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Product Stock Reminder

Модуль Product Stock Reminder

Разработал Zedrox
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This module allows admin to keep a track of your products inventory & expiry date from back end panel. Admin can manage inventory status & product expiry data by receiving timely updates on registered email or manually via your admin panel.

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Продуктивность Оптимизация управления вашими товарными запасами

The prime function of this plugin is to help the merchant keep a track of their inventory and easily manage the expiration of products and any events running on the store. This module offers the following benefits:
1.Easy to install and configure
2.Simple to operate
3.Effectively envelopes all the products
4.Keep a proper track of the inventory status of products
5.Manage the expiry of products
6.Manage the expiry of events such as sale and special offers
7.Automatic notifications on the registered email via CRON - time based job scheduler
8.Option to manually receive inventory status and product expiry status


1.This module will allow you to keep a check on the expiry date of products.
2.Admin can keep track of quantity of the products from back end.
3.The products will be automatically removed from front end on expiry.
4.You will be notified on your email regarding the products about to expire.
5.You will be notified on your email regarding the products that are left with the limited quantity.

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  • Module to manage suppliers orders for internal monitoring process.

  • Tired of receiving spam emails? Our module allows you to integrate Google protection on your registration and contact form. Spam emails are blocked. Your customers do not need to copy anti-robot code.


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1.Customers will get the status on the availability of product
2.Customers can keep track of when a particular event or sale will expire
3.Better store engagement
4.Higher customer satisfaction
5.Improved conversion as customers would not leave site due to unavailability of products

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Что нового в версии 1.0.3(26.03.2019)

  • Debug Expiry Date

О разработчике, Zedrox



At Zedrox, we offer web design & development services along with mobile applications development to our clients.. Our team consists of designers, integrators, developers, and project managers. We do offer strategic consultation, State of the art design and development services and creation of custom modules and themes on prestashop.

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  • Разработано Top Developer
  • Документация включена
  • Совместимость v1.6 - v1.7.5.2

  • Версия 1.0.3 (26.03.2019)

  • Доступно на en

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