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Модуль Maintenance

Разработал BM Services

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This module allows you to easily customize the maintenance page of your shop from your Back Office by integrating rich contents of your choice, a full screen slideshow and a configurable countdown.

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Навигация Personalizuje Twój sklep internetowy

  • Keep informed your customers and visitors of maintenance operations that you perform on your site with the ability to create multiple pages, each with its own custom content
  • Show background page visuals displaying your business activity or future marketing operations
  • Display a reactivation countdown to warn visitors
  • Preview your page in the Back Office before activating it
  • No technical knowledge required, all actions are done from your Back Office, with a simple but complete configuration


 Full support of new features PrestaShop 1.6
  • Multi-shop management
  • Administration integrated in the Back Office with a directly accessible menu under the "Preferences" menu (and handling of PrestaShop permissions)
  • Content of your page fully customizable
  • Rich content like CMS pages
  • Customizable full screen slideshow (display time, transition time, opacity)
  • Customizable countdown (size, colors...)
  • Customizable global layout (logo display, margins, colors, sizes...)

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  • Be informed with custom messages on the unavailability of the shop
  • Know when the shop will be accessible again
  • Have a nice presentation with background visuals

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Once the module downloaded as a Zip archive, the installation process includes 2 steps:
  • Files installation on your site (2 possible ways)
    • Recommended way: decompress the Zip file in your “modules” folder and check that files are in the “bmsmaintenance” folder and not a subfolder.
    • Alternative way: in your PrestaShop Back Office, go to the “Modules” or “Modules and Services” menu and click the “Add new module” icon in the up and right corner. In the block that shows up, select the Zip file of the module and click the “Upload this module” button.
  • Module installation: in your PrestaShop Back Office
    • Go to the “Modules” or “Modules and Services” menu
    • Look for the “Rich maintenance page” menu
    • Click on “Install” button.
No further configuration is needed.

Что нового в версии 2.0.2(2015-10-07)

  • Removal of external contact links in module configuration

О разработчике, BM Services

BM Services

"BM-Services is a Prestashop Gold partner agency for the last 6 years.  BM-Services creates Prestashop-based E-shops, intervenes for Prestashop Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), maintains websites, makes specific developments and develops addons for software editors (Paybox, Videodesk …)  or to add new functions to Prestashop. BM-Services team counts 20 fully-trained professionals and has already developed hundreds of Prestashop sites and addons."

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  • Документация включена
  • Совместимость v1.6.1.0 - v1.6.1.20

  • Версия 2.0.2 (2015-10-07)

  • Доступно на en fr

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