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V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.8
от V1.7.0.0 до V1.7.8.8


The module "Automatic insertion of internal links for SEO" will allow you to create internal links by choosing precise anchor texts that will be "linked" automatically so as to improve indexing on search engines.

Что этот модуль делает для вас

person_add Совершенствование естественной поисковой оптимизации (SEO) во всех поисковых системах
What this product offers you
The internal link is one of the fundamental SEO procedures to improve the positioning of your online shop. Internal linking is too often neglected or considered unimportant, but a correct organization and distribution of internal links provides benefits to your entire shop, including:
  • It gives more importance to some pages, which you think are better for the objectives set.
  • It allows you to reach more easily the pages you have linked the most, as they are accessible from different paths.
  • It facilitates the work of robots that, following the path traced by the links, crawl and index the pages faster.
  • Improve the user experience that becomes deeper in related content.
  • Improve the trust of the most clicked pages of our shop
The module "Automatic insertion of internal links for SEO" will allow you to create internal links automatically.The module will allow you to add the keywords, separated by a comma, for one or more categories, so that that precise chosen word will automatically present the link of the referring category.You just need to define what the reference anchor texts will have to be to start the automation, saving a lot of time.In the configurations, by choosing between the "SILOS" or "GLOBAL" option, you can decide whether the link must appear within the Silos, or rather in the categories belonging to the same macro-category, or if the internal link must be "GLOBAL" and that is present in all sections of the shop.In the configurations it is also possible to enable the possibility of inserting keywords to the brands, so as to link the word to the specific brand.

Ваши клиенты оценят это

What your customers will appreciate
With the module "Automatic insertion of internal links for SEO" you can help your customers to easily navigate your online shop and to have a complete overview of the various sections that make up your shop, thanks to these intertextual links between the different pages. In this way:
  • You will be able to provide maximum information to your customers
  • Allow your customers to access various information with just a few clicks
  • Increase the time your customers stay in the shop


The installation does not require special requirements. The module installs and is ready for use. Of course, it must first be configured.

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en, it

Совместимые версии PrestaShop

V1.7.0.0 - V1.7.8.8

Модуль / Шаблон

V 1.1.0

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it, en


Естественная поисковая оптимизация


The "Automatic insertion of internal link for SEO" module will allow you to:
  • Save time
  • Have an automatic internal linking mechanism
  • Choose anchor texts
  • Choose whether to proceed for an internal link to Silos
  • Choose whether to proceed for a Global internal link, without category limits
  • Improve SEO optimizationImprove on-site optimization
  • Choose through the choice of the links of the pages to which to give greater importance


The compatibility of the module goes from version 1.7. The recommendation is to carefully read the instructions on the configuration page and on the module page (under "INFO" in the nav-bar).

Что нового в версии 1.1.0(05.02.2021)

  • Changed module graphics

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Этот разработчик отвечает на следующих языках:
it, en

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