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от V1.7.4 до V8.0.1


Install Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp chats on your website and chat with your customers in real time, whether they are logged in to Facebook or not. Increase your conversion rate by identifying products in instant messaging

Что этот модуль делает для вас

insert_chart Стимулирование посетителей к завершению оформления покупок
headset Улучшение отношений с клиентами
Chat in real time with your customers by integrating Facebook instant messengers directly into your online store. Increase your customer satisfaction and your sales!

Facebook Chats Messenger allows you to stand out from the competition by adopting an innovative discussion channel, increasingly favored by consumers because it offers many more advantages than simple e-mails or phone calls. Your customers can quickly obtain, at no extra cost, an answer to any questions they may have and that may hinder their purchasing decision. At a time when customer relations have become largely digitalized since the beginning of the health crisis, instant messaging allows you to discuss and inform your customers live, at the moment they are ready to buy, as you would in a physical store. This reduces the risk of shopping cart abandonment.


Note: BusinessTech is an independent editor and e-commerce expert for more than 10 years. Not related to Messenger or WhatsApp (owned by Facebook company), you will benefit from objective advice adapted to your situation and needs.

Our module installs the Facebook chat plugins "Messenger" and "WhatsApp" which are two extremely popular networks. Your visitors will not hesitate to use these discussion channels that they know by heart. Moreover, you will be able to reply and continue to chat with them even if they have left your site in the meantime. They will receive your messages in their Messenger or WhatsApp applications, through any device. This allows you to convert them after their visit and keep them coming back to order. This will allow you to take the time to build a real trusting and long term relationship with your customers.


By integrating instant messaging plugin directly on your website, you can create engagement with your community and generate leads, as you may already do through messaging set up on social networks. But where the messaging available on your Facebook Page, for example, is reserved to the users of the social network, the Messenger chat plugin for website is for all your customers, whether they have a Facebook account or not. Whether your visitors want to remain anonymous or simply can't log in for any reason, they will still be able to communicate with you very easily, thanks to the "guest mode".


Advise your customers by displaying them directly within the chat the products that best meet their expectations! If you have exported your products to the shop section of your Facebook Page, you can recommend them to your customers directly through the Messenger(x) chat plugin.
Note: for an automatic export and update of your products on Facebook, discover our "Facebook Dynamic Ads + Pixel & Shops" best seller module available here:
(x)only possible if the chat users are connected to Facebook

Also, if you have created a catalog of products in the WhatsApp Business application (manual creation only for now) then you will be able to easily identify them in your discussions through the instant messaging.

Ваши клиенты оценят это

Your customers will appreciate being able to be informed directly on your website, as if they were in a physical store, through instant messaging services they know well and use every day on their smartphone. This discussion channel will allow them, in a more playful and informal way than sending an e-mail, to ask their questions and be quickly reassured about their purchases.


  • Installing the Messenger chat plugin on your website requires you to have created a professional Facebook Page (free creation).
  • Installing the WhatsApp chat plugin on your website requires you to have a WhatsApp account. We recommend downloading the (free) WhatsApp Business application for multiple business-friendly features.

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Техническое описание

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Языки модуля

en, ag, ca, es, fr, gl, it, mx, pe, ve +4

Совместимые версии PrestaShop

V1.7.4 - V8.0.1

Совместимость с функцией «Мультимагазин» 


Модуль / Шаблон

V 1.0.2

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Business Tech

Языки разработчика

fr, en


Поддержка и онлайн-чат



  • Configuration of a schedule for activating instant messengers (chats) on your site: configuration of opening/closing days and hours
  • Possibility to activate/deactivate all the chats in 1 click, in order to make them accessible only when you are really available to answer, without changing the opening schedule
  • Possibility to activate/deactivate each of the chats independently in 1 click
  • Possibility to disable the display of chats on mobile (independent disabling for each chat)
  • Possibility to enable shortcut widgets when browsing your back office: shortcuts to the inboxes of each chat and button for quick deactivation/activation of all instant messengers


General options

  • Possibility to activate the "guest mode" to allow all your customers to contact you through the chat plugin, even if they don't have a Facebook account or if they want to remain anonymous
  • Possibility to activate the automatic expansion of the instant messaging when a page of your site is loaded

Exclusive to the module: display the instant messaging in the current language of your site

Natively, Facebook offers to select only one language for the display of the chat on your online store. Our module allows you to go further and benefit from a multilingual instant messaging that will be displayed in the current language of your site, for even more customer satisfaction!

Customization of the chat plugin

  • Possibility to choose the theme color of the chat plugin (directly in the module configuration)
  • Possibility to choose the position of the chat plugin on your site (bottom right or bottom left alignment)
  • Customization of the margin to be left under the plugin, for the display on desktop on one hand and on mobile on the other hand

Configuration of automated messages

  • Exclusive to the module: configuration of an automated greeting text different for each language of the site and possibility to define a different multilingual text for people not connected to Facebook in their browser. This text will be displayed before any message is sent to welcome future instant messaging users.
  • Possibility to configure an automated reply to the first message sent by a user of the chat (to give more information about your shop, indicate a response time, etc)
  • Possibility to set up suggested questions to be displayed to messaging users and associated auto-answers (note: due to new privacy rules in Europe, auto-answers to suggested questions are currently not available to people and Pages located in Europe.)
  • Possibility to configure an automated message to be displayed in case of absence

Product identification within the chat

If you have exported your catalog of products to a Facebook shop, you can make personalized product recommendations to your customers(x) by identifying these products directly within the instant messaging. Your customers will then be able to see the product information on your Facebook shop and access the product directly on your site to complete their order. Note: For a customized, high-quality export of your products to Facebook, we recommend our "Facebook Dynamic Ads + Pixel & Shops" module, available here:

(x)only for users connected to Facebook


Exclusive to the module: customization of the chat plugin

  • Possibility to set the position of the chat plugin (bottom right/bottom left)
  • Possibility to choose the size of the chat plugin icon (large/small)
  • Possibility to customize the margins of the chat plugin (top/bottom/right/left margins), for the display on desktop on one hand and on mobile on the other hand

Configuration of automated messages(xx)

  • Possibility to customize your business profile (logo, shop name, website URL, description etc.) to confirm to users that they are in contact with your shop
  • Possibility to set up an automated reply to the first message sent by a new instant messaging user (to give more information about your shop, indicate a response time, etc)
  • Possibility to set up an automated reply to be displayed in case of absence.
  • Possibility to set up keyboard shortcuts for the answers you frequently send
  • Possibility to organize your customers, discussions or specific messages with WhatsApp labels

Product identification within the chat(xx)

If you have created your product catalog in the WhatsApp Business application (manual creation only for now) you can identify products directly within the chat to best advise your customers and redirect them to a particular product page.

(xx)only with the "WhatsApp business" application (free download)

Что нового в версии 1.0.2(19.12.2022)

  • PS8 compliancy

Поддержка и обновления

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Вы можете отменить подписку в любое время, до окончания текущего периода.

Услуги, включенные в вашу подписку:

  • Обновления безопасности
  • Обновления совместимости
  • Эволюции и будущие функции
  • Неограниченная поддержка

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Business Tech is a Platinum Partner Agency and one of PrestaShop Addons’ oldest and most popular module developers. Since 2009, we have strived to produce the best modules on the market and a smart module catalog, with a focus on Google, Facebook and other social networks, as well as financial reporting. Business Tech also prides itself on having a sterling tech support and customer service department, where you’ll get prompt & efficient help.