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Clever Google Adwords

Модуль Clever Google Adwords

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Create and manage your Google Adwords campaigns easily and fast with a Premier Google Partner!
With just 5 simple steps your campaigns will be on the Adwords search network.
Optimize your ROI, we will be your personal Digital Marketing department!

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Трафик Совершенствование платной поисковой оптимизации (SEM - SEA) вашего каталога

  • Attract the right customers
Clever Adwords takes information from all your collections and products to automatically generate Google AdWords campaigns on four levels:

  • Search campaigns: Be seen by customers as they search on Google.
  • Display campaigns: Display Banners & Text Ads to reach people interested in your products.
  • Remarketing and Dynamic Remarketing campaigns: Follow your own visitors through the internet offering your products once they leave your site.
  • Google Shopping campaigns: Upload your products to the Google Merchant Center and boost your sales.
  • We create new campaigns respecting our client’s own campaigns. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and due to our strict business policy, we ensure that no changes will be made in campaigns that were not created by Clever Adwords.

    • Maximize your marketing budget
    After the campaigns creation, Clever Adwords will start optimizing your campaigns and maximizing your marketing budget. Clever Adwords app adjust bids with algorithms to ensure the best results. We cover your back! No matter the size of your store, Clever Adwords can handle it.

    The spend on Google Adwords totally depends on your business and industry, but we recommend to start with something around $15 per day. Be aware that for advertisers spending less, it will take a while for our algorithm to optimize properly (about 2 months depending on the volume).


    • Personal account manager
    Be provided with a personal account manager that will optimize your campaigns step by step so that you can get the highest ROI.

    • Support through live chat
    Contact with us through a direct chat in order to get help at the moment.

    • Add products or collections to the campaigns
    Are you adding new products to your store after we have created the campaigns? No problem! We will update your campaigns so that the new products will also appear.

    • Campaigns and banners remake
    Do you want us to make new campaigns and banners for you? Anything you need! Just tell us and we will do it for you.

    • Customized banners
    Use our banner editor to choose the font and colors that suit better with your products!

    • Dynamic Remarketing
    These ads will target your potential customers with similars products they have been visiting at your store.

    • Monthly report and alerts
    Get monthly reports of your Adwords account performance or set alerts.

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    • This module is the best way to inspire last minute purchases to your customers right on your e-commerce website. Utilize intelligent cross selling by highlighting one or several products based on your customers’ checkout carts. 


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    • Professional and competitive Adwords campaigns.
    • Campaigns and budget optimization.
    • Personal support.
    • Banners creation for your Display and Remarketing campaigns, we will also send them to you so that you can use them wherever you want.
    • Bring quality traffic to your store.
    • Get the best ROI.
    • A personal Adwords dashboard with your main metrics.
    • Creation of seasonal campaigns (Black Friday, Christmas...)
    • Adwords learning.


    • It is necessary to have an active Google Adwords account.

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