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Gift wrapping with greeting card

Модуль Gift wrapping with greeting card

Разработал Reservation Partner LT

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Give a customer opportunity to purchase gift wrapping products and a greeting card with his text on it in a same order, so he would able to pack main items as a gift.

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Offer to your customer gift-wrap products for additional price and earn from it.

Customer will be able to pick wrapping paper (gift box) and greeting card for additional price in a same order with main products. Also, he will be able to write a text on a greeting card.  So, he will able to pack main products as a gift right after he gets an order from a carrier.



„Pack as a Gift“ menu in „Shipping“ step of an order.
Pick a wrapping product from menu.
Pick a greeting card and add text for it in text box bellow.
Option: „Pack as a Gift“ menu can be drop-down menu style or it can be shown always.
Option: Choose max number of characters for greeting card.

Attention! Module incompatible with One-page checkout (default and custom modules).

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Customer will able to pick gift- wrap at the same time, so he wouldn‘t need to think where to get gift wrap stuff to wrap a present. In this case he will save all lot of time.

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How to install and configure a module refer to Documentation (readme_en.pdf) 

Что нового в версии 1.3.7(2017-06-30)

  • add to cart issue fixed
  • blank note issue fixed

О разработчике, Reservation Partner LT

Reservation Partner LT

Reservation Partner LT is a certified PrestaShop partner. We have launched dozens of custom ecommerce websites, business management systems, created and sold hundreds of PrestaShop modules. Our goal is to develop useful modules, that can expand or integrate any PrestaShop store with other systems. If you have questions, contact us!

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  • Версия 1.3.7 (2017-06-30)

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