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Disable CDN media server over SSL security certificate

Модуль Disable CDN media server over SSL security certificate

Разработал InnovaDeluxe

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If you have a SSL certificate and static CDN servers configured, the images probably won't load properly on page with https. Deluxe SSL Media will provide you the solution to this issue.

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Навигация Повышение скорости работы вашего сайта

With this module we solve the problem between the configuration of CDN static media zones and the configuration of pages with SSL security certificate. Between CDN and SSL certificate there is often an incompatibility if the security certificate is not multi-domain, multi-subdomain or several different SSL for each domain or subdomain.
With this module you can deactivate the CDN in the important sections like the purchase process and the registration and contact forms, keeping the CDN in the other pages of the store.
With this module and a suitable configuration in the Prestashop backoffice for the SSL security certificate, you will have the store working properly with CDN and SSL.


Prestashop offers the possibility to include media servers for static content in our store. What does it mean?
This means we can make Prestashop load images, javascript files and css files from different ubications (subdomains). This way we can improve performance, making your store a lot more fast because the static content will be downloaded form different ubications, avoiding htttp ptotocol limits.
If you need some help to configure this feature in your server and your Prestashop store, please contact us here.

An example case could be:
  • --> Your Prestashop store
  • --> Images will be downloaded from here
  • --> JS files will be downloaded from here
  • --> CSS style sheets will be downloaded from here

Prestashop offers the possiblity to use SSL certificates.
¡Of course! But there are many types of SSL cetificates, the cheapest ones are valid only for directions like: or
But, What happens if we activate the static zones?


Your SSL certificate will not be valid for the static zones and you'll not be able to access them usinf https://

  • My account zone
  • Cart
  • Order steps

You have improved the security and the performance in your store, but you can't use both improvements together. You purchased your certificate, but static content will not load using https and browsers will advice your customers of this, redunding in a bad experience for them.
This is not the image you want to offer to your customers.

  • Purchase a miulti-subdomain valid SSL certificate (from 250 Euros in most specialized providers)
  • Use our module. It will make https zones not to use static content (like it's supposed to be) fixing erros and browsers alerts. You'll be able to use SSL in the secure zones, and your static content (like images) will be shown without problems.

  • Multi-Store Usage
    This module is compatible with multi-store Prestashop module. You can install the module in all your stores in a multi-store and use different configurations for each of them or configure once for all stores. But remember that if you want to use different installations of PrestaShop (independent shops), you have the obligation of buy the modulde license for each shop.

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    Innovadeluxe certified developers team will help you in all your needs. We’ll do all we can to solve your problems as soon as possible. Due to we’re a Prestashop certified agency, we can offer you fast and quality solutions. We ensure you’ll be satisfied with our products and support.

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    ✔ Do you have problems with the module? If the module tells you that an override has already been modified by another module, we can intervene and mix both modifications so that both modules work correctly. Contact us.
    ✔ Do you need help with installation and configuration? If you have doubts when installing or configuring the module, contact us and one of our technicians will guide you in the process to follow.
    Constant updates: Our modules are always updated to ensure optimum operation with all versions of Prestashop that we indicate as compatible.
    ✔ If you have problems and ask us for support, we will need access to your store via FTP and to the administration. If you do not give us access, we will not be able to help you.
    ✔ We can customize the module for you, please contact us and tell us how would you like the module to be.

    We need your comments and evaluation
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    The customer will be able to visit your store and navigate through it in a fluid way thanks to all the static content of the store will be downloaded from various locations thanks to the CDN static content server and you can also have full warranty thanks to the SSL security certificate that will be available In the entire purchase process and that protects all communications in the contact and registration forms.


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    Installation and configuration information in the documentation attached to the module. You can also download the module documentation from your client panel here in PrestaShop Addons.
    The installation is very simple, you can install directly from your administrator panel of your store or uploading the module via FTP, it is your choice. This module does not require you to make any kind of changes in your store for installation.

    Что нового в версии 1.5.0(19.01.2018)

    • Nueva versión para PrestaShop 1.7

    О разработчике, InnovaDeluxe


    We are a company specialized in developing websites with Prestashop customizing and designing singular and exclusive modifications, 100% integrated with other tools: Billing Systems, Information POS Systems supermarket (MadisaNET) or ERP (SAP). We have developed several hundreds of modules tailored to our customers and we are able to develop any project you need. We are Application developers as Innovashop [everywhere] and Vendantor POS

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    • Разработано Top Developer
    • Документация включена
    • Совместимость v1.6.0.4 - v1.7.6.1

    • Версия 1.5.0 (19.01.2018)

    • Доступно на EN, AR, CL, CO, CU, ES, MX

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