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Auto cancel orders

Модуль Auto cancel orders

Разработал Community developer
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Add dynamism to your store by automating the cancellation of orders and the return of the action.
There are no more reasons to remove customer dependent payment methods from your store, for example Payment by check, Payment by bank transfer, etc.

Данный модуль предлагает вам:


Продуктивность Возможность экономить время

  • Saves time in the management of your orders.
  • Automate your orders made with methods of payment of post verification (bank transfer, payment with checks, to mention some)
  • Keep your shop updated to the reality of your orders.
  • Forget to cancel orders manually
  • Easily identify the orders that were canceled by the module, thanks to our status "Auto canceled order"
  • You can set any order status so that the order will autocance after a certain time
  • Sending the url of the CRON to the administrator of your server and deciding how often you want to verify the orders is enough


  • Return stock
  • Specific state of self-canceling
  • Easy configuration
  • No help from a programmer
  • CRON just copy and paste task url to send to your hosting provider
  • Free frequency settings
  • Easy access from the order menu

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Ваши клиенты оценят это

You can notify your customers that there are payment methods that have a self-canceling setting, so the user knows that he has some time to complete the payment


  • This module requires the configuration of a cron task, so you must contact your hosting provider and send the cron url for them to configure it

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  • Load the zip in your store and enjoy!
  • Что нового в версии 1.0.2(06.11.2017)

    • Fix cron logic

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    • Версия 1.0.2 (06.11.2017)

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