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Profit margin by groups and categories

Модуль Profit margin by groups and categories

Разработал Community developer

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This module allows you to quickly and easily manage your margins based on client groups and for each group on categories.

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Продуктивность Оптимизация управления вашим каталогом

With Prestashop, to manage your margins you have to set for each product a wholesale price and calculate the selling price. If you want to set a different margin for a group you need, for each product, to create a specific price. This is tedious and time consuming.

When you want to change a margin, you need to re-enter in each product sheet to do the same manipulation.

This module allows you to quickly and easily manage your product margins by group and for each group by categories. You can define, for example, 15% margin for the group 'Reseller' except for iPods category will be 10%. To change the margins is also simple.


This module improves the Prestashop's function of discount by group. It allows to define negative reductions , which in fact amounts to defining margins : a -15% discount causes an increase in the selling price of 15% therefore a margin of 15%.
So you can define margins of your products globally and for each group by categories.

In front office, customers only see the final selling price. This approach is consistent with the discounts or cart rules. Their functioning and consequences are not affected.

About margins by category :
  • Only products with this category as the default category will have their prices affected by the margin. Products having this category as a secondary category will not be affected .
  • Margin category replace any other discount or margin to which members of this group may be eligible for this category.
  • You can add as many categories as necessary to a group of customers - which allows you to apply to this group a completely different set of margins in comparison with other clients, if necessary
Documentation and Support

Documentation of this module is integrated into the configuration page. You can access it without leaving your administration panel.
A ticketing system is integrated into the module allows you to ask questions to the developer and read answers without leaving your administration panel.

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Что нового в версии 1.2.0(18.01.2018)

  • Fix: coding standard
  • Add: compatibility with Prestashop 1.7

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Community developer

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  • Совместимость v1.4.0.1 - v1.7.2.5

  • Версия 1.2.0 (18.01.2018)

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