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ShippyPro - Shipping Estimates and Dropoff Locations

Модуль ShippyPro - Shipping Estimates and Dropoff Locations

Разработал Community developer
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Show real time shipping fees to your customers at cart checkout. Let them choose services such as time definite and Dropoff Locations 

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Конверсии Предложение способов доставки, удобных для ваших клиентов

With PrestaShop, it is possible to apply different shipping fees based on country or state. But carriers apply different costs based also on zipcode (such higher costs for remote areas), product weight and specific services offered.

There are modules allowing you to create a shipping table rate, or a rate matrix. Other addons allow you to apply  different shipping fees based on zip codes of your clients, by setting up zones.

No other module just requires to connect all of your carriers in order to offer to your customer multiple shipping options with real rates retrieved in real time from the carrier servers, together with additional services such as shipping insurance and dropoff locations.

With this module you can improve your shop's conversion rates by leaving your customers free to choose the services they prefer, and never show a wrong shipping rate.


  • Simplified checkout process: the price is automatically calculated according to the address of the customers
  • Shipping fees are calculated based on real negotiated rates 
  • All your different shipping fees for each zip code and country
  • Possibility not to deliver an area based on zip code
  • Several carriers for each delivery area
  • Shipping fees are shown according to product weight and dimensions
  • Dropoff locations shown with map
  • Works with both checkout types (5 steps or One Page Checkout)
  • Perfect workflow with AJAX, the browser doesn't refresh because the most of the operations will run in background.

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Customer experience is much better, the shipping costs are automatically calculated based on the customer`s address, the checkout process is much improved.

Since it’s very common not being at home when the courier comes, your customers will love dropoff locations shown on map!

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1. Download and install the module
2. Create a free ShippyPro account at
3. Connect your carrier account by clicking on Couriers and selecting the courier to be connected
4. Generate an API key by clicking Admin > Manage API Keys > Add key
Once the key is generated, enter it into the module backend and the connection is established and working

Что нового в версии 1.0.2(05.08.2019)

  • New map for drop off points

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  • Версия 1.0.2 (05.08.2019)

  • Доступно на EN

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