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Отлично, Вашему магазину понравится! Продукт успешно добавлен в корзину and Click&Collect

Модуль and Click&Collect

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This module allows you to easily integrate door to door, Cash on Delivery and Click&Collect PostaPanduri services for Romania national delivery. Automate your shipping processes into PrestaShop and print your shipping labels fast and easy.

Данный модуль предлагает вам:


Конверсии Предложение способов доставки, удобных для ваших клиентов

Cloud based shipping and cash on delivery web management platform which connects online businesses with selected domestic courier and postal service providers.

Dedicated to online shop owners can now efficiently monitor and manage all their shipping logistics and cash on delivery payment collections by integrating the LivariOnline web application with PrestaShop.

  • Fast & efficient automated management & monitoring of all your online orders, parcel delivery logistics and cash on delivery receipts.
  • Competitive prices for parcel delivery services from LivrariOnline Courier Partners
  • PostaPanduri Click & Collect SmartLockers parcel delivery method.


  • Save time. All operations are integrated into Order Management Page;
  • Support the following services for Romania eCommerce market: door2door, cash on delivery and click&collect using our own Payment Service;
  • Easy to configure your services: You just copy the information from the Merchants Interface ( and check/uncheck the options you like to use;
  • Customer is able to get and select the postal services available and the price is estimated in real time by or flat fee;
  • track&trace is available as soon as the parcel AWB is generated.
  • our SmartLockers are real time monitored and API functions synchronize the lockers status active or full and the locker temperature to block the special thermo regulated products.

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Ваши клиенты оценят это

Customer gets high detailed information about the shipping services and costs and he is able to choose during the order checkout process.
We keep the customer very well informed about the parcel delivery process and we offer daily updates that can also be track in real time online on the public website

Customers can decide to change parcel destination from door2door delivery to pickup service from our smartlockers network

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To install the module, you only have to upload the archive in prestashop's backoffice.

Что нового в версии 2.1.2(2018-03-01)

  • First public version

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  • Совместимость v1.6 - v1.7.4.0

  • Версия 2.1.2 (2018-03-01)

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