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Live Chat Pro

Модуль Live Chat Pro

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When you add Live Chat Pro Module to your business web site, it allows you to decrease customer service response time and increase customer satisfaction. Mobile and Tablet compatibility.

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СРЕДНЯЯ КОРЗИНА Увеличение размера средней корзины ваших клиентов

Increase Web Site Revenue
The majority of people browsing your web site prefer to use Live Chat and receive immediate assistance rather than waiting in telephone queues or waiting for an email response.

Increase Sales by using Live Chat/Live Help
Your potential customers and browsing site visitors are more than twice as likely to purchase products and services after using Live Help and chatting to your staff.

Live Help increases and builds customer trust and confidence in your businesses products and services. Customers are easily able to have their questions and concerns answered before they leave your web site when using Live Chat.

Reduce Customer Support and Sales Costs
Live Help customer support will enable your company to reduce the overall cost of providing customer service via. toll free telephone support lines within your conventional help desk system.

Easily Accessible Customer Service
Live Help allows your customers to quickly locate a customer support representative that will assist them with any questions and information regarding your products and services, enabling you to increase your company revenue.
  • Increase Visitors Trust
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Common Instant Messenger Interface
  • Chat Live with your Web Visitors

By receiving priceless customer feedback during and after Live Help sessions, your company can focus on your customer's needs, requirements and questions. Feedback received from each Live Help chat will allow you to continue to improve and enhance your web site for future customers.


  • Chat instantly - Do not require customers to sign in
  • Support for multiple supporters
  • Responsive design (Mobile, Tablet compatibility)
  • Notification email: get customer messages via email (new)
  • Multilingual
  • Record the Messages
  • Display the customer's ip (new)
  • Use for both employees and customers
  • Customize your chat interface 
  • Show time of last message
  • Warning when receiving a new message: blink and sound.
  • Nice and friendly interface 

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- Talk directly with sellers
- Reduce the time to contact via the contact form
- A friendly shop

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Что нового в версии 3.4.1(24.02.2018)

  • Improved issues on translation

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