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PrestaShop Module Development 1.7

PrestaShop Module Development 1.7

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formation - Prestashop_Formations - PrestaShop Module Development 1.7


Discover how to build PrestaShop modules according to standards and requirements of PrestaShop.

Вот, что вы получите:

Mastering development of PrestaShop modules according to standards and requirements of PrestaShop.

Подробная информация

Day 1:

Install PrestaShop and set up a local environment

  • Use a cache system
  • Know prerequisites
  • Set up a development environment
  • Utilize: VirtualBox, Sass and Compass, Apache and Nginx

PrestaShop development and security standards
  • Development standards
  • Security Best practices
  • Set up your environment to respect to development standards

PrestaShop tools
  • PrestaShop modules documentation
  • PrestaShop Forge
  • PrestaShop's modules' Validator
  • Understanding of Validator issues
  • Learn yo use it and understand results
Build a PrestaShop Module
  • Module architecture and build a new one
  • Use ObjectModel and DBQuery, Hooks, PrestaShop Helpers
  • Create a Front Office controller
  • Create a Back Office controller and integrate it on PrestaShop
  • Overriding PrestaShop

Day 2:

Internationalization modules
  • Knowing the PrestaShop's translation mechanism
  • Knowing currency management
  • Currency restrictions

Search Engine Optimization
  • Set up a custom URL for a module page

Optimization and Performance
  • Understanding where the optimizations should be made
Marketing and Documentation
  • Best practices and Addons standards

Multi Shop

Dashboard Module
Payment Module 

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  • Image descriptions are a little-known SEO feature for product pages, but precise description is a surefire way to increase your e-commerce’s search engine visibility. The SEO Images (Alt tag) module automates ALT tag creation for product images and produces quality content to improve your site’s page ranking.

  • Decrease the number of you store's abandoned carts by adding a notification that will appear directly in the customer's browser. This module can be installed and configured in just 30 seconds and displays the number of products in a customer's cart next to your store's favicon. It's a discrete and effective nudge to remind users they have a full cart and encourage them to check out!




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Target audience
Web agencies, freelancers.

You need basic technical knowledge of PrestaShop (development, integration).



Trainer will be providing a visual PowerPoint presentation and hands on practice within the PrestaShop platform.
Prior to the training date, we will provide logins and passwords to connect to the platform as well as course material. We encourage you to ask questions throughout the training session.


Groups of 10 people maximum.
Training is hosted in web conference by an expert trainer certified by PrestaShop. 


2 consecutive days
6 hours training per day
Hours: from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm Eeastern European Time (EET)

In order to access our online training you will need :
Earphones/headset or speakers
Internet access to join the webinar
Latest version of Java
Optional: A microphone to interact with the trainer (instant messaging will be available).

О PrestaShop Trainings

PrestaShop Training

В рамках PrestaShop Training узнайте, как привести свой магазин к успеху, с помощью официальных преподавателей PrestaShop! Наши учебные курсы предназначены для всех (предпринимателей, разработчиков, интеграторов всех уровней), они гарантируют получение реальных навыков и знаний PrestaShop в сфере электронной торговли, а также качественный, постоянно обновляемый контент. Позвольте нам сопровождать вас в развитии навыков и знаний, необходимых для создания рентабельного интернет-магазина!

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