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Модуль Pudo

Разработал Community developer
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This module allow your customers to pick up their purchases at one intelligent locker at a  time and place that's convenient for them.  

Данный модуль предлагает вам:

Конверсии Предложение способов доставки, удобных для ваших клиентов

  • With near to 1000 pickup points in Spain,  avoiding the inconvenience of missed deliveries, It  offers ease of access to your packages and extended hours for pickup.  
  • Easy installation.
  • Minimum configuration required.  
  • Save time with simplified management. The module is very simple to install and use  and does not require fine­tuning of any settings or preferences.  
  • Technical support to help you in case of problems. But we do not provide assistance  with issues related to the server, or the installation of prestashop or incompatibility  with other modules. 


  • Your customer can choose a delivery point in one step during purchase using a map  and change it whenever he wants.
  • Postcode Filtering (Spain).
  • In your back­office a Pudo Order is easily identifiable and there you can request us to  collect your delivery at your store on the date you want with a simple click.
  • It automates the printing of your shipping barcode labels saving time with your  shipping process.

Ваши клиенты оценят это

  • Do not wait for your package/parcel, they wait for you
  • Pickup your package/parcel wherever you want, because your house is not always the place to do so
  • No one should know what you buy
  • Enjoy a different and innovative pickup experience
  • Pickup when you want
  • Total tracability of your package/parcel

Поддержка и обновления

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Что нового в версии 1.0.2(2016-09-20)

  • This version fixes some map issues.

О разработчике

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  • 3 месяца поддержки бесплатно (Подробнее)
  • Документация включена
  • Совместимость v1.6.0.11 - v1.7.0.6

  • Версия 1.0.2 (2016-09-20)

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