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Acutrack Fulfillment & Publishing

Модуль Acutrack Fulfillment & Publishing

Разработал PrestaShop Partners
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Acutrack is a technology-driven eCommerce fulfillment company with a specialization in publishing any product needed for your business. Our ability to produce books and media packages has created a true value to our customers for over 25+ years.

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Acutrack is a technology driven, experienced business partner. With logistics center on both coasts of the USA, we serve as a one-stop logistic center for your business needs!
Reliable Partner
When it comes to your inventory and orders, you want a partner who has a strong track record and is transparent in its dealings. Acutrack is an experienced fulfillment house and someone you can rely upon. Check out Acutrack reviews on Trustpilot.
Coast to Coast Coverage
Acutrack has a presence on both coasts and thus, can cover all areas of the country in a two-day shipping window. With fulfillment warehouses on each coast, you can save money by cutting down on high zone, high-cost shipments.
Fulfillment driven by Technology
Acutrack seamlessly integrates with Prestashop or bring full suite of API technology to integrate with any  platform. When your customers click “Buy It Now,” everything must run smoothly and error-free from start to finish.
Publishing Solution
Acutrack is the market leader in Books, DVDs, USB thumb drive fulfillment. These services provide a powerful solution for to offer physical products in conjunction with digital distribution. Ultimately, physical products offered with digital distribution helps you increase revenue, grow your brand and customer satisfaction 


●Ecommerce fulfillment
●Pick pack fulfillment
●Book Printing 
●DVD duplication
●The logistics center in Livermore, California, Cincinnati andOhio
●Fully integrated with 100+ eCommerce, Marketplace or CRM
●Ship globally to 160 countries
●Crowdfunding Fulfillment

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A customer expects a complete and accurate order delivered on time. If your fulfillment house can't meet those requirements, you've lost a sale and most likely a customer as well. At Acutrack we make it our mission to partner with you to provide complete customer satisfaction.


  • Login to your PrestaShop account and open Modules and Services from the Menu
  • Choose Acutrack Inc from Authors and click on Install.
  • Click on the configure button.
  • Enter your Shop url and choose Acutrack from the Webservice drop down.
  • Click on configure.

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  • Версия 1.0.0 (19.07.2019)

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