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Delete Abandoned Cart (Multi-Store)

Модуль Delete Abandoned Cart (Multi-Store)

Разработал Web In Color

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This module allows you to specify a lifetime for the carts of your shop(s). Your basket is erased automatically after the set time exceeded.

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Продуктивность Оптимизация управления вашими товарными запасами

This module allows you to configure a lifetime for your baskets that will be emptied automatically after a specific time in order to avoid the problem of stock unavailable. Finally, this module allows the management of multi-stores life baskets.


This module allows you to specify a lifetime in your baskets for your shop (or your shop if multi-store is activated):
  • Fully integrated in your administration modules.
  • Configuration of the module from the Back-Office
  • Manage Carts life time from the Back-Office.
  • Manage Cart life time for each stores : basket life time could be specific by shops if multi-store feature is activated.
  • Once the module is installed the carts will be emptied automatically after the time setted up in your administration panel.

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Do not forget to configure your CronJob.

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Requires to set up a Cron Job.

О разработчике, Web In Color

Web In Color

Our team conducted a large number of E-commerce Prestashop projects during last years and developed a real expertise with recognition for our technological proficiency and the quality of our Addons. We offer a wide range of Prestashop modules in order to optimize the management of your e-commerce websiteWe are able to guide you and assist you in managing all your E-commerce projects by assisting you in your technical and functional choices.

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