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Модуль fastway

Разработал Community developer
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FastWay allows your customers receive their orders anywhere in South Africa or Australia using effective shipping carriers provided by FastWay Couriers Shipping Service - the Courier Experts.

Данный модуль предлагает вам:


Конверсии Предложение способов доставки, удобных для ваших клиентов

  • Provide a cost effective and convenient method for shipping orders to your customers
  • Allows you provide your customers with available shipping carriers
  • Allows you track and trace customer orders conveniently and quickly
  • Allows you negotiate pickups and delivery very quickly and easily
  • Функционал

  • Works for either South African or Australian Merchants
  • Displays available Shipping services and carriers to the customer
  • Displays normal or discounted shipping prices from FastWay
  • Allows the use frequent rates from FastWay - this could be cheaper for both the customer and the merchant.
  • Allows the customer track and trace their orders
  • Allows handling fees to be added to the cost of shipping if required
  • Allows free shipping on orders above specified amounts. This is useful for sales promotion during festive periods or when required.
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  • Allows your customers receive their orders at their door step
  • Allows your customers receive their orders in a very fast, efficient and convenient manner
  • Provides your customers with the lowest shipping costs from FastWay Couriers Service
  • Your customers can track their orders very easily
  • Your customers can enjoy FREE shipping whenever you decide
  • Рекомендации

  • Products dimensions - length, width and height should be provided in centimeters
  • Product weight should be provided in kilograms
  • Store currency should either be ZAR or AUD depending on your country
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    Very easy to install. Steps are provided in well detailed documentation.

    Что нового в версии 1.1.0(2018-01-08)

    • version 1.1.0

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    • Версия 1.1.0 (2018-01-08)

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