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From V1.6.1 to V1.7.8.8


Sell your products applying the sales equalization tax to customers asking for it and itemize taxes and sales equalization tax to orders, emails and invoices, applying the correct taxes to products and carrier costs.

What this module does for you

insert_chart Facilitate B2B commerce
If you have a B2B business, with the sales equalization tax module you’ll be able to sell from your shop to  professionals using sales equalization taxes, applying the sales equalization tax percent corresponding to the kind of  products sold in your store.
What is the sales equalization tax?
Self employed persons have taxes responsibilities with tax agencies in order to keep their taxes up to date. A self-employed person can be in a general or a special tax regime. One of these taxing special regimes purposed  by the tax agencies is the sales equalization tax regime, which application is obligatory for retailers who are  physical persons or for business subject to income allocation system (common properties and civil societies) being all their members physical persons.
The tax agency defines as retailers those persons selling goods without transforming them, if at least 80% of their total sales are made to final customers, except for retailers with objective stimation in IRPF (modules), exempt of  this percentaje.
What is exactly the sales equalization tax?
The tax agency target with this special regime, is to make simplier the retailers obligations. The retailer suppliers will make the payments to the tax agency, making simplier the work and obligations for a retailer. How does it work? The retailer will notify to their suppliers that he is using the sales equalization tax regime. Suppliers will be obligated to change their invoicing method, by including a sales equalization tax percent. Taxes and sales equalization tax must be itemized separately.
The retailer is not obligated to to pay to the tax agency for his sales, and he is not obligated to present self assesments to the tax agency. The retailer will pay a bit more for the goods to the supplier, but he has not to declare this tax.
The result for the retailer is that he’s cashing taxes to their final customers but he’s not declaring it to the tax agency. Instead of it, he will not deduce the taxes or sales ecualization tax and his suppliers will perform and manage payments to the tax agency.
The different sales ecualization tax regimes are:
For products with 21% tax : 5,2% sales ecualization tax
For products with 10% tax : 1,4% sales ecualization tax
For products with 4% tax : 0,5% sales ecualization tax
These percents are calculated on the tax base of the invoice and they’re applied only for Spain. For example in  Belgium, the percent is not applied on the tax base, instead of it, it’s calculated on the VAT invoiced. So this module is only valid for countries calculating the sales ecualization tax on the tax base.
Sales ecualization module for Prestashop is valid for Spain and any other countries calculating the
percent over the tax base and then adding it to tax base and correct VAT.
Multi-Store Usage
This module is compatible with multi-store Prestashop module. You can install the module in all your stores in a multi-store and use different configurations for each of them or configure once for all stores.

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V1.6.1 - V1.7.8.8

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By using this module you’ll be able to:
  • Configure a different sales equalization percent for each VAT type applied to your products, allowing you to apply a 5% for each product with 21% Vat, 3% for products with 10% VAT or a 1% for products with 4% VAT.
  • You’ll be able to configure sales equalization percents for unlimited VAT types.
  • It’s not possible to configure more than one sales equalization tax percent to the same VAT type
  • You’ll be able to modify or remove any configured percent.
  • You’ll be able to apply the sales equalization tax to carriers costs if you want, or not if it’s not necesary for you
  • You can configure if you want all the equalization taxes itemized if you’re working with various VAT  types. If you have an order with products with different VAT taxes, for example, 21%, 10% and 4%, you can display all the equalization taxes in the same line or use a line for each different percent.
The sales equalization tax will be displayed in:
  • Cart resume page, in the totals, itemized or unified
  • Payment page when finishing an order
  • Customer area, my orders. When displaying order detail, the sales ecualization tax will be  displayed, unified, itemized, and applied to the carrier cost if configured.
  • Backoffice orders, sales equalization tax will be displayed in order detail, itemized, unified and  applied to the carrier costs if configured
  • Customer order email, for each customer order with sales tax ecualization applied
How can I configure a customer with sales equalization tax?
  • When registering, the customer will choose if he’s using sales equalization tax
  • Once registered, the customer will be able to activate or deactivate this feature in his acoount
  • Shop administrators will be able to activate or deactivate this feature from the customer page in the


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What's New in Version 3.3.3(11/16/2022)

  • ▪️*Mejora*: Corregido un problema con la configuración del envío.
  • ▪️*Mejora*: Corregido un error en el override del módulo.

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