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Updating VAT rates

Модуль Updating VAT rates

Разработал Web In Color
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This module allows to update the VAT rates on your PrestaShop site in few clicks. Set the new VAT rates simply and quickly in advance.

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Продуктивность Оптимизация управления вашим каталогом

Simple and effective features to update VAT (tax) rates:
  • Configure the new VAT rates to apply.
  • Automatically apply the new VAT rates on products and variations.
  • Also apply the new rates of VAT on specific prices.
  • Choose to apply the change in the VAT rate on the including price or the price excluding VAT.
  • Change the VAT rate and the VAT rates denominations.


This module allows to update the VAT rateon your PrestaShop site in a few clicks:
  • Full integration into your administration module installation in one click.
  • Simply configure the module from your PrestaShop Back-Office.
  • Configure new VAT rate and automatically apply the new VAT rate on products, variations and special prices.
  • Option to apply the new rates including tax or excluding tax on products prices.
  • Multi-store management: a configuration store.

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  • Delete orders safe and easily and all related information with just one click. And you can also erase all the related data like carts and invoices.

  • Control efficiently your orders before shipping due to scan, save time and optimize your logistics.Use a scaner and optimize the processing of your customer orders.



Apply updates VAT rates using a CRON or during the first visit by a user.


Set in advance your new VAT rate without disrupting your previous settings and by planning these changes.

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 Installation in 1 click.

О разработчике, Web In Color

Web In Color

Our team conducted a large number of E-commerce Prestashop projects during last years and developed a real expertise with recognition for our technological proficiency and the quality of our Addons. We offer a wide range of Prestashop modules in order to optimize the management of your e-commerce websiteWe are able to guide you and assist you in managing all your E-commerce projects by assisting you in your technical and functional choices.

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  • Совместимость v1.4.0.1 - v1.6.1.18

  • Версия 1.2 (2014-03-25)

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