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Rock POS - The Best Point of Sale System

Модуль Rock POS - The Best Point of Sale System

Разработал Hamsa
Увеличение продаж в вашей стране
V1.6.1 V-
от V1.6.1 до V1.7.8.8


Rock POS is the best Prestashop Point of Sale module that has significantly helped thousands of brick-and-mortar stores increase revenues from faster sales, bigger carts/orders, cost reduction, data synchronization, and customers’ loyalty enhancement

Что этот модуль делает для вас

event_available Возможность экономить время
headset Улучшение отношений с клиентами
Enjoying an amazing stream of revenues to your store with a simple yet speedy check-out process for every cart/order.

Reducing your management time, costs, and risks thanks to a systematic point-of-sale (POS) report on the most important factors (sales, orders, cart size, employee’s performance).

Developing great relationships with your customers by smooth integration with top customer loyalty modules.

Managing the business of your current physical store and developing new brick-and-mortar stores through Rock POS with no complexity, no time-consuming study but just a few clicks. (And YES, our point of sale (POS) module does support multiple stores).

Optimizing the benefits of Rock POS to your store by having our Superhero support team as your in-need companion.

Ваши клиенты оценят это

Super fast and accurate check-out process offered by our point-of-sale system gives your customers no chance to experience the standing wait at your store.

The ability to integrate with top customer loyalty modules of Rock POS allows reward points to be accumulated after every purchased cart/order and converted to discounts for further purchases.

The simple Return/Exchange process developed within our point-of-sale system does not only eliminate your customers’ bad experience with the products but also increases their trust in your store.

Promotions are one of the reasons why your customers love your store. And with a wide range of customizable promotions in our point-of-sale system, they will love your store forever.


This is a very simple step-by-step guide for the installation of Rock POS after you have purchased the module:
  • Step 1: In your PrestaShop Back Office, click on Modules and Services tab on the left side menu, then choose Modules and Services
  • Step 2: After List of Modules window appears, click on Add a new module button on the top right position of the window.
  • Step 3: At Add a new module section, click Choose a file button to navigate the directory path of downloaded Rock POS file from your computer
  • Step 4: Click Upload this module to upload the module onto your PrestaShop Back Office
  • Step 5: Once Rock POS is successfully uploaded, you will see it on the screen, click Install, and wait until the installation has been completed.
Once Rock POS has been successfully installed, you can see Rock POS tab on the left side menu of your PrestaShop Back Office.

Indexing your products: This step ensures all products in your system will be added to Rock POS for further search and management. To get this done, in your PrestaShop Back Office menu, click on Rock POS > Manage > Setup > Products. You can choose either of these below options:
  • Option 1: Add missing products to the index: Index newly added products to your system (Recommend)
  • Option 2: Re-build the entire index: Index all products, including current products and newly added products (This is useful when you have newly added products as well as you would do some changes on your current products).


Here are more interesting benefits you can get from using Rock POS:
  • You don't have to be tech-savvy to work with our point of sale system, as it is very easy to use by all of the physical (brick-and-mortar) stores
  • Amazing compatibility and Speedy interaction with point-of-sale hardware and devices

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Техническое описание

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Языки модуля

en, cs, da, de, es, fr, it, nl, pl, pt, ru, sr +6

Совместимые версии PrestaShop

V1.6.1 - V1.7.8.8

Совместимость с функцией «Мультимагазин» 


Модуль / Шаблон

V 4.3.0

Количество загрузок

5 187







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Кассовое ПО


  • Compatibility: Setup & run your store quickly thanks to Rock POS’s amazing communication with different point-of-sale (POS) devices & equipment. Also, our point-of-sale (POS) module can be easily synchronized and frequently updated with the data from your online store.

  • Custom sales: Sell new products easier by simply creating them at the Point of sale (POS) monitor.

  • Promotion: Make your customers happy by offering them various types of promotions/rewards.

