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Button add quantities to cart from product list

Button add quantities to cart from product list Modul

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Place the button add to cart on product list to directly add product from the product list in the expected quantity, without going to the product list.

Vorteile und Modulbeschreibung


Conversion-Rate Fördert Spontankäufe

Bring your customer closer to the checkout!
Do not we say that "the less click  there is, the more chance to convert it is".
Thanks to this module, you display an “add to cart” button and a “quantity input”  to allow front end user to add products to cart directly from the product list.
Thanks to the module "Button add quantities from the product list", no need to go to the product page, users add to cart directly from the categories, product lists, search results or automatic lists generated by Prestashop: best sellers, specials, new product...


Module "Button Add quantity to cart from the product list" takes into account your stocks available :
  • The button is grayed if the item is out of stock.
  • If the quantity requested in the "quantity" field is more than the stock available, a popup informs of the overrun
No configuration required: simple activation in the modules
Responsive design integration to respect a maximum of themes (on format tablets, smartphones …)
The "add" button selects the default product among the declinations to add it to cart
Adding to cart triggers the display of the standard confirmation popup for adding to cart

Werden häufig zusammen gekauft

Fügen Sie "Button add quantities to cart from product list" mit dem folgenden Artikel zu Ihrem Warenkorb hinzu:

  • Dieses Modul erlaubt dem Kunden sich mit Emailadresse und Passwort oder über sein Socialmedia-Konto(Facebook,Google) durch ein Popupfenster einzuloggen.

  • The module adds a beautiful animated button: call back. Required fields for customer: Name, phone number, time to call. It supports multi languages. Notification on your email and backoffice.


Was Ihre Kunden schätzen werden

Front end user adds to cart without having to go on product page and thus saves time during his purchases.
A button that simplifies the purchase (especially for recurring product or product without combination). When customer already knows his product, he does not need to enter the product page and can directly add it to the basket in 1 click.


Please note that for product composed of combinations, the "by default" combination will be added to cart.

Support und Updates

Sie profitieren automatisch von 3 Monaten Support für dieses Produkt.

Für 90 Tage nach dem Kauf können Sie sich über technischen und funktionalen Support sowie über Zugang zu verfügbaren Aktualisierungen für dieses Produkt freuen.

Option Installation

No specifics at all !
Just add, enable & enjoy.

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.1.5(12.03.2018)

  • Time response is now taking into account while filtering or page browsing is used with a long delayed answer

Über den Entwickler, PrestaShop Partners

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  • 3 Monate Support gratis (Mehr dazu)
  • Mit Dokumentation
  • Kompatibilität v1.6.1.0 - v1.7.3.1

  • Version 1.1.5 (12.03.2018)

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