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Dynamic ads for social media

Модуль Dynamic ads for social media

Разработал Community developer
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Activate in few clicks Dynamic ads for social media and target your visitors with the right product at the right time.

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Трафик Помогает привлечь новых клиентов

Dynamic ads for social media module enables e-retailer to launch easily a retargeting campaign with no required technical expertise, to increase its conversion rate and its ROI up to 12x.
Dynamic ads for social media allow e-retailer to:
-          Re-engage potential clients whom visited its website and recommend for them a range of products regarding their browsing behaviors.
-          Re-activate the clients and notify them about their abandoned carts while displaying the forgotten products as well as alternative products to the abandoned ones.
-          Promote cross-selling products by recommending complementary to the purchased ones.  
Dynamic ads for social media module enables e-retailer to:
-          Create automatically a secure products catalog aligned with Facebook standards and based on its business rules.
-          Integrate and activate automatically Facebook pixel within the different website pages and to send the required events to properly operating the dynamics ads. 


-          Easy set up and activation of the pixel code by just copy/paste, and integrate it automatically on all the website pages.
-          Send to Facebook all the events (consulted products, add to cart or purchase event) to track every visitor and to recommend for him the right products based on its navigation behavior.
-          Multiple conversion track parameters choices: currency, VAT or Price excluded taxes, include additional fees or not…
-          Secure, reliable and simple products catalog export including all the required data by dynamics ads for social media module.
-          Take in charge the business rules to boost your campaigns ROI by filtering the appropriate products to export according to multiple criteria:
- Only the products in stock or all the products.
- Only the products which their inventory are greater than a predefined value.
- Only the products which their prices are greater than a predefined price.
- Regarding the product condition (new, used, reconditioned or all the products)
-          Possibility to target your audience by assigning for each category the appropriate gender. As well as the Facebook products ads of each category could be restricted and assigned only to men or women.
-          Possibility to re-write the ad's title of each product by combining its name, its category or its brand.
-          Possibility to personalize products identification field either by adding the gtin code (UPC, EAN, or JAN) mpn code or the brand.
-          Monitor automatically your dynamic ads statistics via Google analytics by integrating the url parameters.
-          And much more of course!

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  • Program the opening / the automatic reopening of your store using the maintenance with a countdown.


Ваши клиенты оценят это

By activating Dynamic ads for social media module, clients will::
-          Face native ads on their Facebook news feed and avoiding any intrusive formats.
-          Spot products which may be interested in wile navigating on their Facebook accounts.
-          React with your offers by sharing, commenting or liking.

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Что нового в версии 1.1.0(24.07.2018)

  • Track Facebook Ad Campaigns in Google Analytics
  • Match your categories with Google Taxonomy Categories (by language)
  • Enhancing the catalog export

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