connector module. 

Audit Log: The audit log tab of the Etsy PrestaShop Integrator module shows the details of the different actions performed to manage the Etsy shop listings. 

Tax management: The Etsy Marketplace Integration module allows the admin to enable the tax settings so that the invoice will show the tax as per PrestaShop store tax settings.

Admin can also map the product attributes from Prestashop to Etsy.

Admin can also map the shop section to Etsy account.

What your customers will like

  • This module is helpful for the store admin and lets them list the PrestaShop store products to the Etsy store with minimal effort. The admin can utilize this time to work on the promotion strategy and customer experience that will make the customer happy. 
  • The admin can offer products on the Etsy store at a special price in comparison to the PrestaShop store. 


To use the Etsy Marketplace Integrator module the store admin first needs to install the module. For the module configuration, the admin first needs to generate the API keys. The steps to generate the API keys are mentioned in the user manual. Please feel free to contact our support team for any assistance.

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PrestaShop Compatibility

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8

Compatibility MultiShop 

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V 2.0.8

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API Integration: The Etsy Integrator module connects your PrestaShop store with the Etsy marketplace using API integration and syncs PrestaShop store products to Etsy shop, inventory, product images in simple steps. Admin can also manage the orders from the PrestaShop store itself. 

Product synchronization: The admin can sync the products to the Etsy shop from the PrestaShop store in simple steps. The CRON helps the list a new product to Etsy without any additional efforts. The admin can add products in bulk to the Etsy shop. 

Attribute Mapping: The Etsy Marketplace Connector module provides an option to map the PrestaShop store attributes with the Etsy shop attributes. These attributes help to create a better listing for the products.

Shipping Templates: Etsy allows sellers to create shipping templates. These shipping templates can be created from the Etsy Connector module and the admin can sync them to the Etsy shop using the CRON option. 

Bulk uploading of the products: The admin can create profiles to list products in bulk to the Etsy shop. The admin can map a PrestaShop store category to the relevant Etsy Marketplace category to list the store category products to the Etsy store. 

Product or Category Mapping: The new version of the PrestaShop Etsy marketplace Integration addon gives the option to sync the selected products or the entire category to the Etsy Marketplace. Under the Profile Management tab of the Etsy Marketplace module, the admin can choose the Product/Category option to sync the store products.

Customized Product Title: The Etsy Integration module allows the admin to customize the product title. The admin can use the placeholders to create the desired title for the products.

Product Description: The admin can sync the Short Description or Long Description or both to the Etsy shop. 

[New] Image Size: Admin can select the desired image size to sync with their products to Etsy Marketplace.

[New] Alter Quantity: Admin can set the maximum quantity and the same quantity will be synced for each product to Etsy Marketplace even if you have more than that quantity on Prestashop.

Size Chart synchronization: The admin can also add the pricing details with the products. 

Custom pricing: Etsy Prestashop Integration addon allows the admin to list the same products at a different price at the marketplace. With the custom pricing feature offered by Prestashop Etsy Integrator, the admin can increase/decrease the cost of the products listed at by a fixed amount or percentage value. After setting the custom price, the admin can sync the changes with the marketplace by executing CRON in the back-office of the PrestaShop Etsy API integrator.
Sales Report: The Prestashop Etsy connector provides the complete sales report for your Etsy shop. The admin views the overall sales and revenue from the back-end of the Etsy Prestashop connector. The Prestashop Etsy synchronization extension provides the sales report of the individual products as well.

Shop Section: To make online shopping easier for Etsy customers, the store admin can even create shop sections at the marketplace. Shop Section is similar to the categories and allows to map relevant products in the respective section.

Enable/Disable the listing of a particular product: The Prestashop Etsy integration module even allows the admin to enable/disable the listing of the product at a button click.

Auto product renewal: In addition to this, the admin can even enable or disable the product renewal option. If auto-renewal is enabled, then, the products will be automatically renewed at the marketplace. 

Product Update at a Button Click: The product details such as images, product descriptions, other related details at a button click. There is no need to execute the CRON individually. The store admin is required to execute a single CRON and all the related details of the products are synced with the marketplace.

Easy Synchronization process: Now the admin can easily sync the products from the Products Listings page. For product syncing 3 options are available:

  • Local Sync: Local Sync option permits the admin to sync the PrestaShop store products to the Etsy PrestaShop Integration addon. The products which are listed to a particular Profile will get listed to the Product Listings and the admin can list the individual products to the Etsy Marketplace. 
  • Sync Products: This option will sync the products to the Etsy Marketplace. The products which are enabled will get synced to the Etsy Marketplace. To prevent the syncing error the admin can select the number of products to sync in one go under the General Settings. Cron set up is available to make the listing process automatic. 
  • Sync Product Status: The admin can get the listing status of the synced products using the Sync Product Status. 

Etsy Category Attribute: The Etsy Category Attributes are now present in the Etsy Marketplace Integration module. The admin can adjust the Primary Color, Secondary Color, Holiday, Accessory Style.

Order Synchronization: The Etsy Connector module allows the store admin to sync the Etsy shop orders to the PrestaShop store and these orders can be handled from the PrestaShop store. 

Order Status Update: After updating the order status the admin can sync the updated order status to the Etsy shop. 

Tracking Number sync: The admin can enable the option to sync the tracking number with the Etsy store orders. 

Mapping of Etsy orders with Store Carriers: The Etsy Marketplace connector module allows the store admin to map the Etsy Shop orders with the PrestaShop store carriers. 

Enable tax settings for Etsy orders: The admin can also add the tax information to the Etsy store invoice. The tax information will be added as per the settings of the PrestaShop store.


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What's New in Version 2.0.8(06/27/2022)

  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Created Customer Tab for Etsy Customers

Support and updates

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You can cancel your subscription at any time, before the end of the current period.

Services included in your subscription:

  • Security updates
  • Compatibility updates
  • Developments and upcoming features
  • Unlimited support

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Knowband is a PrestaShop Premium Partner and Superhero seller with a team of skilled and experienced developers working on PrestaShop Modules since 2012. We provide more than 100 PrestaShop modules for all your eCommerce needs to build an awesome website, improve checkout, integrate your online store with top Marketplaces and develop Mobile App. We have a motivated and efficient customer service team that provides prompt and satisfactory help. We also provide the custom change service in our modules based on your requirement.