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Bank Import

Bank Import Module

Developed by Shoprunners
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This module imports and processes customer payments from banking account statements in the formats CSV, CAMT053, CAMT054 and CAMT054 with ESR (for Switzerland), other formats on demand. 

What this product does for you


Productivity Help save time

You can save time for searching for each order to match with the coming payment, this module does it for you.
You can specify the order state to be set after the appropriate order was recognized. 
If you need other file formats of account statements to be processed, don't hesitate to contact us!


import of customer payments from banking account statements by calling a specified URL or execution of the configuration variant in Order => Import Statements
  • possible to process file formats CSV, CAMT053, CAMT054, CAMT054 with ESR (used in Switzerland) so far, other formats possible on demand
  • possible to create more configuration variants and process chosen variants (even all of them in one run)
  • possible to process files/directories from any location on the computer or in form of a direct upload
  • possible to narrow down the searched orders by setting the order states which should be searched in
  • possible to choose the order state which should be set after the appropriate payment has been recognized (according to the order reference, which has to be found somewhere in the string of customer reference)
  • in case of CAMT054 with ESR the module works with order-id instead of the order reference
  • possible to get a report log
  • possible to get a report email
  • possible to use in test mode (everything will be reported but nothing will be changed in the real system..)
  • possible to decide whether the processed files should be deleted or moved
  • it is possible to define the difference of the paid amount, which still should be accepted (with an appropriate message)

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The customers can profit from the quick process of the payment procedure, in case of advanced payment the products can be delivered sooner. 

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After you have installed the module in your back office, you can specify the configuration variants in Orders => Import Statements.
There you can specify the file format, upload a file with statements or specify the path to the file/directory where your statement files are located (used for the single configuration variant, in case there is no file uploaded), either as an absolute path, or relative to the place where the module is situated in your file system (examples in the "readme" file). 
Specify the order states to be searched in as well as the order state which should be set after the appropriate payment has been recognized. Enter a valid email address if you want to be informed about the import via email. If there is no email address or it is not valid, no report email will be sent. Further you can specify if you want to get the report per log, if you want to use this application in test mode, which means that everything will be reported but nothing will be changed in the real system (even if the report says so..), if the processed files should be deleted or moved, the decimal point used in your files (comma, dot..) and the payment difference which should still be accepted (with an appropriate message), if any.
In case of the user defined CSV format there are some further information needed: name of the reference column, name of the amount column, name of the transaction column (credit/debit..), if any, field separator and enclosure mark.
Last but not least you can mark each configuration variant as active or not.
There are three principal ways how to execute the module:
1. Place the files to location you have specified in the configuration variant and choose the execute option right in the line of the configuration variant in the overview (Orders => Import Statements)
2. Go into the configuration variant as if you would like to edit it, choose the file for upload (only for a single file) and save the configuration variant. The module will be executed for the uploaded file, not for the files in the specified location.
3. Call the URL, which you can find in the settings of the module. This will execute all "active" configuration variants.

What's New in Version 1.1.2(04/27/2017)

  • Compatibility upto 1.7.1

About the developer, Shoprunners


Shoprunners is your agency for supporting you to run your PrestaShop. 

We program state of the art standard modules and are able to solve individual requirements as well.

Proud to be an official PrestaShop partner since 2013.

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  • 3 months of free support (Learn more)
  • Developed by a Top Developer
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.6.1

  • Version 1.1.2 (04/27/2017)

  • Available in EN, DE

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