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V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.7.3
From V1.6.0.4 to V1.7.7.3

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Quickly add multiple products to Cart from Home page & Category page. Plus, Minus icons box to instantly update Product quantity. Highlight products in Cart.

What this module does for you

directions_car Enhance user experience
  • Enable Customers to quickly add Products to Cart. Plus and Minus icons to increase or reduce the Product Quantity in Cart.
  • Highlight products already added to Cart. Help Customers to clearly differentiate between the Products that are in Cart and that are yet to be added to Cart
  • Avoid displaying the intermediate "Add Product Confirmation Page" / "Cross Selling Page" / any unwanted Pop-ups whenever Customer tries to “Add a Product” / Update Cart.
  • Speed up the Purchase process and save Customer time

What your customers will like

  • Enables Customers to view the list of combinations of Products from Product Listing page.
  • Enables Customers to quickly add Products or Combinations to Cart.
  • Highlights products already added to Cart. Help Customers clearly differentiate between the Products that are in Cart and that are yet to be added to Cart. Saves Customer time to complete the purchase.
  • Prevents the intermediate "Add Product Confirmation Page" / "Cross Selling Page" / any unwanted Pop-ups when Customer “Adds a Product” / Updates Cart.
  • Information about "Minimum Quantity Required" reduces confusion


  • This module is an enhanced version of blockcart module. Hence you are required to disable / uninstall default blockcart module before you install this module
  • This module over-rides ”controllers/front/CartController.php”
  • If you already have over-rided ”controllers/front/CartController.php” (Confirm by checking your “prestashop/override/controllers/front/” folder for CartController.php)
    • Manually merge module version of CartController.php with your existing file at “prestashopoverridecontrollersfront”. You shall find the module version at “easycartoverridecontrollersfrontCartController.php”
    • Delete “override” folder from the “” module package (easycartoverride). (If “easycartoverride” is NOT deleted, you will get “Override” errors while installation and the module will not get installed properly
    • Install “”
  • If you have NOT over-rided ”controllers/front/CartController.php” yet. Simply install package provided
  • General Module Installation Procedure:
  • Download “” from Add-on website
  • Log-in to your Prestashop Admin / Back Office
  • Go to Back Office >> Advanced Parameters >> Performance menu
  • Clear cache (right top corner)
  • Disable Cache
  • Force Compile
  • Go to “Back Office >> Modules” menu
  • Click “Add new module“ button (right top corner)
  • Click “Browse” button & select “” file
  • Click “Upload this module” button
  • Search for “Easycart”
  • Click “Install” button


  • Go to Back-Office >> modules >> Search "easy cart" & Click Configure
  • Set “Multi Cart” to
    • “Yes” to activate this module (Plus / Minus / Type-Watch Text Button and related features etc.)
    • “No” to disable this module and if you want to have Prestashop default feature.
  • Set “Ajax Cart” to
    • “Yes”
      • If you do not want a separate “Add to Cart” button
      • If you want to add products to Cart instantly as the customer works on the “Plus / Minus / Type Watch Text box”
    • “No”
      • If you want to display “Add to Cart” button, on hover, in addition to “Plus / Minus / Type Watch Text box”
      • If you want to add products to Cart ONLY if the Customer clicks on “Add to Cart” button 
  • Set “Highlight Product” to
    • “Product Box Colour”
      • if you want to display “Products in Cart” in a different colour
    • “Switch Button”
      • if you want to include a “Selected / Not Selected” Switch Element to the “Products in Cart”
  • Select “Highlight Product Box Colour" as required
  • Set “Display Minimum Quantity Required” to
    • “No”
      • If you do not want to display any text about Minimum Quantity Required in the Product box 
    • “Yes”
      • If you want to display a text on Product Box about the minimum quantity required 
“Display Minimum Quantity Required”:: **Works only in Home Page. Minimum Quantity will not be displayed in Category page / Layered Navigation results due to a restriction in “Layered Navigation Module”
  • Set “Display Combination Text” to
    • “Yes”
      • If you want to display “Product Combination Attributes” in the Product Box. Note: “Product Combination Attributes” text will ONLY be displayed if the page is refreshed / reloaded. The text will not be displayed instantly as the Customer adds a Product. (This functionality is currently being enhanced)

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Available in

en, ca, el, es, fr

PrestaShop Compatibility

V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.7.3

Module version

V 17.0.26

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Express Checkout Process


  • Displays combinations as a drop down for every product in Product Listing page.
  • Adds product or specific combinations on a single click from Product Listing page itself.
  • Displays available combinations as a Table in Product Details page
  • Option to add specific combinations on a single click from Product Details page.
  • Plus and Minus icons to increase or reduce Product quantity in Cart
  • Highlights products in Cart with a Tick mark / Product box color change.
  • Works in Home page and Category page and with Layered Navigation Filters
  • Display "Minimum Quantity Required for adding a Product to Cart" text in the Product box
  • Option to change "Product Box - Highlight Color"


What's New in Version 17.0.26(11/16/2020)

  • Added a new configuration to display Stock quantity

Support and updates

You automatically get 3 months of support for this product.

For 90 days after your purchase, you can enjoy technical and feature support, as well as access to updates available for this product.

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Customer reviews

Juan vicente A. 11/30/2018

very profesional. I would recommend them. Very efficient and very good support.

Carlos C. 06/06/2017

I was looking for a module like this so my customers can add product quantities to shopping cart in the same products list. Excellent customer service. I definitely recommend this module and the developer. Thanks Vinay.

System A. 01/20/2016

Awesome module, developer is also very helpful in providing the support to even non technical guys

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