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Модуль Myddleware

Разработал Community developer
  • PrestaShop -
module - Соединение с внешней программой (CRM, ERP...) - Myddleware - 1
module - Соединение с внешней программой (CRM, ERP...) - Myddleware - 2
module - Соединение с внешней программой (CRM, ERP...) - Myddleware - 3
module - Соединение с внешней программой (CRM, ERP...) - Myddleware - 4
module - Соединение с внешней программой (CRM, ERP...) - Myddleware - 5
module - Соединение с внешней программой (CRM, ERP...) - Myddleware - 6


Need to connect your shop with other applications? Use Myddleware to connect and sync your applications, migrate and transform your data between the applications that are essential to your business.

Данный модуль предлагает вам:


Продуктивность Возможность экономить время

Thanks to Myddleware, no more double data entries : data integration tasks are automated, which allows you to focus on your core activities.

Even better : by connecting and syncing your apps, Myddleware enables you to have a more comprehensive view of your clients' buying behaviour.
Save time and be more competitive !


Use Myddleware to connect your Prestashop to your CRM and :

  • Migrate your clients' data (address, orders) from your Prestashop to your CRM so as to collect sales data in your CRM
  • Generate client accounts from your CRM to your Prestashop so as to have a 360° view of your customers
  • Convert orders on your online business into opportunities in your CRM for better sales forecast
Use Myddleware to connect your Prestashop to your e-marketing tool and :

  • Drive traffic to your Prestashop by sending targeted promotional emails based on your clients’ purchase history
  • Sync your e-marketing tool to your Prestashop to reduce the number of abandoned carts and encourage customers to come back
  • Combine your Prestashop and e-marketing tool together to have a more comprehensive view of your clients' buying behaviour

You can also connect Myddleware to your other applications to make the most out of your data (applications list below).

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  • Image descriptions are a little-known SEO feature for product pages, but precise description is a surefire way to increase your e-commerce’s search engine visibility. The SEO Images (Alt tag) module automates ALT tag creation for product images and produces quality content to improve your site’s page ranking.

  • Decrease the number of you store's abandoned carts by adding a notification that will appear directly in the customer's browser. This module can be installed and configured in just 30 seconds and displays the number of products in a customer's cart next to your store's favicon. It's a discrete and effective nudge to remind users they have a full cart and encourage them to check out!



  • Salesforce
  • Sage CRM
  • Sage Live
  • SugarCRM
  • SuiteCRM
  • Dolist
  • Mailchimp
  • EventBrite
  • Moodle
  • FTP
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft SQL Server


After sales service within the project scope :
We are determined to provide you with a solution that brings you total satisfaction. That is why we guarantee the maintenance of the software : every bug linked to Myddleware will be fixed as quickly as possible. We also guarantee a regular update of the application as well as a three-month support service following the implementation of the solution.
Requests out of the scope of the project :

For every additional request issued after the three-month garantee or out of the prestablished project scope, you can benefit from a free support service through our online community on Github. We also provide support services at variable rates depending on your request.

Поддержка и обновления

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Вы можете рассчитывать на функциональную техподдержку, а также располагаете доступом к имеющимся в наличии обновлениям для этого продукта в течение 90 дней после покупки.


Myddleware is a free open source tool that you can download and set up yourself.

By downloading this module, you are purchasing our set up service ("Quick Start"). The idea is simple : we deploy the solution on your server, connect your applications and set up your data transfer rules within one working day maximum. After this set-up, you can freely change the rules depending on your activity and business practices.

Steps to follow in order to benefit from our "Quick Start" service :

1.       Download the module in your Prestashop and fill in the form
2.       Our team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and set up a date to deploy the solution
3.       The solution and your transfer rules are implemented within one working day : from then on, your apps are connected and your data integrated

Что нового в версии 2.0.0(2017-01-31)

  • Change the page after module installation

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  • Совместимость v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.1.2

  • Версия 2.0.0 (2017-01-31)

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