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Custom banners and HTML content

Custom banners and HTML content Module

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Easy way to add custom HTML, banner images and sliders anywhere on your site.

What this product does for you


Navigation Customize your online store

This module allows you to easily insert any images, videos or other custom HTML content anywhere on your site. Added banners can be grouped in carousels/sliders or displayed as separate blocks. You can easily turn on/off the banners, change their positions and copy them from one hook to another.

If you take a look at the demo page, you will see how easy it is to display all default banners and slider using this module.

"Custom banners" support multishop and multilanguage. That means, you can separately edit contents for each language/shop. On the other hand, if you want to add the same content to all languages, you don't have to fill it many times, you can just select the option "copy to all languages".

You can add the following multilingual fields to each banner:
  • Image: can be uploaded using drag and drop, or regular browsing. It is not resized in order to preserve maximum quality
  • Title: displayed next to cursor on hovering the image/link
  • Link: beyond custom links, you can easily set links to products/categories/manufacturers/suppliers/cms pages/cms categories by just specifying the ID of selected resource. When ID is specified, you don't have to worry about multilanguage links, or user-friendly url-s. Link will be defined automatically, basing on selected language and URL settings.
  • Custom HTML: any content you want to display, including embedded videos.
Plus 2 additional fields:
  • Custom class: assign a custom class for any banner. This can be a boostrap grid class, or any other class
  • Restrictions: Choose to display banner only on selected pages / for selected customers
Extended hooks settings allow you to easily change position relative to other modules and select exception pages, where you don't want to display your custom banners.

All banners data can be easily imported/exported, when you need a backup, or when you want to copy content from one shop to another. Exported data contains all multilanguage/multhishop contents, module positions in hooks and page exceptions.


  • Rich customization options
  • Your content can be placed to more than 30 native Prestashop hooks + 3 custom hooks, that can be added to any tpl file
  • NEW: Scheduled publication
  • NEW: Optional second image on hover
  • Possibility to group banners in carousels
  • Possibility to display a random banner on every page load
  • Banners can be manually ordered within a hook using drag-n-drop
  • Banners can be easily copied/moved from one hook to another
  • Free HTML field: you can insert any code you want, including embedded videos and iframes
  • Easy linking to products/categories etc.: You just need to specify the resource ID. After that link is defined automatically basing on selected language and SEO settings.
  • Easily add custom CSS/JS
  • Possibility to display banners only on selected pages
  • Easily editable module position within a hook (relative to other modules)
  • Easily import/export all banners data, including positions in hook and page exceptions
  • Responsive layout
  • Multilanguage support
  • Multishop support

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What your customers will like

If banners are set up properly and displayed in the right places, customers will get a better picture of your latest offers and any other information you want to share.  

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This is a great module and the developers are quick to respond to any questions and issues. Todd Cornwall oneStopNatural

Todd C. - 12/12/2016

I hardly add reviews, but this product is so fantastic - and it overdelivers by MUCH! I can recommend this product to anyone anytime. It's easy to use, works just out of the box - also on my very customized and non-default prestashop theme. So far I only use it to give my front page a dynamic look and feel, and it works beatifully! But I can think of many other things I will use it for in the future. I love the fact that you can pre-make banners, and have them turned on a spesific date and time, and at the same time, stop other banners from showing the same time the others are enabled. This way, I can pre scheduale my summer-look-and-feel, halloween-look-and-feel and so on when I have the time to do. And then it changes magically at the exact time I choose for each of the "banner sets". Great work, great module and great value for money. A MUST-HAVE module!

Roger L. - 04/10/2018

The module works correctly, very easy to use. Banners and html If you want to have different content for groups of clients and languages, it's perfect. Also works in multi store This module replaces several modules that come by default in prestashop A big help

Marlene s. - 04/12/2017

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Module is installed in a regular way – simply upload your archive and click install.  

What's New in Version 2.9.2(09/24/2017)

  • [+] Optionally display banner on all pages of selected type except specified IDs

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  • Developed by a Top Developer
  • Documentation included
  • Compatibility v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.6.1

  • Version 2.9.2 (09/24/2017)

  • Available in EN, RU

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