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MySocialFeed - Tag your products

Модуль MySocialFeed - Tag your products

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Show your customers’ most beautiful Instagram photos with your products!
Set a hashtag for your photo gallery, inspire your visitors and engage members of your community. By clicking on the photos, your visitors can securely access products and make purchases, which will make your store’s sales skyrocket.

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Конверсии Стимулирование импульсивных покупок


Трафик Обеспечение видимости в социальных сетях

Improve visibility on social networks and strengthen your brand image
Your customers are your best ambassadors. Involve them in your product promotion!
Your presence on social networks is a sign of confidence for your site's visitors. By encouraging customers to include your hashtag on their photos, you increase your brand's visibility on Instagram, acquire more subscribers and animate your community.
Improve customer confidence
Users are 50% more likely to trust content when it is displayed by other users than through more traditional modes of communication (Ipsos and Crowdtap study). Using this module, you can provide reliable, quality content on your site, by displaying photos of your products taken by customers on your site's pages.
Increase your store’s conversion rate
Without needing to navigate your product catalog, your customers will be able to find inspiration from your Instagram album, view real-life photos of your products, and access their description in a single click. The purchasing process is made easier, thus improving conversion rate.


This module lets you:
  • Collect Instagram photos with the chosen hashtag in your back office and make a pre-selection before posting them to your site
  • Choose the album display positions (home page, product pages, and/or dedicated CMS)
  • Customize the display of your Instagram album on your pages
  • Add direct links to articles present in the photo, letting your customers directly access the relevant product pages to make their purchases.

Information related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)this module uses an external service, thus its compliance with this European regulation depends on the compliance of the involved service. We invite you to contact Instagram directly for more information.

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Ваши клиенты оценят это

  • Feeling reassured on what your product is really like thanks to real-life photos
  • Getting to the desired product from a photo rather than using navigation or search
  • Securely placing orders, thanks to your presence on social networks
  • Enjoying seeing their photo appear on your online store!

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