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Trigger sales instantanely

Модуль Trigger sales instantanely

Разработал Community developer

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[SAMI Intelligent] trigger Flash sales when visiting products.


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Конверсии Стимулирование импульсивных покупок

When a customer is looking for a product, SAMI Intelligent is making an offert to BOOST SALE !
Increase conversion rates
- Triggers flash sales when visiting products and motivates the buyer to take advantage of this opportunity.

Display a countdown boost sales
- Adjustable easy (background image, color, text, position) and also be translated in all languages

Discount manager
- In addition to automation, manage ongoing specials, create your new specials or mass unit, delete, clean your bases (specials completed) and all that easily with one click and Ajax

Easy configuration
- Display or not the countdown, limiting the number of max flash sales, exclude  products or categories of this automation, promotions random percentage between min and max.

Save time
- Animate your shop with flash sales 7/7

With this SAMI Intelligent you choose your setting and you are free


Trigger Flash sales during the visit and boost your business.
When a visitor views a product, flash sale is automatically generated after a consultation time (adjustable trip time).

Alternatively, when a visitor returns twice time on a product or third time ...

The configuration is unlimited and you choose all

- Number of visits before triggering the flash sale
- Percentage reduction on the number of visits
- Reduction of time depending on the number of visits
- Maximum number of flash sale on your site
- Exclude the products and categories of auto mechanics
- Set a time between two shots by the same client
- Countdown to the flash sale (text color, background color, text font, size ...)
- Ability to change and simply translate the text: "End of the Flash-sale"

Customers buy more
Saves time
Animation Shop 7/7
Manage and analyze all discount
SAMI Intelligent boost sales alone and fast !
ystem Animation Merchant Interactive

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Installation in one click + documentation 

Что нового в версии 42.0.0(18.09.2016)

  • Better coding

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  • Разработано Top Developer
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  • Совместимость v1.4.0.1 - v1.6.1.24

  • Версия 42.0.0 (18.09.2016)

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