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A module that allows you to add subtitles of products and configure the way they are displayed. The most important feature of the module is that it is very easy to install and use. Very fast set up, immediate effect.

Что этот модуль делает для вас

person_add Совершенствование естественной поисковой оптимизации (SEO) во всех поисковых системах
All you need to do to enjoy subtitles on your product pages, is to install the module using 1-click service from back office and then add the subtitles to your products in a very intuitive and simple form. No technical knowledge required. The subtitles will be displayed immediately on your product pages.

Configuring proper subtitles will help your customers understand your products in no time.

Using a proper tag will also strengthen your store's SEO capabilities

Helps benefits store in the 2 main ways:

  • It allows you to important content that is not suitable for the product name, on the top of the page. It will improve your conversion rate.
  • Selecting a proper HTML tag for your store (default h2 is usually the best), add important intormation about your product for search engines, which helps your store visibility (SEO). Thanks to more traffic, it will improve your turnover in general.

The module is ready to be displayed right after the installation and allows you to immediately start adding subtitles. It does not require any technical knowledge, person with skills other than technical can easily install and use it.

Ваши клиенты оценят это

  • more orders from the same amount of visitors, thanks to knows if they are looking at the right product immediately
  • higher cart value, because of lower effort needed for the customers to get initial interest from the basic product information
  • higher general turnover thanks to increased visibility in search engines


  • Go to your store's back office.
  • Navigate to Modules -> Module manager.
  • Press 'Upload a module' button in the top right corner and select the supplied .zip file with the module.
  • Wait until the module is installed.
  • Option 'Subtitles HTML Tag type' determines in which HTML tag the added subtitles will be displayed.
  • Option 'Installation method' allows you to change the default Automatic method of placing the subtitle on the product page to the manual (requiring editing the store template files).
  • Option 'Allow more than one subtitle per product' enabled adding multiple subtitles per product if needed. Disabled by default.
  • Manual installation instructions are detailed in the documentation.
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    Техническое описание

    Последнее обновление


    Языки модуля


    Совместимые версии PrestaShop

    V1.6.0.4 - V1.7.8.8

    Совместимость с функцией «Мультимагазин» 


    Модуль / Шаблон

    V 1.1.27

    Количество загрузок





    Community developer

    Языки разработчика

    pl, en


    Естественная поисковая оптимизация


    • Add product subtitles right after the installation without any technical knowledge
    • Set one product subtitle per perticle
    • Add multiple subtitles per article (two modes in configuration)
    • Manual mode, allowing to insert subtitle at any place on your product page


    The recommended settings are:
  • Consult with your SEO agency or specialist. They usually recommend to have a module like this installed in the first place, they will also guide you the best on how to select the proper tag and how to write the subtitles.
  • h2 as a HTML tag. Prestashop by default has h1 high in the product page markup but is missing h2. Therefore adding h2 with a content closely related to the product should bring the best effects in terms of SEO improvement.
  • Remember that the subtitles will be visible on the product pages for real customers. Have search browsers (such as Google) in mind while writing the subtitles but don't forget about your customers actually reading the subtitles!
  • The most common set up is one subtitle per product, however there may be a different situations where multiple subtitles are better.
  • It is recommended to have every single product set up with a subtitle, to make website look convenient, and profit from the best effects of the module.
  • Что нового в версии 1.1.27(06.08.2022)

    • added option to add more than one subtitle per product
    • added Automatic and Manual installation methods
    • added front office styles for PS 1.7 and PS 1.6
    • added configuration information in the back office
    • added notification on the subtitle status on the subtitle add/edit list

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