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iVoy Carrier

Модуль iVoy Carrier

Разработал Community developer
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Allows to calculate shipping costs and generate your order shipping labels with iVoy.

Данный модуль предлагает вам:


Конверсии Предложение способов доставки, удобных для ваших клиентов

  • Trusted shipping costs obtained directly from iVoy.
  • Option to add an impact or adjustment to the shipping costs displayed by the carrier before showing it to the customer.
  • Generation of the shipment with iVoy directly from your Back Office with a simple click.
  • Simple configuration focused on obtaining accurate and adjusted shipping costs for your business model.
  • No override files are required for proper functionality of the module.

Our Guarantees

  • All our developments are validated by PrestaShop.
  • Support warranty in the module's bugs.
  • We can customize the module or make the necessary modifications. Contact us to request an estimate.


  • Calculates shipping costs in real time through the iVoy services.
  • Use of cache in the results to improve the loading speed of the site and to make the calculation of the costs only when there is a change in the shopping cart.
  • Allows to select the geographical location of the address to have a quote and more accurate delivery.
  • Generation of the shipment with iVoy directly from your Back Office with a simple click.
  • Compatible with orders generated directly from the Back Office.
  • Option to perform shipping cost calculations only on the order confirmation page to improve the site navigation performance.
  • Option that allows you to establish an impact on the cost of shipping before showing it to the customer.
  • Summary list with the orders associated with iVoy and its corresponding data.
  • Multi-currency compatible
  • Multi-Store Compatible
  • Full and detailed documentation.

Часто покупают вместе

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  • Our FedEx Module helps you to provide better service by automating your logistics, and in turn reducing transaction costs, avoiding shipping cost errors.

  • The EU Cookie Policy Banner GDPR Compliant & CMS developed by PrestaShop helps you meet the EU Cookie law requirements by displaying on your online store a customizable and configurable warning banner in just a few clicks.  


Ваши клиенты оценят это

  • Know the shipping cost in real time based on the products of the shopping cart and the delivery address, this generates greater confidence to the customer and helps to close the sale.
  • Reduces communication time with store manager.


  • It is mandatory to have an account with access credentials to the iVoy webservices.
  • The quotation system only works in the areas where iVoy offers coverage.

Поддержка и обновления

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The installation is completely automated and intuitive.

Что нового в версии 1.1.1(23.11.2018)

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О разработчике

Community developer

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  • Разработано Top Developer
  • Документация включена
  • Совместимость v1.5.0.0 - v1.7.5.1

  • Версия 1.1.1 (23.11.2018)

  • Требует подписки на дополнительно сервис Да

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