  • Split-tender: Purchase an item and pay for it in cash and credit card (or more - such as Paypal, Stripe, Wire, etc) or other payment methods) together thanks to Rock POS’ flexible payment configuration.

  • Pre-order: Reserve a favorite product, then check and pay for it at the store.

  • Multiple currencies: Collect payments in different currencies by simple choices on the Point of sale (POS) monitor.

  • Return/Exchange: Help your customer easily return/exchange products (orders) thanks to Rock POS’ simple process

  • On-hold cart: Your customers can enjoy taking more goods and come back to the counter at any time as Rock POS has saved their carts.

  • Order history: Track your sales easily thanks to Rock POS’ system of record for orders.

  • Loyalty program compatibility: Give your customers a good reason to return your store by Rock POS’ amazing interaction with top-notch loyalty modules.

  • Employee allocation: Grow your business with stress-free attempts by giving specific authorization to your employees in new stores.

  • Permission: Build a sustainable business by a specific authorization system.

  • Personalized receipt: Win a place in your customer’s heart by the perfection of the smallest details.

  • Commissions: Boost your employees’ performance by a fair, specific yet simple commission system.

  • Reports: How much did you sell? What were the most favorite products? Who was the most productive employee? All would be shown to you on just one page.

  • Multistore: Manage your different stores just by clicking and scrolling.

  • Powerful product search: Find your products swiftly with any keyword (product name, category, barcode, cart ID, order number, etc).

  • Emailing: Help your customers be informed about their purchased carts/orders by sending them emails every time they proceed to checkout.


A. Hardware & Devices
Rock POS can work well with most POS (Point of sale) hardware, devices, and configurations, but if you are seeking point-of-sale hardware & devices to set up your brick-and-mortar store, here are some good suggestions:
1. Printers
a. Thermal Printer (for thermal receipts):
  • EPSON TM - series
  • Zebra Thermal printers
  • Citizen Thermal printers
  • Star Thermal printers (100 series, 600 series, etc)
  • Boca Thermal printers
  • Antech Thermal printers (AP-250) 
  • Dymo Thermal printers
  • And other Thermal printers supported with QZ Tray
b. PDF Printer (for PDF receipts and docs):
  • HP OfficeJet series
  • Canon LBP series
  • And more
2. Barcode scanners:
  • Honeywell Barcode scanners
  • Zebex Barcode scanners (Z-3100)
  • Other types of Barcode scanners that have the USB connector
3. Cash drawers:
Rock POS connects indirectly to cash drawers through the receipt printer, so any type of cash drawers that can connect to the receipt printer (normally by RJ45 connector) can work well with Rock POS.
4. Display (Being a web-based module, Rock POS can display and work on any device with a good internet connection, which may include):
  • Laptop (HP, Lenovo, Asus, MacBook, etc)
  • PC/Workstation
  • Tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc)
  • Other Specialized Point-of-sale displays (NEC)

B. Module recommendations
1. Browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
2. PHP versions: Rock POS can work well with PHP 7.0 and above
3. Module integration: These are modules that can be integrated with Rock POS to boost your business performance
  • All-in-one Reward
  • PrestaShop Loyalty
  • Advanced Loyalty Program

Что нового в версии 4.3.0(06.01.2023)

  • [Added] Support print receipt with Czech language
  • [Added] Support print receipt with Japanese language
  • [Optimized] Revert cart rules if refund an order
  • [Fixed] Error 500 when adding loyalty point
  • [Fixed] Error internal server error when completed sale
  • [Fixed] Show wrong discount label on receipt
  • [Fixed] Show wrong loyalty points of All-in-one Rewards module
  • [Fixed] Rounding error
  • [Fixed] Show wrong price between total products and cart summary
  • [Fixed] Undefined id_cart when completed sale
  • [Fixed] Error 500 when installing with the country required dni in address
  • [Fixed] PDF logo deformation
  • [Fixed] Error "No such file or directory"

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